Pelosi Praises Biden’s “150,000” Vaccinations

22 Sep 2021

PELOSI: Thank God for President Biden for putting us on a different course where, uh (sputters) over 150,000 people have been fully vaccinated and more vaccinations. That’ back on the uptick.

BUCK: Indeed, “thank God for Biden with the 150,000 vaccinations,” Nancy Pelosi says. Welcome back to Clay and Buck show. (impression) “Thank President Biden for 150,000…” It’s not like she just says it, Clay, and corrects herself. I think it’s fair to say Nancy Pelosi and a lot of the Democrats, not big numbers people.

CLAY: They’re not good at math. They’re big numbers people like 3.5 trillion is a big number.

BUCK: Good point.

CLAY: They don’t understand the significance of the numbers and what that can represent to an overall American economy. Now, from a budgetary perspective, it appears that there’s gonna be enough moderate Democrats in the House and the Senate that the Bernie budget bill is right now in the process of going up in smoke.


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