Rupert Murdoch Loves “Let’s Go, Brandon” Chants

13 Oct 2021

CLAY: Buck, I’m out here in L.A., and I had a pretty awesome experience last night. The 25th anniversary of Fox News, for those out there who are aware, they’ve been celebrating it on Fox News, and they had a dinner in L.A. and I got to sit next to Rupert Murdoch. I’d never met Rupert Murdoch before. He was there celebrating the 25th anniversary of Fox News. Obviously, Rupert Murdoch and his family, they own the New York Post, they own the Wall Street Journal, they now own OutKick, the business that I founded; so I got to meet Rupert and six next to him and have an interesting conversation with him yesterday evening.

And one of the things I brought up with him, Buck, was he was interested in the Texas A&M-Alabama game and the student the chants and everything else, and I shared with him the rise of the concept of “Let’s go, Brandon.” And he loved it. He thought it was so funny, this idea of “F-Joe Biden” has been spreading like wildfire. And now the new adjustment that is not as negative in the context of curse words has become “Let’s go, Brandon.” And this was at a NASCAR event, these are kids getting ready to announce the start of this NASCAR event, and I thought it was absolutely fantastic, Buck. Let’s play cut 17. This happened yesterday.

(Playing sound bite)

CLAY: And I mentioned this yesterday, Buck, that Jesse Kelly was walking around in the “Let’s go, Brandon” T-shirt and that the Texas A&M students overwhelming loved it, and Rupert Murdoch loved it, and I don’t know how much bigger this meme is gonna get, but I honestly think it’s gonna continue to grow into 2022 because what it does is puncture the idea of the news media in many ways sharing real facts. And for those of you who don’t know where all this started this let’s go Brandon sort of meme that’s taken over the internet it was during an interview in NASCAR the crowd is chanting “F-Joe Biden” and the host says, “Oh, they’re chanting ‘Let’s go, Brandon,'” and it’s a taken off like wildfire, Buck, and it’s become really pretty funny.

BUCK: People are selling “Let’s Go Brandon” T-shirts all over the place. I’m seeing ’em popping up. I know Jesse Kelly was wearing one. The Biden administration has lost so many independents at this point, and people are seeing the incompetence in a way that worries those whose job it is to try to convince people that Biden’s actually confident and knows what’s going on and is running the country well.

I mean, the numbers you’re seeing right now, what, 5%, I think they had the biggest increase for Social Security cost of living in decades. Been a long time. Because inflation is going up. What’s amazing with the Biden administration at this point — I think this is why there’s such a catharsis, there’s such a feeling of relief when you could say “Let’s go, Brandon” is that all the things that we were warning were going to happen, all the things that we said don’t do this, Biden administration, or else the following will occur, whether it’s the undermining by Democrat Party — I know it started under Trump, but the BLM which is a Democrat movement and then continued on now under the Biden administration, undermining of police, spending too much money, inflation rising, American sovereignty under constant assault at the U.S.-Mexico border, all of these things. And sure enough, what’s the response they even have on covid? I mean, the area of alleged grassy competency for Biden. So, yeah, I get with people are running around yelling “Let’s go, Brandon.” I understand where this frustration comes from.

CLAY: And not only that — I think you mentioned it and we should continue to hammer this — Biden is claiming that everybody’s gonna get a tax cut out there, right, that’s what he’s trying to sell with this big reconciliation bill that they are attempting to force through. The problem is consumer prices are increasing so quickly that that is a default tax of nearly $200 a month on the average American family. So you’re talking about thousands of dollars in increased costs, particularly for meat and eggs. We know gasoline is at a seven-year price high as you’re driving around trying to fill up your car. And they’ve been trying to argue, Buck, oh, this inflation is transitory. It’s just a function you of the economy getting back up and running post-covid. What they are not acknowledging is, they created this inflationary environment by artificially constraining all of our economy. This idea that we were never gonna have shortages again I think by Christmas and certainly by Thanksgiving and a lot of you see it already when you go to your grocery stores, there are empty shelves, something that we had not seen in decades in the United States.

BUCK: There are absolutely going to shortages, and the Biden administration is already trying to prepare the spin and the talking points for what people are getting ready for. I mean, they’re calling it Biden Holiday Nightmare over at the Daily Mail, saying the supply chain will not be fixed by Christmas. They’re urging parents to get gifts to buy toys now, which I would note, that just means you’re accelerating the supply chain issue.

CLAY: That’s what we’re doing, by the way, Buck.

BUCK: They’re saying come on, go out and grab the stuff that’s on the shelves while you can. Well, guess what, that’s gonna mean that people are gonna go now and while there’s these snarls happening where you have ships that are waiting weeks to off-load their cargo, and this is a number of factors, but certainly Biden administration economic policy and covid policy is directly relating to and in many ways responsible for this.

You look at this where we are right now versus where we were a year ago, Clay, and you think to yourself, you know, obviously we’re about to go into the election, the decision the American people were facing. But they promised us — and you remember it, right, last October, Biden was saying a united country with, you know, shared prosperity and — what was the line? “Crush covid, not the economy.” It turned out he was close except more crushed the economy, not covid, right? That’s what we’ve actually seen. And it’s a shame because I wish I could sit here and say that we had other political fights you have to, we didn’t have to talk about covid at all. But they misled people at so many stages of this about how effective their plans would be. Remember a hundred days of masking?

CLAY: That was gonna solve everything, Buck. That’s what Joe Biden told us. If we would just wear masks for a hundred days, covid would be over. If we would just get 50% of people vaccinated, covid would be over. If you would just get vaccinated yourself, you would never have to wear a mask again. All of those have been proven to be lies. And I think we need to keep emphasizing this — more people have died now in the Joe Biden 2021 regime than died when Trump was in charge, when everybody out there in the Biden administration was saying that the number one reason why you needed Joe Biden in the White House was because he would solve covid and that’s despite the fact that they now have a vaccine that we’d already had, a lot of people who had gotten sick and dealt with covid — they still have done a worse job.

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