Pfizer CEO Catches Covid After 4 Shots of “100% Effective” Vaccine

15 Aug 2022

CLAY: Let me hit you with this, too, as we get ready to go to break. Our friends in the covid pharmaceutical industry are not having a good couple of days. Albert Bourla, Buck, is the CEO of Pfizer. In April of 2021 he put out this tweet: “Excited to share that updated analysis from our Phase Three study with biotech also showed our covid-19 vaccine was a hundred percent effective in preventing Covid-19 cases in South Africa!” A hundred percent, exclamation point. I think you probably know where I’m going.

This morning Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, what do you think he said? “I would like to let you know that I have tested positive for covid-19. I’m thankful to have received four doses of the Pfizer biotech vaccine. I am feeling well while experiencing very mild symptoms. I am isolating and have started a course of Paxlovid.”

BUCK: He said it like this (impression) “I got the four required shots, not the 5th required shot but there were more shots coming for you, three shots, four shots, five shots, even better.”

CLAY: I think that’s perfect. I think we also have some audio from Moderna’s CEO because we made everybody at Moderna billionaires, we made everybody at Pfizer billionaires, and they’ve given us all a product that doesn’t work. We’ll hit you with some of that Moderna audio here in the near future as well, and I think you are going to not be shocked by it but you will be made furious.


BUCK: Here’s the CEO of Moderna lamenting the realities of what people are doing when it comes to getting the shot now.

BUCK: Just to translate that from the French because it’s very thick accent there, he’s saying we are throwing million doses of vaccine in the trash. Why? Because people don’t want to take the short-term covid juice. Ain’t worth the squeeze.

CLAY: And they can’t even give them away anywhere in the world. And so I’m gonna continue to hammer this, and I hope that there are respect candidates listening, senators, representatives, congressmen, governors.

Look. We gotta end this inability to sue Moderna and Pfizer that we gave them and we need them to return all the profits that they made off the covid shot because, first of all, that 30 million garbage dumping shots, we paid for, you, me, and all the American taxpayers. It doesn’t work like they told us it was going to work. And it’s a lemon of a product. We do we not get all the profits back from the covid shots and rehire every single person who lost their job over the covid shot and give them back pay? I want all the profits from the covid shots at a minimum that we can retain to go to back pay for everybody who got fired.

I think that’s an easy, really rational policy that we should put in place. Why are we still rewarding Moderna and Pfizer with all these boosters that they are getting? We talked about, Buck, the Wall Street Journal had a huge piece about all the people who made tens of millions of dollars off the Moderna shots and bought brand-new, military million-dollar houses. That’s our taxpayer money that they are using. And it’s absolutely indefensible.

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