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NH Senate Candidate General Don Bolduc Takes the Fight to Hassan

27 Sep 2022

BUCK: Got critical Senate races with razor-thin margins in a number of states across the country. One we haven’t spent time in a deep dive with quite yet is New Hampshire, where Senator Maggie Hassan is going up against the Republican Don Bolduc, who is joining us right now. Don, appreciate you being with us, sir.

GEN. BOLDUC: Hey, sir, I am so excited to be with you guys today. This is awesome. Thank you for the opportunity and my best to all your listeners.

BUCK: Yeah. So, tell us, you’re in a race here that looks winnable based on the numbers. Why are you running, and what do the folks in New Hampshire need to know about what you’ll do, Don, if you become the next senator from that state?

GEN. BOLDUC: Well, thank you for that question. It’s not only winnable because of the numbers. It’s also winnable because Senator Hassan has done absolutely nothing to New Hampshire except hurt the people with supporting all of Joe Biden’s failed policies, economic, out-of-control spending.

You know, she’s a spending machine. She’s a Big Government machine. Everything that New Hampshire doesn’t like, she’s been doing now for the last 5-1/2-plus years.

So, you know, you look at the 1.9 trillion omnibus bill, the 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, the $800 billion Inflation Reduction Act which I call the IRS inflation act or expansion act, $240 billion for U.S. chip manufacturers, which was basically a bailout.

And then the fact that she wants to and supports the illegal student debt, you know, forgiveness or what I call debt transfer to hardworking people. 5.1 trillion in just a few months. Unbelievable. She’s done nothing for the border.

She sits on the Homeland Security Committee, and we don’t have homeland security right now with the crime, the opioid crisis, with human trafficking, and all of this. So, it’s an easy argument to make based off of common sense and looking at what she’s done.

And Granite Staters are listening because I’m doing what she’s not and has not done. I’ve been to every town and city in this state. I’ve been campaigning for over two years. I’ve talked to moms and dads. I’ve held their hands.

I’ve hugged them while they’ve cried not knowing whether or not they’re gonna be able to heat or feed their children, what they’re gonna do with the cold winter right around the corner, and all she wants to talk about is abortion — which has been settled, it’s a state issue — Social Security, and Medicare, which the Washington Post just gave Democrats four Pinocchios for lying that Republicans want to demolish it.

That’s not the case at all. So, we have a strong case against her not doing her job for Granite Staters, leaving everyone out in the lurch, $700 more dollars a month coming out of their pocket. One out of six people can’t afford their electric bill, opioid crisis 200% worse here in this state, human trafficking out of control.

I mean, she is just a disaster. And she knows it. And that’s why her and the Democrat Party want to deflect and that’s why we’re taking the fight directly to her and saying, “Hey, enough is enough.”

CLAY: You are — we appreciate you coming on. You are, in addition to running for the Senate, you are the recipient of five Bronze Star medals, two Purple Hearts. You also became a police officer, I believe, at 18 years old and rose all the way to being a general in our armed forces.

What do you think about the lack of respect that we see out in our streets right now for police officers, and also the woke version of the military which I imagine is quite a bit different than the military that you served in?

GEN. BOLDUC: Right. Well, let me take the police officers first. First of all, what the Democratic Party has done over the last, you know, three years basically since, you know, covid started is they have created a situation in which our law enforcement is not respected.

And they have taken the bad actions of a few and cast them on everybody. Let’s think about what they did, you know, early on in covid when, “Oh, you know, you guys are essential,” and then when they came out with this vaccine only clearly to put money in career politicians’ and Big Pharma’s pocket did they say, “Oh, in order to work you have to get these shots.”

And we’ve seen how that directly has impacted retention of police officers across this nation, the fact that the assault and killing of police officers is at an all-time high, suicide among police officers at an all-time high.

Maggie Hassan supports all of these policies. And she may not have direct statements supporting them, but by not saying anything, silence is consent. She has done nothing. I have received the backing of the New England Police Benevolent Association and the United Federation of Police Officers, and we expect to collect more because I will back our police.

I will support law-abiding citizens. I will make sure that our police officers have the funding that they need. And more importantly, I will go to Washington, D.C., and I will change this narrative about our police officers and first responders in general to one of a positive and not a negative.

And that’s really what needs to be done. Now, our military, this has been a work in progress. It started in the Obama administration. I believe now, looking back and studying and see some of the reasons I was counseled as a general officer are directly related to the fact that I was assessed as somebody who would not support these woke policies.

And so, therefore I was asked to retire, even though as a one-star I was given a two-star job. I was not promoted in that job even though my evaluations suggested that, you know, stated that I should be, I wasn’t.

And it’s because they knew that in Don Bolduc, I would not put up with our service members being forced to have vaccination when there’s no operational requirement for it, forced to have pronoun training, stand down on critical military training.

Making our military so woke that now it’s marginally capable of doing its job, and changing how we develop our leaders in our academies to one of, you know, go along to move along instead of character, integrity, candor, courage. And this is the problem we have.

So, all those officers at the four- and three- and two-star levels are all deliberately selected for the purpose of going along with this very dangerous political agenda that’s emboldened China, Russia, North Korea, Iran.

And you need, we need, I need to get in Congress because I’ve worked with them, I know them, and I will ask them the tough questions, and we will get this changed and reversed.

BUCK: Don, we have people listening all across your state of New Hampshire, including on WGIR in Manchester and WQSO in Portsmouth as well as all of our podcast and digital listeners. Just wanted to know where can they go to help?

‘Cause if Don Bolduc is able to win, folks, this could be the balance of power in the Senate at stake. Where should folks go and how can they get involved?

GEN. BOLDUC: Well, sir, they need to go to DonBolduc.com and you can go there and you can do just about anything. You can donate, you can volunteer. And that’s, you know, really what we need. We have a thousand-plus volunteer army out on the ground that we established during the primary in our bottom-up campaign, and they are the heart and soul of this bottom-up campaign we have.

We need help with donations, obviously. And I get it, it’s a tough economic situation out there but at the end of the day I have to compete with her in only one area, and that is ads, top-down —  get my ads in there, get on TV. That costs money.

Everything else we do with hard work, volunteers, bottom-up, every town and city, which she can’t do because she hasn’t invested in that. She doesn’t care about that. So, DonBolduc.com, join my Facebook supporters page at Supporters of General Bolduc and then go to Twitter, @GenDonBolduc, and please share our stuff, get the word out, encourage others to support.

And we will win, and we will fundamentally change what goes on in Washington, D.C., because I will carry that vote for the people, not for special interests, not for lobbyists, not for rich political elites, but for the people.

BUCK: Don Bolduc. Don, best of luck to you. Thank you for your service, sir, and we wish you the best with this Senate race.

GEN. BOLDUC: Thank you so much, God bless you, and God bless your listeners.

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