Narrative Over Facts in Kenosha and Waukesha

22 Nov 2021

BUCK: Let’s start from the very top, so to speak, with Biden and Kamala Harris. This verdict comes down, and it was very clear from the video evidence, the testimony, everything, that Kyle Rittenhouse engaged in self-defense. Here’s what Kamala Harris says about this very obvious and proper and just verdict.

HARRIS: The verdict speaks for itself. As many of you know, I spent a majority of my career working to make the criminal justice system more equitable and clearly there’s a lot more work to do. Thanks.

BUCK: The verdict does not speak for itself. I mean, she’s clearly dodging and pandering at the same time, Clay.

CLAY: Just like Biden did, Buck, because initially Joe Biden came out and actually said something somewhat normal which was, hey, we have to respect — I’m paraphrasing — decisions juries in the United States justice system. And then later he came out with a public statement where he said he was horrified — and again I’m paraphrasing — incredibly troubled and angered by the verdict.

And so this to me is what goes on. Joe Biden I think in general is a fairly, at times, reasonable person. I don’t think that Joe Biden controls anything that happens in the White House now because I think he talked and gave that answer and immediately all of the left-wing loons were upset that Biden had not condemned the verdict.

By the way, Biden already called Rittenhouse a white supremacist, something that he should apologize for and I think ties in with that awful situation of the people who were killed, murdered by the driver in suburban Milwaukee, which we’ll get to much more, I would imagine, during the course of this show.

But, Buck, this is all part-and-parcel of narrative trumping facts and what goes on in America today. Everyone on the left wing, as soon as Kyle Rittenhouse killed two people in self-defense. Because we now know that he did it in self-defense. The jury has looked at all evidence, you and I looked at all the evidence, we told our audience that the evidence reflected that this was just a self-defense case, that there was no racial element for it at all. They immediately brand him a white supremacist, even though the people he shot were white, even it was self-defense.

Look at what’s going on in the situation in Wisconsin right now where the black driver plowed through a Christmas parade and killed multiple people. We are immediately told by the same people this does not involve race at all. And this is what gets me so fired up, Buck. Almost immediately every single time an incident happens in America now, it is “race” that is to blame. And when it is a white guy, it is immediately evident, no matter what the white guy’s motivation might have been, that America is an awful, racist, white supremacist-laden, horrible country rooted in systemic inequality that demands equity.

You saw this, Buck. We were texting about it over the weekend. CNN comes out and says, the biggest threat in America today is angry white men, right? This is a storyline that is immediately propagated whether race is involved at all. When any other race is involved, the story gets memory holed and it’s as if it never occurred, race had nothing to do with it at all time after time after time, which is why people are so skeptical of so much of the media, because it’s narrative over fact.

BUCK: You particularly see the battle, Clay, that you’re describing, the battle for the truth, really, that you’re describing in cases involving terrorism in the past.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: And I used to do this — I’ve done it many, many times at Fox, at CNN. And what you get from the lib perspective — so when you go on CNN, you always know, to your point, if it is a white shooter or a white assailant, there is zero expectation of waiting for the facts to come in, zero demand that we don’t know the true motivations here.

Meanwhile, when you have a nonwhite attacker, terrorist, whatever it may be in a situation like this, a very high profile, mass casualty event, immediately you’re told not only wait for the facts but then it very quickly turns into, you can almost see the transition happening in real time, we may never know the motive, Clay.

And I just want to give some examples of how absurd that has been in the past. I want to be very clear, there’s nothing to suggest this was a jihadist incident but I’m gonna talk about the narrative games they play in the media in the past with incidents like this.

Pulse nightclub shooting. We had transcripts of that guy saying I’m doing this for ISIS and for Allah and for, you know, Islamic Jihad, whatever. The FBI excised words from the transcript. And you still had people saying, “Well, was it a hate crime or was it actually jihad? We may never know the narrative.” They play this we may never know the narrative game in ways that are insulting to all of our intelligence.

This incident here in Waukesha, how often does a bank robber who trying to get away — ’cause they’re telling us there was a stabbing incident. We’ll have more information later on in the show did a press conference — but a stabbing incident. How often does a bank robber, let’s say, decide that they’re gonna try to escape and they’re not — this is not in Midtown Manhattan. This is in a small town in Wisconsin. They’re gonna drive through a parade as part of their panic escape attempt? I’m sorry. That’s asking us believe too much.

Is it possible that he was trying to escape, saw this parade and then lost it and decided I’m gonna run down — there was actually a group called the Dancing Grannies that were among the casualties here. That, to me, is possible. But that this was all some accident, heat of the moment, he was just driving? Absolutely not.

CLAY: Well, here’s the way to think about it, Buck. And I always on this show I believe every single day we are red pilling more people because they are looking at the media and they are saying this doesn’t add up, what we are being told is artificial. If a black group parade had been going on and if a white guy had been fleeing some smaller, lesser crime and he had plowed through the black parade, right? A parade let’s say it’s celebrating — let’s say it’s a predominately black institution, they’re having —

BUCK: If it were a Kwanzaa parade, for example.

CLAY: Anything that could be going on, with anyone in the left wing of the media be willing to say, “Oh, race is not involved in any way in this incident. It just so happened that a white criminal who has a long record of checkered behavior was fleeing this, and he drove right through a black parade, wounded dozens of people, killed many, and race was not involved in any way.”

And remember, Buck, this guy, this black guy who drove through the parade in Waukesha, this guy had BLM support in his past, right?

BUCK: On Facebook, yes, he identified social media account.

CLAY: He also had published some rap songs that were very much anti-Donald Trump, right? What I’m saying is if there were anything associated with this white guy in his past that anybody could identify that were in any way race related, it would immediately be characterized as a hate crime, it would be evidence of how unsafe America is with these white terrorists, domestic terrorists running everywhere, the FBI and the DOJ has to investigate them more. That is the story, and everybody out there listening knows that would be the story on CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, all of them would be running with it a hundred percent.

BUCK: They’re allowed to rush to judgment.

CLAY: That’s right.

BUCK: And never apologize for it, and then they use the apparatus of the media to essentially threaten everybody from just coming to basic conclusions in the early stages because delaying the public’s recognition of what this is is part of the narrative creation.

If we find out this guy’s motivation next week, if they finally say, “Yeah, the turns it he actually decided that he was gonna mow down some people ’cause he was angry, let’s say, about Kenosha,” or whatever the reason may be, that’s obviously one the people have put out there, it doesn’t have the same impact a week or two later. They’ve moved on to other stories. So delaying the narrative is really just a means of trying to lessen the impact.

CLAY: Memory hole. It memory holes it.

BUCK: It memory holes it. That’s exactly what they do so many times in the past. And I’m just gonna say this.

You can see on the video, the way they’re reporting this, it makes it sound like this guy was traveling at high speed down an alleyway and just happened to find… Oh, no, he ran into a parade full of purpose. That is not what appears on the video. He lined up behind hundreds of people packed together walking in a parade down the middle of the street and mows dozens of them down, dozens of them. Police shot at him to try to stop him from mowing people down.

This wasn’t a car accident because a guy was fleeing during a bank robbery. Something else happened here, and I’m not gonna let, and I know you’re not gonna let, the lib media get away with acting like we’re all too stupid to see that something doesn’t add up, at a minimum, what they’re telling us. And I think it’s a lot worse than that. I think we’re gonna find a lot throughout the course of the day that supports the narrative that the left the doesn’t want us to hear or to know.


BUCK: We are supposed to believe that this individual, Darrell Brooks, fled an incident and then happened to find himself at the one place where there was the greatest concentration of people on the street possible, the most helpless, defenseless, innocent civilians possible, and on video. And people have seen it. I’ve seen it. It’s horrific. Be forewarned. It’s tough to watch.

He clearly lines up the car and then just starts mowing people down. He doesn’t blast through an intersection and doesn’t see who’s there, something else. He pulls up behind them, lines eminent domain up, mows people down, dozens of them, already killed five, probably more are going to succumb to their wounds, including the old and children. Notice who you I didn’t wait at all before Rittenhouse was a terrorist, a domestic terrorist, an insurrectionist, a white supremacist, all the way up to the top of the Democrat Party.

Meanwhile, here we are, Clay, being told, don’t say anything, don’t jump to any conclusions. If you do, we’ll hold you accountable, we’ll shut you down, but there’s an obvious double standard here with one side gets to just say whatever they want and try to score political points against Kyle Rittenhouse.

Right now, I just want to know what happened. I’m actually not interested in scoring my points but I have a very hard time believing that this suspect, Darrell Brooks, career criminal, including I believe on the sex offender registry, just happened to be evading and got to this place because an over these people. I do not believe that.

CLAY: It’s also, Buck, how often do you see a situation where someone is fleeing something relatively minor and they decide to commit a crime that is infinitely higher, right?

BUCK: Mass murder. This is mass murder.

CLAY: Mass murder, right? I mean, there’s a big difference between, oh, you had knife and you weren’t supposed to have that night, or candidly you commit a robbery or you commit a burglary or whatever it might be and you drive your vehicle at a high rate of speed through defenseless people and mow them down, dozens of them. If he’s fleeing — and I’m not an expert on fleeing from police. I hope I never have to do it, right? But I’ve watched a lot of movies, Buck. He’s pulling up near a crowded parade. If he parks his car, gets out and just gets into the crowded parade on foot, he probably can get away, right? Cecause there’s hundreds of people in that parade.

How many times have you seen a movie scene where somebody is fleeing from police and they pull up in a crowded area and just disperse into the crowd and vanish? If his goal is to flee, the least possible way to avoid drawing attention to yourself is to drive through a parade mowing down people, driving over them, killing them. You know that you’re going to get more attention that way. The logic just doesn’t add up in any way.

BUCK: And you’re going to be caught.

CLAY: No doubt.

BUCK: I don’t think that this guy could have believed for one second, I’m gonna run over dozens of people in this town where the whole town is focused on this parade and then I’m gonna make any escape from the knife incident? It doesn’t add up.

Now, here’s what I think they’re going to say. Maybe he did have some kind of a breakdown of rage in the aftermath of the Rittenhouse verdict. As you pointed out — and this is already — talking to a friend, reporter this morning said, yes, they have social media places, yes a lot of BLM stuff on the pages.

CLAY: Anti-Trump, anti-Jewish.

BUCK: A lot of bad stuff.

CLAY: If this had existed for Rittenhouse, right, if there had been anti-Kamala Harris postings, anti-Joe Biden postings, it would have been out immediately and it would have been like, oh, look at this white supremacist. Here’s his Facebook post. It’s clear what happened.

BUCK: Right. So now they’re gonna tell us that somehow this guy ends up fleeing the other incident and running into this crowd and getting away. I mean, if the facts we’ve already said were different here, there would already be conclusions being brawn. And even if the conclusions were wrong, let me add as they were about Rittenhouse, they wouldn’t care. They wouldn’t care. Right now, though, the game is anyone on the right goes too far or anyone says anything that turns out not to be true and they being held up as the disinformation person.

CLAY: Basically any white guy does anything bad and it’s evidence of white supremacy, immediately. So anybody else and it’s not evidence of anything other than their being a poor decision-maker.

BUCK: So here is what they don’t want anyone to think, that this guy in any way had animus because of the Kenosha verdict or just animus against white people in general that resulted in him hitting the accelerator and mowing everybody down. ‘Cause the left doesn’t want to have to deal with that incident. What they’re going to tell you is he was fleeing and he has probably, you know, a history of some kind of either substance abuse or mental illness, maybe he was high and he completely lost his bearings and — that’s what I think they’re going to tell you. And I’m just saying if that is what they say, Clay, I do not accept that that is what happened. If that is the storyline, that he just got disoriented and mowed down all these people, no. No. Not credible. It’s just not credible.

CLAY: Well, and this is where we are, right? And this is why in many ways I think the media, particularly the left-wing in this country has become such a divisive force, because what happens — you know this, Buck. As soon as this story came out, the question was, who is going to be to blame here? If it had been a white guy, then immediately the left wing would have said this is how toxic white supremacy is in America. Look at what just happened in Waukesha. And as soon as it comes out, oh, it’s a black guy who does it then there’s no reason to discuss any motive other than this the guy who made bad decisions going after in his life. That’s the way this works.

BUCK: If people want to know what Democrats are really thinking about — some of them, obviously just some of them, but this is someone who is a social media manager for the Democratic Party of DuPage County, Illinois, she went on to say in the media aftermath of this mass murder, mass casualty incident, quote, “It was probably just self-defense, #KyleRittenhouse.”

So just understand there are lunatics running around who are tying it to Rittenhouse already, but not in ways that any sane human being would ever do.

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