Sen. Paul Talks to Us About the Interview YouTube Banned

25 Jan 2022

CLAY: We’re joined by Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. Senator, appreciate you joining us. Were you surprised to hear that YouTube would not allow us to post our interview with you? Because that to me is next-level crazy. You’re a sitting senator, you’re a doctor, you came on our show — biggest radio show in the country — to share your opinions as an elected official. And YouTube won’t allow us to distribute that conversation.

SEN. PAUL: Well, YouTube has a history of censorship, and people should quit using them. People should go as far as they can. They should support competitors like They should go to my website, They should listen to your radio program. But we need to quit using these people. We need to quit given them content — and you’re right. If conservatives left YouTube completely, it will dwindle. Same with Twitter.

These people, if they’re going to censor us, we should leave them. I looked back at the interview, and the only thing I can see is that one of the things we discussed was whether or not adolescent males have an increased risk of myocarditis. Without question it’s true. There’s now a preview article out and it’s a reconstruction of an article that was in Nature earlier this year, and they stratified it by age.

And without question — with a lot of subjects — it’s an increased risk over the risk of disease. Now, the CDC’s been trying to say something else. They’ve been trying to say, “Oh, well, covid can cause myocarditis too.” Well, when you stratify it by age, without question all of the studies showed that adolescent males are increased risk. And this is a big deal because the risk for adolescent males increases the more vaccines you get.

So we’ve got University of Chicago, Princeton, Yale, all these schools mandating a booster for adolescent males. They are setting themselves up for a lawsuit, and I hope some young family with a boy that gets sick from this — I hope they don’t get sick, but if they do — I hope they own up owning Yale or Harvard or University of Chicago because this is crazy that we are mandating young boys to take a vaccine that has more danger than the disease has.

BUCK: Senator Paul, it’s Buck. Thanks, as always, for being with us. I do think that the YouTube policy is still officially — and we had this sent to us by our digital team — that you cannot question the effectiveness of masks, that that is not allowed by YouTube’s stated guidelines —

SEN. PAUL: (laughing)

BUCK: — and that they will shut things down as a result of this. How are we supposed to make sense of it when we have not only you and others who are medical doctors and policy experts who are weighing in on this one, but even some who had been big mask proponents in the past — whether we’re talking about Scott Gottlieb or Leana Wen, both doctors — they’ve been willing to say masks don’t work. So it feels like we’re in a very Orwellian world where some people can say that masks don’t work or don’t work well, but others, like you, can’t.

SEN. PAUL: This is the foolhardy nature of sort of censorship. Is YouTube now gonna censor the CDC? I mean, the CDC has admitted that the cloth masks are ineffective. I believe that’s from the CDC website now. So, is YouTube gonna edit the CDC as well? No. I mean, realize who these bumbling idiots are that are doing the censorship. Sometimes they’re like grad students from France or something. I mean, it’s people who have no concept of what the real scientific matter is at hand.

And it’s actually fairly simple that the randomized controlled studies on cloth masks show they don’t work. There was a large study in Denmark. This was also one in Vietnam. The one in Vietnam showed that no mask was actually safer than a cloth mask. There are no good studies, randomized, controlled studies showing cloth masks work. And yet for a year — and even now — we’ve got these idiots down in Virginia, the educators in — I guess you can call ’em that, the school folks — down in Virginia mandating you wear a cloth mask that doesn’t work. So, I mean, that’s just insane, and we have to push back and if we don’t push back there will be no freedom left for us by the time these people are done with us.

BUCK: Just one note on that, Senator Paul. Our understanding is that governor Youngkin has come in and said you don’t have to wear masks, and at least — and this was just breaking yesterday — in Loudoun County, Virginia, the school district is saying, “No, kids have to wear masks anyway.” They’re enforcing a mask mandate in contravention of the actual governor’s authority. It feels like, you know, when the lockdowners and the Fauciites have the political power, they wield it — and when they don’t, they just ignore those who do.

SEN. PAUL: Well, the irony is the court’s looking at this and many of the courts have looked at it and say, “Oh, well, governors have unlimited power to enforce or take away your freedoms in the furtherance of public health.” Well, do they also have the right to give you your freedom back? (chuckles) Can governors only have emergency powers to take away your freedom and no power to actually give you your freedom back when the science says that actually there isn’t any improvement of public health by wearing a mask?

So, you know, we’ll see what happens. I think in the court, my understanding… I just saw an interview with the attorney general from Virginia, and he was saying that basically the powers exist there and that he thinks the governor will win in court. But, in the meantime, you have these people who are basically left-wing, woke individuals who are pushing an agenda on our children. They’re gonna keep defying the governor and spend taxpayer money going to court to try to force your kid to wear a mask. Parents have to push back. Take your kids out of these schools, go somewhere else, teach ’em at home, but do not let these people have your kids.

CLAY: Senator Paul, I think this is significant, and I would imagine that you would not… Some people are gonna disagree with this show, with your opinions, with our opinions. We wouldn’t be saying to YouTube, “Hey, you shouldn’t be able to host those opinions.” Right? We have a marketplace of ideas. People should be able to hear all arguments. That’s the entire foundation of the First Amendment in this country. We believe the more people who talk, the better results we get.

Should there be… I understand the argument of, “Hey, we have to build a new Rumble. We have to build competitors in the tech space and take away YouTube’s power.” But should there be a governmental role in mandating some form of evenhanded treatment for political opinions regardless of what those opinions are when it comes to sites like YouTube, in your mind?

SEN. PAUL: I don’t think so. I think the only thing worse than YouTube censoring you would be the government getting involved in trying to figure out what’s fair. I do think that when you look at all of these things, the difference between the liberty argument or the individualism argument versus collectivism is that as an individualist, I have an opinion on wearing masks. I’m gonna give it to you and you can take it or leave it.

The problem with collectivism is they have an opinion also, and we can both support our arguments, but their opinion is going to be mandated on us. So it’s really the difference between coercion and liberty, and people have to really understand this. In a free society we can all get along so much better. Because like that crazy woman who got out of her van that’s all over the internet yelling and screaming about people getting vaccinated? That doesn’t happen under liberty. You can try to persuade people, but yelling and screaming at ’em isn’t it. But we really have to oppose people who believe that they to want make their opinion into a mandate.

BUCK: Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, sir, appreciate you being with us. Thanks so much.

SEN. PAUL: Thank you.

CLAY: Amen on that, by the way, too, Buck.

BUCK: Absolutely.

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