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NY Supreme Court Reinstates Employees Fired for Being Unvaxxed As Biden Gets 5th Shot

25 Oct 2022

We always like to be able to bring you good news. And this is very good news.

This ruling still could be overturned on appeal, but it’s another sign that the overreach of the covid era is being recognized. The Democrats know it too, and that’s why the White House press secretary is now blaming Trump for shutting down schools.

Yeah, nobody is gonna believe that one.

To add to the absurdity, the president today got his 5th shot! Good old number 5 will do the trick.

At the same time, his covid czar, Dr. Jha said the covid shot is just like the flu shot and you’ll have to get one every year.

Hmm. Some of us are old enough to remember when comparing covid to the flu meant you wanted to kill Grandma.

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