Nellie Bowles, Columnist and Author of the New Book, “Morning After the Revolution”

Nellie Bowles, columnist and author of the new book, “Morning After the Revolution,” talked to Clay and Buck about what she learned about the lib media while working at the New York Times.

She currently writes the TGIF column for The Free Press, a new media company she started with her wife, Bari Weiss.

At the NYT, she was part of a team that won the Gerald Loeb Award in Investigations and the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Journalism Award.

She told C&B during the interview in the show’s NYC studios, “What was going on at the New York Times… within half a dozen of the prestige media brands… it’s basically a movement to say, don’t report on anything that isn’t beneficial specifically to the Democratic Party and to our sort of politics of the day.”