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Rand Paul: We’ll Look at Impeaching Merrick Garland

10 Aug 2022

BUCK: Let’s set a marker right here, because I think we’re gonna see that this was — and we thought from the very beginning — an abuse of power.

People right now are saying, “There will be accountability if they did that.” Oh, yeah? Accountability in this context — the beginning of accountability, the start of accountability — I would argue, Clay, is the attorney general has got… Now, Biden’s never gonna fire Merrick Garland, obviously. They can impeach-and-remove him, and he should at least get that process in motion after the midterms, if this is what we think it is.

CLAY: I give credit to Kevin McCarthy because almost immediately he said, “Clear your calendar, preserve your documents,” and I’m paraphrasing there, to Merrick Garland in a message that he put out in the immediate aftermath of the raid on Mar-a-Lago. And I agree with Rand Paul, who I think laid it out quite well there. If this, is as we believe it is, a total overreach of government power against one of the top adversaries of the current political dominant force, the Biden administration, this is impeachable. I don’t think there’s any doubt at all about that and that’s why we need to see this warrant, and we need to see it now.

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