Pelosi Vetoes Jordan for Jan. 6th Committee

21 Jul 2021

BUCK: We have some breaking news for you right now. We’ve been discussing the January 6 committee — the “insurrection,” as they call it, even though not a single person involved has been charged with insurrection or rebellion. In fact, it’s mostly just trespassing, some destruction of property and some people who assaulted law enforcement.

Generally, the left is fine with assaulting law enforcement as long as it’s under the banner of BLM or Antifa. But we’re gonna have to go through this again with the January 6 committee, which is really just meant to make sure no one spends time thinking about how ineffective, absurd, and blundering Joe Biden and his entire administration have been so far.

So we’re gonna hear about the threat to our democracy every day from now until the midterms. Get ready for it, and that’s always the tell among lib journos, when they use the term “threat to democracy,” even in a context sometimes of justifying their own threats to democracy like — oh, I don’t know — fleeing the Texas state capitol, halting the business of the Texas legislature because they’re upset about something.

But the breaking news for you is that is that the GOP is pulling — McCarthy is pulling — all Republican members from the January 6 committee because Speaker Pelosi vetoed the appointment of representative Jim Banks and, Clay, our friend Jim Jordan who we think we’ll be having on later on in the week. Turns out Pelosi really doesn’t want fighters who know this game on that commission. I wonder why.

CLAY: Well, I think you were prescient on this because ultimately this is going to be what the Democrats are left with, right? Because they’re not gonna be able to run on crime, and we’re gonna get into that in a little bit because of the rampaging rates of crime accelerating across the country. They’re not going to be able to run on certainly the economy with inflation roaring back where it is right now.

We’ll see whether this massive multitrillion-dollar budget can get through or not. The border is a disaster, and so if you’re trying to play where can you focus and argue that you’ve made a tremendous difference, I think they’re gonna be left with covid — if covid continues to decline — and the insurrection. In other words, “If you vote for Republicans in 2022,” they are going to be saying, “you are threatening the very core of democracy because look at what happened in 2020,” and they’re just gonna keep beating the drum over and over again.

BUCK: Don’t look at results. Don’t look at inflation. Don’t look at the border. The border’s the worst it’s ever been. We talked to Senator Ted Cruz about this yesterday. Don’t pay attention. Don’t listen to your lying eyes or your ears or whatever. Listen to what Jen Psaki bomb has to say about the situation. That’s what they want you to know.


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