Rep. Jim Jordan: “This Is Truly Frightening — Who’s Next?”

CLAY: We’re joined now by Congressman Jim Jordan. Congressman, I believe you have talked with the president or people around him. How stunning were the revelations yesterday? What needs to happen now?

REP. JORDAN: Well, we need answers. As you know and you talked about, Clay and Buck, this is unprecedented, never happened in American history. And context is also important. So, remember, it was just a year ago when they said, “We’re gonna use Patriot Act against moms and dads in school board meetings,” then it was two days ago, “We’re gonna sick 87,000 IRS agents on small business owners and the American middle class.”

And then of course yesterday it’s a raid on the private residence of the former president of the United States, likely candidate for president in two years. This is unbelievable. So the context — and then the context just around President Trump. I mean, first they spy on his campaign — and, oh, by the way, Clay, you make a great point. They spied on his campaign back in 2016 when Kevin Clinesmith in the Justice Department altered evidence! They spied on his campaign; then it was impeached 1, impeached 2, January 6th committee, and now this. So, I think when you view it in context, this is truly frightening.

BUCK: What do you think happens next, Jim? It’s Buck. I’m just wondering, what do you think their steps will be? Because to anyone who’s even the least bit fair-minded and rational, letting this just in week or two turn into, “Yeah, National Archives. They wanted their stuff back.” That’s not gonna fly.

REP. JORDAN: No, of course not. And I really think, the thing that concerns me is, who’s next? Who’s next? Is the FBI gonna show up at my place, your place, Clay’s place? Who’s next? Because this all seems like it’s all about going after your political opponents. Well, who better than the guys who got this amazing talk show who are talking…? Who better than the guys who criticize…? It’s like, who is next? This is what I think is so scary., and I just…

I’ve talked to some small business owners. I had an event with about 40 people. They all raised that same question, like everyone is afraid — and again you couple it with what happened two days ago with this crazy Senate bill with 87,000 IRS agents now on the loose who are gonna be going after people. I mean, that is what scares people. So I don’t know. I hope it’s not what, you know, our worst fears. But again, the… Here’s the other thing. Think about what happened with Clinton.

I remember when Clinton was in front of the committee when I was on the Benghazi committee and I asked her a question about her emails that she destroyed. I said, “You have 60 some thousand emails. Why not let a neutral third party like a retired federal judge examine which ones are work related, which ones are personal? We don’t want to see your personal stuff. Why not do that instead of you getting to decide?” And she wouldn’t answer the question. She got to decide. Now, contrast that with what they did to President Trump yesterday. That, to me, is what the American people see and why they’re so alarmed at something that, again, has never happened in the history of this great country.

CLAY: Kevin McCarthy, who will presumptively be the Speaker of the House in a few months, said that he wants Merrick Garland held before the committees there to have to answer questions. Shouldn’t Merrick Garland or Christopher Wray — who I know was just testifying, I think, on Friday, if I’m not mistaken — or somebody associated with the DOJ have to come out and speak to this? And second part of this, do you really believe that Joe Biden’s White House truly had no knowledge that this raid was gonna be taking place?

REP. JORDAN: No. Great question. Right. I called for this last night. You’re so right. They should be there Friday. Chris Wray and Merrick Garland should be in front of the House Judiciary Committee this Friday. We gotta go back and vote on this stupid bill they passed. So they should come. We’re gonna there all day long Friday. I’m getting this Thursday night. They should be there and answer the questions that the American people have.

Kevin was right to put out his statement, it was a good statement, about what needs to happen in the future. But right now, they need to come answer for something that’s never happened, and the idea that they didn’t know? No one believes that. This is the same White House who was coordinating with the school boards association and the Justice Department prior to the school boards ever sending the initial letter that prompted Merrick Garland’s memo to say treat moms and dads as terrorists and use counterterrorism measures against them.

So the idea that they didn’t know about this? No one believes that. Give me a break. And that’s why we’re all so scared, because we saw what they did with the school board issue. The idea they didn’t know about this for something as big as something that’s never happened in the country? No one buys that.

BUCK: Congressman Jim Jordan. Sir, appreciate you being with us. Thanks so much.

REP. JORDAN: You bet, guys. Take care.