Pelosi: Overlook Genocide, Work with China on Climate

16 Sep 2021

BIDEN: When I rejoined the Paris climate accord after we had been pulled out of it, the goal set when our administrate — last administration, the Obama-Biden administration, when that was set, they were said (sic) that we had more time. We don’t have the time now. The goals differ because the necessity is there. We don’t have a lot of time. We don’t have much more than 10 years. For real.

BUCK: I didn’t. (impression) “We don’t have time. We’re running out of time.” Every 10 years, you have some new push — it’s really every five years, but every 10 years for sure — that if we don’t do all this Green New Deal, socialism craziness right away, the whole country’s gonna fall apart. It’s an existential threat.

That is, in fact, the language that they frequently use, an existential threat to the human race, to our species. So they can justify anything under that rubric, right? They can tell you we can run every aspect of your life, even more so than covid.

And remember, they’re already making noise about how the science has justified all these extreme measures and overreaction on covid. And they want that same mobilization of sciency authoritarianism in order to get more of their climate change agenda through. Clay, you have a quote — this is incredible — from Pelosi. Can you share this Pelosi quote with everybody?

CLAY: Yeah, that ties in on the same level. And we may grab this audio. I just sent it, so we got audio of it too. But Speaker Pelosi being interviewed said, “Yes, China has committed genocide against the Uyghurs.” Then she says, “Having said that, the bigger, overriding issue is working together on climate.”

So genocide, not that big a deal. We’ll just overlook the genocide. You know, basically Speaker Pelosi is saying, “Hey, if the Nazis had been big climate change people, we would have been like, ‘Hey, maybe we don’t need to fight them because the bigger, overriding issue… Yes, incrementing genocide, but the bigger overriding issue is the climate.'” This is the argument that Nancy Pelosi is basically making.

We’ll just give the Germans Europe, Buck, because, you know what? They’re on the right side of the climate issue. Yes, we’re a little bit uncomfortable with the totalitarianism and the Hitler and the heil Hitler chants and everything else, but they’re on the right side when it comes to climate. So we’re gonna overlook everything else.

BUCK: Climate change is a religious belief for people who think they’re too smart for religion and are wrong.

CLAY: Which is really well said.

BUCK: Well, thank you.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: If you had one of those graphs that shows belief, if you had a Venn diagram, those who are climate change alarmists and extremists and those who quadruple mask and want to force the sixth booster shot into your 8-year-old’s arm because, God forbid, the virus that has already spread to more than half the country, by the way, if we really do the extrapolation.

The virus that has already just ripped through the country for going on 18 months, two years now. They’re willing to go through any extreme on covid, and they also will justify anything. Working with a genocidal regime. Okay, maybe we don’t like that, Clay. But how good are their solar panels? This is an actual Democrat thought process.

CLAY: It’s like saying, other than the serial killing he did, he’s a pretty good dude. You know, Jeffrey Dahmer, yes, he killed a lot of people, chopped ’em up, and he ate ’em. But he was on the right side of climate change, and that’s why it’s important to work with him.

BUCK: This is also something that you see come up where the leftists know that this is a card they can play. Climate change is always a card whenever they want to change a subject, get the base all fired up. For a while they would do this also with guns, and that will come back. You remember when Harvey Weinstein got into his initial trouble.

He put out some statement that was like, “We’re gonna have an investigation of whether I was sexually assaulting all these women, but I’m gonna take some time to really go after the NRA now.” That was a real thing that happened. Climate change is also the get-out-of-jail-free card whenever Democrats want it.


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