Mass Media Ignores Mass Murder in Waukesha

24 Nov 2021

BUCK: I wanted to start with continued analysis and coverage of the mass murder in Waukesha, in Wisconsin, because we’ve had some updates here. You have Darrell Brooks held on $5 million bail right now. State of Wisconsin mandates that there must be a bail. So they’ve put it about as high as they could. He also has… There’s video now showing him after the incident, the mass murder incident, going up to a home of a Waukesha man and asking if he could use his phone, asking him to make a sandwich, right before cops went and made their arrest.

Pretty shocking and I’m sure terrifying situation that played out right there. But media is acting like this is just an incident and a thing that happened and there’s no broader discussion that needs to be had. Right now, what do you think CNN is talking about as I’m speaking to you? “January 6 committee issues subpoenas targeting far-right groups.” Oh, are we more interested in that than analysis, Clay, of what we see here?

I want to get to Joe Biden. As I’ve said, is he a man of honor? No, he’s not. If he was he would take back what he said about Kyle Rittenhouse. Let’s focus in on Brooks for a moment here. We have Andy Ngo — who is a friend of mine, an intrepid investigative journalist — who has helped pull together posts from Brooks who show he was a supporter of the Black Israelites. He posted things about wanting to attack “old white people” specifically.

He was very supportive of the BLM movement. If he had posted things… If he were a white guy who had ran into a parade full of mostly minorities and had posted really racist stuff, we would be having 24/7 media panels and discussions about hate. And in this case, why aren’t we having a discussion, Clay, about the most likely motive? Based on the facts we have right now, this was effectively a mass murder anti-white crime?

CLAY: Because it doesn’t fit the narrative. The narrative is, in the left-wing media, that minorities can only be victims. And anytime a minority is a victim of someone other than a white person, it receives no attention. And in fact, you can take it out of this situation — awful situation in Wisconsin — and you can think about what happened with Asian hate crimes. Remember when the media tried to turn Asian hate crimes into a major story in this country?

And then the unfortunate reality and truth became readily apparent, which was virtually every member of the Asian hate-crime community, as all of these stories got attention, the person who was the hater, the perpetrator, was Black. And so there wasn’t an easy fit here because you had a minority group being the victim of another minority group. And this is the story, honestly, of Black Lives Matter at large, because black lives — in the mind of the mainstream media — only really matter when they are victims from white alleged perpetrators.

Bcause the vast majority of murders that have occurred in the last year — as we have set an all-time record for increase in murder in most of our lives — almost all of those murders have been Black-on-Black crime. The vast majority of them, Buck. They don’t get any attention. Young black children, innocent victims killed. They don’t get any attention unless there is an alleged white perpetrator associated with it. And, so, when you have a situation like this where it appears this man…

By the way, I think he’s not only racist and desiring of killing people, he’s also mentally deranged, as most people are who commit some form of mass murder. This guy is not sound of mind. He’s psychologically unstable. But to your point, Buck, if a white guy had done this and it had predominantly minority victims or all minority victims, it would be the number one story for weeks. Instead, the CNNs and the MSNBCs of the world, they’re going to memory hold this story and no one will talk about it in a few days in those universes.

BUCK: The number one CNN story on CNN, as Clay and I talk to you, is “RNC payments from Trump lawyers.”

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: Just so everyone understands, if you want to see the propaganda, you see it right now in real time. Another thing, we on this show — because we actually have to wait for the facts, because if we get ahead of the facts, we’re reckless and bad people and everything else. Even though it seemed very clear this was some kind of hate crime and likely in response — likely, not definitively, in response — to the Kenosha verdict, what happened in Waukesha.

They told us he was evading another incident. That was a lie. This is not evasion. He was zigzagging to kill as many people as possible. This was intentional mass murder, my friends. The media lied to you about this. And they think they’re good people for doing it because, “Oh, well, we don’t want to inflame tensions right now.” By the way, let’s see how they feel about inflaming tensions, so to speak, depending on how the Ahmaud Arbery trial comes down here, what the jury verdict is there. So we were right when we said here on this show it was not credible, because now we know he was not a fleeing another incident.

CLAY: And it never made sense, Buck, to flee and go into a parade in a car and hit people!

BUCK: But why did we know that? And CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, why did they not know that? That’s a rhetorical question, because we’re trying to tell you the truth about what happened here. We’re trying to tell you the truth about this situation as it plays out. But, Clay, it’s just remarkable, because if you look at the history of BLM, it was a movement that got going under the Obama administration (people often forget that) in response to the shooting of Mike Brown, which was a lawful shoot.

The officer was not in the wrong, did not do anything that was illegal. There were Black eyewitnesses to the shooting. Okay. But fast forward. There were riots. There was looting. It happened in Ferguson. It happened in Baltimore. What really ended that iteration, that version of the BLM movement in 2016? The mass shooting of Dallas police officers by Micah Johnson in 2016, July of 2016, where he killed five officers in an ambush-style assault. Why?

He was upset about what was being said about black men being killed by white police. Clay, the media lying about this — and we played some of the lies on the air because we’re trying to shoot them down. We’re trying to eviscerate the lies. The media plays a role in creating this mentality of evil racism in police, evil racism in all the white nationalists and all the white supremacists running around our country all the time.

And it can have tragic consequences. Micah Johnson was really the end of the first BLM movement because he was a terrorist BLM supporter. What we’re seeing here is another instance of somebody who was moved to violence, in part by — you’re right, mental illness and other things, but in part by — what he was hearing about the Rittenhouse trial. What else could make sense?

CLAY: I don’t think there’s any doubt that the media now basically finds a scab and continues to rip at that scab over and over and over again, and that is the focus of essentially the Democratic Party when as they’re branding their party as the everything-is-racist party. They have to constantly seek out opportunities to find racial grievance that divides us and create big stories building around that division in an effort to try to motivate. Now, here’s the one, I would say, positive associated with this, Buck. You rightly point out that in 2016… I would also say it’s not a surprise that BLM bubbles up in 2016, in an election year, and then it bubbles up again in 2020 in an election year.

BUCK: That’s right. It’s the left’s shock troops.

CLAY: I’ll put a lot of money on the fact that no matter what the election is, in 2024, BLM is going to come surging back four years from now, three years from now when we have another presidential election. They are, to your point, the antagonist brigade of the Democratic Party designed to emphasize even more how everything is racist. But I think the media… I think it’s fair to say the media has blood on its hands when it comes to creating falsehoods.

This is what I talk about, Buck, when I say we have an anecdote-driven culture that doesn’t reflect what’s really going on. Most people in America, every single day — a lot of them listening to us, white, Black, Hispanic, Asian — they all get along. They don’t judge each other based on the color of their skin, based on these identity politics characteristics that are so inherent in the Democrat Party. They don’t sit around on social media all day long.

This is what happens, Buck. As soon as an incident like this happens, people go rush to see who the perpetrator is to allow it to fit into their narrative worldview. If this had been a deranged white guy, it would be CNN’s opportunity to talk about how deranged white people are. We had a great caller yesterday or the day before talking about the Boulder shooting at the grocery store.

When they initially had photos and the guy looked like was a white guy, and everybody in the mainstream media was like, “Here we go! Crazy white guy again.” As soon as it came out that he was Syrian, that story disappeared. Nobody wanted to talk about it in Boulder. White guy has a gun, goes in and shoots people; it’s evidence of how much of fundamentally white supremacist country it is. As soon as it came out it was Syrian guy, that story got memory holed. It disappeared. That’s what they’re trying to do with this car murder scene in Waukesha.

BUCK: One of the most powerful tools of propaganda in our society or any society of mass media, is when is a single incident representative of a national trend, national truth, everything that’s going on?

CLAY: That’s right.

BUCK: When we talk about the narrative, it’s something happened somewhere. Perfect example, Officer Chauvin in Minneapolis. Is he representative of all cops across the country? Of course not.

CLAY: Of course not.

BUCK: But they pretend. They tell us, “Oh, there’s a lot of racist cops. ” When is one incident representative of what’s really going on in America, and when is one incident that seems kind of representative all of a sudden not important at all? Those are the games the media plays and this is why you cannot trust them.

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