NBA’s Jonathan Isaac, Bradley Beal Stand Up for Freedom

28 Sep 2021

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BUCK: Clay and I were exchanging text messages as we saw these clips in the last 24 hours or so, and they’re just spot-on. Here is the Orlando Magic’s Jonathan Isaac explaining why he does not want to get the shot.

ISAAC: I’ve had covid in the past and so our understanding of antibodies, of natural immunity, has changed a great deal from the onset of the pandemic and is still evolving. I understand that the vaccine would help if you catch covid and you’ll be able to have less symptoms from contracting it. But with me having covid in the past and having antibodies with my current age-group and fitness, physical fitness level, it’s not necessarily a fear of mine.

I would say, honestly, that the craziness of it all in terms of not being able to say that it should be everybody’s fair choice without being demeaned or talked crazy to doesn’t make one comfortable to do what said person is telling them to do. Yeah, I would say that’s a couple of the reasons.

BUCK: Clay, everything he said is factual, reasonable, eloquent, well stated. And the point at the end about how just kind of browbeating and demeaning and yelling at people in response to a position like the one that he has, makes you dig in more. Right? When someone not being reasonable, you dig in more into your position.

CLAY: And I want to give Jonathan Isaac credit here. He’s 23 years old, okay. This kid — and I say “kid” because I am getting older. But he’s 23. He’s a grown man. But I still think of young athletes oftentimes as kids because my kids are young athletes. He refused to kneel for the national anthem in the NBA bubble last year because he said he wasn’t… Basically this guy is willing to think for himself.

And that answer he gave was in a press conference setting, and it was more nuanced and more intelligence than any answer I’ve heard Dr. Fauci give about the vaccine in months. And he answered the natural immunity question. He read. He studied. He’s clearly seen the studies out of Israel and read about them. That is what we have been saying for a long time, Buck. There’s a difference between what an obese 75-year-old who hasn’t had covid yet should do —

BUCK: Or just a 75-year-old, but yeah.

CLAY: But certainly if you’re obese because the two leading causes for complications in covid are age and obesity, by far. So if you’re obese, if you’re elderly, what you should do — and you haven’t had covid — with the vaccine is different than what a 23-year-old pro athlete who’s had covid should do.

BUCK: We have a framework for this in our society already, which is the way we’ve been dealing with the flu for a very long time.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: My parents have been getting the flu shot now for years, and I’ve never been saying, “Oh, my gosh. Don’t do that because of the things that it has in it!” Because when you get to be in your sixties or really particularly in your seventies and eighties, the flu is very dangerous for you.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: Even some enhanced level of protection is worth it. See, the problem is that they keep pretending. The Fauciites love this game of what is actually a judgment call, they pretend is a matter of fact. They pretend it’s like at what temperature, at what point does water boil? We see, okay, well, we all know. But then they’ll talked about and say, “Hey, we think that this is the proper degree of vaccination in society” or “We think that this is the duration of a lockdown.”

These are policy judgments — and it’s not even just, by the way, Fauci himself. All these other blue check MDs have become a little delusional and a little wrapped up in their own narcissism. Yeah, you guys went to med school, and you know a lot of things the general public doesn’t know. But when you’re telling people things like, “My business must be shut down,” they get to say, “How many people are really at risk here? Why does the government have a right to do this?” There’s no MD in constitutional protection. That’s what they don’t seem to understand.

CLAY: Well, and just go back and listen to the podcast interview we had with Dr. Harvey Risch yesterday from Yale. Epidemiology, huge expert in covid. The idea that doctors agree on everything is a fundamental flaw. Just taking it out of the of the world of covid, how often have you had or your family or someone you know had a medical issue and had to go see four or five different doctors and they all diagnosed your medical issue differently? Again, I give credit to Jonathan Isaac here for speaking more eloquently than almost anyone that I’ve heard in the space at all.

BUCK: I got say though Washington Wizards’ Bradley Beal is right up there with him talking about this. We can have everyone hear what he says about it. These are big NBA players, a lot of influence, and they’re saying, “Look, I’m not getting the shot,” and they’re making a lot of sense. This is not what we saw a week or so ago where it was… What’s the…?

CLAY: Oh, Cardi B.

BUCK: What was it?

CLAY: No, it wasn’t Cardi B.

BUCK: No. It was… Who was the singer, the rapper? Nicki Minaj! (laughing)

CLAY: Nicki Minaj. My apology to Cardi B and Nicki Minaj for getting them confused.

BUCK: But it’s not the “swollen man area” tweet.

CLAY: The testicles, yeah.

BUCK: These guys are talking about this with eloquence and thoughtfulness.

CLAY: Here’s a question, Buck. Are they gonna start editing them on social media? ‘Cause this thing’s gone viral. Over a million people now have seen the clip from Jonathan Isaac that we just played.

BUCK: So like I said: If you’re affected by this, the mandate in New York or anywhere, any state across the country — if you’re a health care worker or teacher in a “get the shot or lose your job” situation — please let us know about it. 800-282-2882. We’ll come back and hear from Washington Wizards’ Bradley Beal on this as well, another NBA player. Excellent explanation from him on all this.


CLAY: We’ve got another clip. I bet you never anticipated, Buck, that covid would go so crazy that some of the top voices in the public arena as it pertains to covid and vaccine mandates would be coming out of the world of athletics. We played you Jonathan Isaac from the Orlando Magic.

And that clip that we played you is going so viral that I think Twitter and Facebook, they’re gonna be coming after him, because he’s sharing some inconvenient truths. And also, Bradley Beal, who is a star player for the Washington Wizards, was asked why he was unvaccinated, and he had also a very knowledgeable and interesting response. Here it is.

BEAL: Every player every person in this world is gonna make their own decision for themselves I would like an explanation too. You know, people with vaccines, why are they still getting covid? If that’s something that we are supposed to highly be protected from. Like it’s funny that, oh, it reduces your chances of going to the hospital. It doesn’t eliminate anybody from getting covid, right?

So everybody… Is everybody in here vaxxed? I would assume, right? So you all can still get covid, right? Okay but you can still get covid. Right. So — and you can still pass it along with the vax, right? I’m asking. I’m just asking the question. Yeah, I had it but that doesn’t mean I can’t get it again, you know. I mean, it’s no different than somebody with the vaccine, right? I can. Yes, I developed the antibodies for it; so my chances will be less likely now as well, right? But it’s still a possibility I may get it, just like there are players and coaches and staff who are vaxxed and missing camp right now because of it.

BUCK: Everything that he says, Clay, is true.

CLAY: I mean, it’s amazing, right?

BUCK: It’s amazing, but also what he’s getting to here, this a central point: You’re either vaxxed, you had it, or you’re taking your chances. That’s where we are as a society now. There should be no more… The problem is the vax people are actually the most neurotic about this. The young, low-risk, vaccinated, MSNBC crowd are the ones are the most freaked out and so they are making everybody else make unreasonable, irrational concessions to their fear.

So what he’s saying is, “Yeah, okay. Even if you’re vaccinated you can spread it to people, so it’s not like vaccination stops it being from being spread.” And I’m sorry, but we’re gonna find out more with the numbers here that people don’t want to talk about right now. Clay, if you’ve seen this today just from Singapore — which has always been a kind of benevolent police state, right?

I mean, in Singapore they have absolute control over what people do and obviously it’s a very, very wealthy, small country in southeast Asia. It’s tiny. It’s really a city-state country. And Singapore’s health ministry today reported the most covid cases they have ever will, 2,236 cases, by far the most.

Clay, over 80% of Singapore is vaccinated. So we got a problem here, folks, because we’re way beyond… If the vaccines could confer herd immunity, we are beyond herd immunity numbers in some places and not having continued cases, having all-time high level of cases.

CLAY: Yes. Did you see the numbers from Marin County outside in the Bay Area? I think I’m pronouncing that right.

BUCK: Marin, I think, yeah.

CLAY: Yeah, Marin County. It’s one of the most highly vaccinated places in the entire country, 96% adult vaccination rate, Buck. They are approaching a new high in covid hospitalizations. The reason why I bring that up is Joe Biden yesterday while he was getting his booster shot was asked, “Hey, when can we get back to normalcy?” and when he said when 97 or 98% of people are vaccinated. Well, that’s where Marin County is, right? They’ve already reached that level, and yet they are approaching a new high on hospitalizations.


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