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Pennsylvania Focus Group on Jan. 6th Shocks MSNBC

25 Oct 2022

MSNBC went to Pennsylvania to do a hit piece on GOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano — who will join C&B on Friday — but it did not go as expected. Trump voters haven’t been swayed by two years of Democrat propaganda on “The Insurrection!”

These people sound like Clay & Buck listeners! They know much more about January 6th than the MSNBC reporter Elise Jordan. They bring up the BLM and Antifa protests and decades of Democrats violently protesting when they don’t get their way.

The political winds are changing out there. The NFL and the New England Patriots honored police officers on Monday Night Football in Foxborough.

Even more telling, ESPN covered it! Liberals know the crime issue is killing them, but they can’t undo history. So what do they do? They call us more names.

This is just pure insanity. But that’s what the Democrat Party has become.

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