Polls: Trump Up Big in Ohio; Majority See “Invasion” at Border

18 Aug 2022

CLAY: Here’s good news on the Trump front. Polling came out in Ohio earlier today — or I guess it was late — late yesterday evening. Trump won Ohio by eight points in 2020 in the election. According to this most recent poll of the state of Ohio, Trump is now up 14 points in Ohio on Joe Biden head-to-head.

Now, some of you may say, “I’m not worried about whether Trump’s gonna win Ohio. That’s a state where certainly Republicans have been very strong of late.” But what I’m intrigued by is what we are seeing replicated nationwide right now, which is Trump surging by six or seven points, even in polls which have tends to be biased against Trump. If he’s up 14 in Ohio, he’s up in Wisconsin, he’s up in Michigan, he’s up in all these battleground states.

BUCK: As you know, he’s not on the ballots. That’s so this is the problem we run into, right? There’s the national political narrative, and then there’s the “Who wins Senate race X and who wins congressional race Y?” And this is where we’re starting to feel like there needs to be more momentum.

Clay, since you like polls, this was an interesting one and I think will transition as well into our next guest, Tom Homan. This is from NPR/Ipsos, okay? “More than half of Americans say there is an invasion at the southern border while more than one-third claim they are being systematically replaced by immigrants.”

This is from an NPR/Ipsos poll quoted in the Daily Mail. We’re gonna talk to a guy who is a true expert on the border, former immigrations and customs enforcement chief Tom Homan here in just a couple minutes ’cause, Clay, this is a — the elite media doesn’t give a you-know-what about this. A lot of the country cares a lot about the wide open, lawless border.

CLAY: The only way it’s even being covered is from Greg Abbott shipping people to New York City and Washington, D.C., which is turned into a very adroit political move. And as we continue to roll through here, we’ll talk about the border and what’s going down there because, of all the places that Democrats are underwater, the border is number one.

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