Rep. Jordan on the Blockbuster Trove of New Fauci Emails

11 Jan 2022

CLAY: We’ve got Congressman Jim Jordan on with us right now. Congressman, you guys got Dr. Fauci testifying on Capitol Hill today, and you guys have uncovered some more interesting emails from Fauci relating to what exactly went on with the Wuhan virology lab and how covid emerged. What can you tell us about the emails and the letter that you sent today?

REP. JORDAN: From the get-go, from the get-go it looks like Dr. Fauci, Dr. Collins, knew this thing likely came from a lab and they went into overdrive to cover their backsides and make sure the country did not know that. We were able to — a staff member was able to — go in and view these emails in camera because what we had got via FOIA were all redacted. But never forget, Clay, that on January 31st, 2020, there’s an email that comes at 10 p.m. at night to Dr. Fauci.

The emails says, “Virus looks engineered. Virus not consistent with evolutionary theory.” It comes from Dr. Kristian Andersen, one of the virologists that been getting your tax money in grant dollars over the years. “Virus not consistent with evolutionary theory. Virus looks engineered.” That’s on 10:32 p.m. January 31st, 2020, and that’s a fancy way of saying this thing came from a lab.

Dr. Fauci starts emailing people at 2 in the morning, starting this process in place to say, “We don’t want that information out there!” There’s a conference call the next day, and that conference call, it’s Fauci, Collins, and 11 virologists from around the world who also have been getting your tax dollars and your listeners’ tax dollars over the years.

And what we finally got were the emails that happened on that as a result of that conference call where I think they were, frankly, getting their stories straight ’cause now that we’ve seen the unredacted emails, they all say… One of them says, “I just can’t figure how this thing gets accomplished in nature.” The other one says, “I really can’t think of any plausible natural scenario.”

So these guys understood this thing had to come from a lab, but they spent the next several months trying to downplay that. And we got other emails that talk about that this thing, “Oh, no, it came from nature! It didn’t actually happen in a lab.” So how these guys switched in that short a time is amazing to me. But I think it just shows that they were more concerned about covering their backsides.

And, frankly, we have one that says, “We don’t want to upset. We don’t want to do any potential harm to science or international harmony.” That’s an email from Collins to Fauci. So it’s almost like (chuckles) they were more concerned about the Chinese people’s feelings, the Chinese government’s feelings than they were getting the truth to the American people.

BUCK: Congressman Jordan, it’s Buck. I want to know what you think should be done about all of this. Fauci today was getting grilled by Senator Rand Paul a bit on this same issue of coordinating to crush epidemiologists in the early days who weren’t going along with the party line whether it was about Wuhan or any number of other things, by the way, there was bureaucratic infighting.

I think that’s really Fauci’s true skill is being a bureaucratic infighter and somebody who can lay the old D.C. ambush on folks, and I want to know what you think should be done about this as we continue to get this information. We’re talking about these emails now. Where should we go and what does accountant or change look like as a result of these revelations?

REP. JORDAN: Well, one thing that should certainly happen is we should not be using American tax dollars to fund gain-of-function research. That should be prohibited, period. That needs to happen. Second, the power that Collins and Fauci still has. Collins has left the government, thank goodness. But the power that they have ’cause they control so much money. You know what the budget is to NIH and CDC?

It’s $56 billion a year, and they’re handing out some of that money to these virologists — these virologists who say on February 1st on this conference call they say, “This thing came from a lab,” in different words, and then four days layer later their story changes. And then they write an article 17 days later — February 17th they write an article — that they first give to Fauci to edit before it appears in Nature Medicine magazine.

So five of the 11 people on that call then are authors of this article that goes in Nature Medicine magazine, and they change their position. They say, “No, no, no! It didn’t come from a lab at all.” So it changed in that short a time. What did Fauci and Collins tell these guys, and did they pass any of this information — did Fauci or Collins pass any of this information — to President Trump and his team?

This is something the president of the United States needs to know. If it came from a lab that we funded and they were doing gain-of-function research, the president of the United States, the commander-in-chief, needs to know that — particularly when the country’s China! Did they share it with him? ‘Cause it sure looks like they didn’t. They went into complete cover-their-backside mode. So, yeah, they need to be held accountable, and what needs to happen certainly as the law needs to change is say we should not even be thinking about funding gain-of-function research.

CLAY: Congressman Jordan, what are there gonna be consequences for Dr. Fauci?


CLAY: I mean, he’s the highest paid government employee in the entire country, as you have pointed out rightly, our tax dollars have gone to subsidize gain-of-function research that may well have led and helped to abet — certainly it appears the data reflects this — the release of covid across the world and all of the impact it has had since. Yet Fauci is making over $400,000 a year. I believe he’s the highest paid government employee in the entire country —

REP. JORDAN: Yeah, he is.

CLAY: — which is crazy, and there seem to be zero consequences for him. How does that change? When is he going to bear any consequences?

REP. JORDAN: Well, I think it does change if in fact the American people put us back in control of the Congress ’cause then we’ll be able to bring Fauci in and we’ll be able to get these documents — and, frankly, we’ll be able to subpoena the people he was talking to. Those 11 virologists on that call, we’ll be able to subpoena some of those individuals and ask them the tough questions. So it begins to change, I think, when we get back in control.

But I keep coming back to this, Clay: The influence these guys have. There’s one email that Dr. Collins — Francis Collins — sends to Dr. Fauci, and he said, “I hope the Nature Medicine article would settle this debate about where this thing started,” and then the very next sentence in that email says, “Anything more we can do”? So the keyword in there is “more.” In other words (laughs), they were the ones behind getting these virologists on the outside to write the article that said what Fauci and Collins wanted it to say.

And the reason that all happens, my guess is, is because these guys want the money. They want the money to come from Fauci and Collins. So they’re willing to write an article that they disagreed with, as evidenced by what they said in their emails on that initial conference call on February 1st, 2020. So, yeah, we gotta be able to bring him in. But the Democrats won’t.

They won’t even bring him in for a hearing in front of the House anymore. In the Senate, they can get Fauci and these guys in like they did today. But in the House, they won’t even let them come in for a hearing. In fact, there’s a briefing this afternoon we’re getting on the Coronavirus Select Committee. It’s private. The American people don’t even get to see what’s happening. Walensky’s gonna brief members of our committee privately, hide it from the American people, which is just completely wrong.

BUCK: Speaking to Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio. Congressman right before you came on we were talking about the questioning of a senior FBI official on Capitol Hill — or via Zoom but — during a hearing by Senator Ted Cruz basically saying, “Look, was there any FBI involvement in putting informants or other actors in the crowds on January 6th?” What do you make of all that? Is this an area that concerns you, and how could we get answers, especially if going forward perhaps we have a majority in the House?

REP. JORDAN: Yeah. Right. We need to get an answer to that because we know it’s happened before. We know in the situation in Michigan, we know that there were FBI informants in that effort regarding Governor Whitmer there, so we know it’s happened before. And then of course we’ve all seen some of the video that one of my colleagues actually brought up when we had Merrick Garland, the attorney general, in front of the judiciary committee.

Thomas Matthew brought it up; Tucker Carlson just played it on his show, regarding this individual named Ray Epps and the way he conducted himself. So I think it’s a fair question. I would like some answers. There are lots of thing we need answers to. For example, Buck, we just found out today that, oh, it was exactly like we talked about on your show a few months ago. The school boards issue and the Justice Department targeting moms and dads who had the audacity to show up at a school board meeting?

It didn’t start with the school board association writing the letter to the government. It was the other way around! They just used that letter as a pretext. We now have the story with the emails from Secretary of Education Cardona and the head of the School Boards Association! So we know this kind of stuff has happened before. It’s a fair question that Senator Cruz asked. Let’s hope we can get some answers at some point.

BUCK: Why do you think they’re having a new counterterrorism, domestic terrorism-focused unit formed within 2000 justice, Congressman?

JORDAN: It’s this whole weaponization… It’s a great question, Buck. It’s this whole weaponization of government against the people. The idea that we had a whistleblower come forward and say, “They’re actually putting a designation on moms and dads who are going to school board meetings speaking out against the crazy CRT curriculum…” The idea that there’s a designation, a threat tag put on parents.

And now we have a domestic terrorism unit being formed at the Department of Justice to go after Americans is frightening when you couple it with everything we’ve seen over the last few years with what the FBI did to President Trump’s campaign, with what they’re doing to school boards, with what we now learned today with what the secretary of education did.

That it started with him, and it was pretextual to start this whole process to go after parents. It is frightening, and it needs to stop. And it’s why we’ve called for the attorney general to stop it. We’ve called for the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Mr. Nadler, to bring Merrick Garland back in to answer questions because we think we completely misled the country when he testified in October.

CLAY: Last question for you, Congressman. You, I’m sure, have been 26 Democratic House members have decided not to run for reelection. We’re still a ways away. You talked about the midterms and their importance in holding Fauci accountable. What would you set the over-under at right now? How confident are you that Democrats are going to lose the House; Republicans are gonna take it back in the midterms?

REP. JORDAN: Well, your background is in sports like mine is, Clay. You’re never overconfident, but I am confident. Think about the Democrats’ messages, particularly what they’re saying in big cities. Right now, in big cities Democrats are saying, “We won’t let your kids go to school, we’re gonna let bad guys roam the streets, and we’re also gonna let illegal immigrants vote.”

That is the three things the Democrat Part is now for, controlled by the leftists that control that party. So I think the American people are saying, “We’re fed up with that,” and then you couple that with inflation and the border and crime and everything else, and then idea that they’re in our weaponizing government to go against their political enemies? If we don’t take it back, I would be shocked. So I think there’s a great chance we’re gonna be in control, and when we are we’re gonna do the investigations that need to be done and we’re gonna pass the legislation that we told the American people we were gonna pass.

CLAY: Thanks for taking the time.


CLAY: Congressman Jim Jordan. Make sure you follow him on Twitter. You can watch him a lot on Fox News. You can see him on Capitol Hill. Thanks, man.

REP. JORDAN: You bet. Thanks, guys.

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