Scarborough Throws Hissy Fit After Being Called Out for Covid Idiocy

A year ago, MSNBC imbecile Joe Scarborough would have ridiculed anyone who compared covid to the flu. Now, he’s denigrating people as “morons” and “idiots” despite the fact that they were right; he was wrong about the comparison to the flu shot. Here’s a flashback to what he was reading off the teleprompter on March 31, 2021, early in the pandemic.

However, this turncoat Republican congressman never admits he’s wrong even after getting a severe case of covid.

The only answer is, well, he didn’t get enough boosters.

Along these same lines, the Biden regime is trying to claw back money from members of the military who refused the covid shot. They should all be given full back pay and an apology from Uncle Sam.

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