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Good News Rains Down from Georgia: Polls Show Kemp, Walker Leading

9 Sep 2022

The New York Times takedown of the Stacey Abrams campaign for governor of Georgia was just devastating, especially since that tabloid had tried to turn her into the next president of the United States — if not the universe.

Well, there’s another poll out, and it finds Republican governor Brian Kemp with an eight-point lead over Abrams.

Plus, the third straight poll has shown Herschel Walker leading Raphael Warnock.

Pennsylvanians have Dr. Oz landing some punches in his Senate race against a really terrible, impared, radical candidate in John Fetterman.

In Nevada, things seem to be going pretty well for Adam Laxalt in his Senate race, too.

Fortunately, Arazonians are also waking up to the fact that electing Democrat Mark Kelly to the Senate just ’cause he trained as an astronaut is maybe no bueno. Wisconsin is also tightening.

You look at cities in all these stares and the Democrat prosecutors are letting criminals run free, preying on citizens. It’s that crimewave that’s playing a big part in this move toward Republicans, if they can make it happen.

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