Rufo Uncovers Insane Google CRT Training Documents

9 Sep 2021

BUCK: Clay and I wanted to dive right now with all of you into some critical race theory training that’s going on at what is, I would argue — I think Clay and I see this the same way; people could certainly debate this. What is the most powerful corporation in the world? There are only a few names that really come to mind, but I think you could certainly make a strong case…

Yeah, there’s Amazon, there’s Apple. I think Google belongs at the very top of the list. Google is a company with a market cap of almost $2 trillion right now. It determines not only what you saw when you search, but it controls a whole lot of communication, of email, of advertising dollars online. It has almost cornered the market on advertising dollars, which means that its influence in the flow of information on the internet, which is basically now the public square, is unparalleled.

Nothing really comes close when it comes to that. Plus, they own YouTube. I mean, the amount of influence Google has in thinking nationally is hard to overstate — global, actually. And Google has launched — and we have to give a big hat tip here to Christopher Rufo, who is the bane of the critical race theorist defenders’ existence, ’cause he continues to do something that they have a very hard time with, and that is to get the information out to the people to actually get the primary documents.

And Clay and I have been going through, we’ve been combing through this. This is all from a thread that Chris put out, and you can read his work at City Journal where he shows you what Google does. Here you go, “Google has launched an ‘antiracism’ initiative,” he writes “that presents speakers and materials claiming that America is a ‘system of white supremacy’ and that all Americans are ‘raised to be racist,'” including Ben Shapiro, who is depicted as a layer of the white supremacy pyramid which culminates in genocide.

Another graphic, titled “The White Supremacy Pyramid,” advances the idea that conservative commentator Ben Shapiro is a foundation of “white supremacy” and that Donald Trump is moving society on a path toward “mass murder” and “genocide.”

Clay, I know we’re gonna go through some of this piece by piece. This is ideological indoctrination at the most powerful company in the world in the most insane and toxic ideas of critical race theory. Didn’t they tell us two guys that critical race theory wasn’t really a thing that was being taught anywhere?

CLAY: Yeah. I think you raised a good question. What are the most powerful companies in the world? I think Google is the most powerful company in the world, and if you see the way that they are training their employees right now and you contemplate the incredible power of YouTube, which… Look, as wildly profitable and powerful as the Google search engine is, YouTube, for young people… If you have kids, your kids probably don’t watch traditional television anymore.

My kids have iPads. They watch YouTube. That’s where they get almost all of their news. So I would go… This is my top four. This is my Mount Rushmore right now, Buck, of most powerful companies in the world. And the reason why I want to bring it up is they’re all doing trainings like these. Listen to this; see what you think of my top four.

Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon, I would argue, are the four most powerful companies in the world right now. Now, there’s probably some Chinese companies that are also powerful, but in terms being able to influence the most people, I think the most powerful companies in the world are still all American based, and all of these companies have been working either covertly or in open marketplace with the Democratic Party, right?

Again, I think it’s a good thing for Ben Shapiro — who is a friend of both of ours — to be on this list ’cause I think a lot of people out there gonna look at it and say that makes it crazy. But do you think that Google and YouTube are going to fairly allow Ben Shapiro or you and me, our content to be distributed if they’re teaching all of their employees that they are white supremacists, that we are white supremacists, that America’s a fundamentally awful place with their pyramid of white supremacy?

BUCK: But this goes to how, Clay… By the way, I agree with your four companies, and I would say that there has not been a period in American history where I would argue you had companies that had as much influence on the daily lives of Americans and the future of this country since Standard Oil and Rockefeller —

CLAY: You’re right.

BUCK: — effectively more powerful than the central government, the Treasury —

CLAY: They have even more power, arguably, than the Gilded Age when all of that was happening.

BUCK: You haven’t seen anything like this in terms of their political and financial influence in America in a hundred years, for an individual company, corporate America very powerful in general. We all know that.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: But when you’re talking about what Google can do, it can change… Look, without social media… You know, we talked about covid, and I don’t want to get diverted from the critical race theory training ’cause there’s such a rich trove of insanity here thanks to Chris Rufo. It’s a whistleblower out there, by the way. It’s not like this was just out there. Someone gave this to him. But Joe Biden doesn’t win the election without Big Tech and the social media giants tipping the scale for him.

CLAY: That’s right. No doubt.

BUCK: So let’s understand, it’s not even just the financial side.

CLAY: They chose the president.

BUCK: They basically helped to pick the president of the United States, right? And I know but people are yelling, “Oh, but all the cheating.” Put that aside for a second, looking at the social media thing you can see how much influence they have, and here’s more of this… So that’s a backdrop for it’s one thing because Rufo, Clay, has pulled training from, I think it was like, you know, the city of Seattle or something like that, and we expect the local government of Seattle to be completely loony left, right?

CLAY: Yeah. Right.

BUCK: But these are companies determining whether other companies can live or die on a day-to-day basis. Their influence and vast. And you brought up their training that someone like even a very mainstream conservative commentator like Ben Shapiro is somehow on this pyramid of white supremacy —

CLAY: Along with President Trump.

BUCK: — along with President Trump, of course — that ends in genocide and mass murder.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: That’s on the pyramid of white supremacy, to give you a sense… This is why, when Google employees or when Facebook employees censor something on the right and we get all upset, there’s a little bit of this, “What do you mean? We’re just protecting people from violence” or something.

“What do you mean, protecting…? I disagree on vax mandates so you’re protecting people from violence?” This is insane. It’s because of the indoctrination that occurs in the company and of course outside the company as well. But here’s just one, Ibram X. Kendi. We’ve all heard of this fellow now, very prominent critical race theorist. He, in one of the video lectures that Google is training its employees with, making its employees watch, he says, quote, “To be raised in the United States is to be raised to be racist, and to be raised to be racist is to be raised to almost be addicted to racist ideas,” end quote. A completely insane thing to say.

CLAY: Yes. It’s totally insane to say, and look, if you are looking at evidence, I’m not sure there has ever been a less-racist country in the history of the world than the United States. Are we perfect? No. But name me any other country in the history of the world where people like this lunatic can get paid and get fabulously wealthy by saying how awful America is.

I’m not sure there’s any country that’s ever existed where there is so much freedom that you are able to make yourself fabulously wealthy by talking about how awful America is. These corporations are paying these guys tens of thousands of dollars to come in and lecture their employees about things that are fundamentally untrue.

BUCK: I think that there has been… This is true of all propaganda, something I know of from the work I did in intelligence and the history of intelligence studies and how the KGB and how various foreign governments — and also some allied governments — do propaganda and have really in the last hundred years when there’s been mass media.

If you just keep the repetition going, Clay, it does seep in. It’s like advertising, right? Repetition is key to rewiring the way people think about things. So while it may have started out with a lot of this work as being a kind of woke insurance, right? “Oh, we’re not racist at this company! We paid so-and-so to come in and tell us…”

CLAY: We got white CEOs who are worried and so it’s like… It’s like a racket, right?

BUCK: I think the change has been in the last four or five years — and, yes, with the rise of Trump as well; this coincided with it — now you have true believers, not just in the H.R. department and the diversity and inclusion department, but as the senior officers of these companies.

The CEOs, the people who are actually calling the shots in a lot of major corporations, they believe this stuff. And, Clay, I just want to note, they have a ready built excuse for why you and you don’t believe it. This is from Rufo’s thread again, Christopher Rufo at City Journal: “Denial of racism is proof that a person is racist,” just so you know.

CLAY: (laughing) There’s literally nothing you can say — and this is basically the foundation of the Democratic now — everything is racist.

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