More Dumb Stuff from Joy Behar on The View

14 Apr 2022

CLAY: I feel this comes up quite frequently because The View is filled with the dumbest women who have probably ever had a media outlet to reach millions of people in the history of America. And Joy Behar — up there with Joy Reid, the Joy Combo, two dumbest people probably in media today in terms of consistently what they put out there.

Joy Behar got all fired up about the Supreme Court. And, Buck, you and I were talking yesterday about how dumb The View viewers and the hosts are, and this just perfectly crystallized that. I thought we could close out the show while we all just listen to Joy Behar, maybe dumbest multimillionaire in media in the country, which is truly saying something. Enjoy.

BUCK: Can I just say (impression), “Joy Behar teaches the Constitution,” would be an amazing class. Like, actually if we could get Joy Behar to do the Constitution, the first 10 amendments of the Constitution according to Joy Behar, and just sort of go off what she knows. You know, just sort of tell us. Explain these to us, Joy! Her Second Amendment jurisprudence would be the stuff of legends, I can sure you that but also the not knowing that the Supreme Court doesn’t pass bills say pretty big one.

CLAY: And someone put it on their desk? Like, what…? Her analysis of this… I agree with you. I would love Joy Behar to really analyze this. Buck, you know this, and I think it’s important for our audience to know this. There is probably a staff of 50 people that work on The View — 50 people — that their entire job is to keep these women the surrounding stupid.

That’s their job. They give them everything they could want to read. They’re not having to do any research. “Hey, Joy. Here we’re gonna discuss the Second Amendment. Here’s the latest data on how exactly this might go. Oh, by the way, there’s a Supreme Court case. Here are these articles. Read this.” It would take her 20 minutes of reading — again, presuming she can read — to actually understand this on at least a conversational basis.

And she’s not willing to put that time in for the show. And, by the way, I have to give credit here because while we do tee off on Joy Behar quite a bit, every woman on The View says something insanely outrageously stupid. They rotate around the table on a daily basis. Like, Whoopi Goldberg just came off being suspended for saying, what was it, that the Nazis weren’t racist, which is kind of a tough argument to be making. And then who is the other, the Sunny woman?

BUCK: Sunny Hostin? Yes, what did she do?

CLAY: We just talked about her saying, “I’m gonna wear a mask forever, because I don’t want your covid breath,” as if she was in danger on the airplane.

BUCK: She doesn’t want the dirty peasants who are bringing her her food and chauffeuring her around to be breathing in her vicinity with all their germs and their droplets.

CLAY: It’s just next-level stupidity to have people paid to make you not look done. There’s an entire cottage industry of View employees who are designed to make their conversation intelligent.

BUCK: I’m sure they have a staff of 20 to 30 easily. That was one thig. One thing that was amazing during the times that I used to sneak into CNN, Clay, some of those CNN shows that have, you know, 15 people watching, they have staffs of 30 people, I mean, they have huge staffs. It’s crazy.

CLAY: Bringing you everything you could want from an informational perspective, designed to make you look reasonably intelligent by giving you everything you could possibly want — and these women still, every single day, approve they have the IQ of doorknobs — it’s truly amazing — and that might be an insult to doorknobs, by the way.

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