Sen. Ron Johnson Weighs in on the State of the Union

8 Nov 2021

BUCK: We have Senator Ron Johnson with us from the great state of Wisconsin, where I was just spending some time myself. Senator Johnson, thanks for being with us.

SEN. JOHNSON: Well, guys, hope you’re doing well.

BUCK: Ah, we’re good, sir. Thank you. Let’s start with this. I know you’ve been asking DHS to actually release the numbers about how many illegal immigrants have been let into the United States, released into the United States this year. What can you tell us about where that process stands, what the numbers are as you expect them, and is it just getting worse essentially every month? Is the lawlessness, when it comes to illegal immigration, only on the increase?

SEN. JOHNSON: Well, we may be at a slight downtick from over 6,700 apprehensions a day to I think a little over 6,500 apprehensions a day. That compares to about 2,000 a day back during Obama’s humanitarian crisis, and 4,000 per day during 2018-2019. We did get some information out of DHS. They basically admitted they’ve “dispersed” about a half a million people throughout America. Nobody knows where.

They’re not really keeping track of these people. They turn ’em over to NGOs, nongovernment organizations, and they give them bus tickets. They buy ’em the airfare. They’re reimbursed by FEMA. So about a half million people. Now, we also know there’s hundred of thousands of known got-aways. We don’t know how many unknown got-aways. We have no idea where these people went.

So in general, I’ve been using a figure extrapolated through the end of the year of probably about 1.2 million people will have entered illegally, and be dispersed to all points to America and just put that in perspective: Nine states have populations less than 1.2 million. That’s what Democrat governance gives you. That’s what the Biden administration calls a closed border. No. This is a huge problem, obviously.

CLAY: Senator Johnson, we’ve been talking a lot. In addition to all the craziness going on at the border, thank you for all the work you’ve been doing to try to spread sanity in an insane world as it pertains to covid and we appreciate you coming on with us. In your home state there of Wisconsin, Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers came out and said, “We don’t have a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

He thinks that it should be everybody’s decision as to whether or not they should get the covid vaccine; that mandates are wrong. We praised him on this show. Not surprisingly, he’s come under attack from the left. As one who represents his state of Wisconsin where the Green Bay Packers play, what was your reaction to Rodgers’ statement and the reaction to Rodgers’ statement?

SEN. JOHNSON: Well, I completely support what Aaron Rodgers has done. I appreciate his courage in defending his own personal health autonomy, defending his freedom. It’s not surprising but still shocking, all the attacks he’s having to endure now because of him just standing up for his own personal choice. Whatever happened to “my body, my choice”?

I guess that only applies to abortion, apparently. But, no. I completely support him. These mandates are pointless. I held an event last week in Washington, D.C., where we had the vaccine injured — and, by the way, vaccine injuries are real. They’re only rare and mild if they don’t happen to you. If they happen to you, they can be quite severe and serious. We showed that.

Plus, we also had experts. One of the experts had a very simple decision tree. It had two boxes. One box said, “Are the covid-19 vaccines effective?” and if you follow the “yes” line down it went to the second box; it said, “Well, then the vaccine mandates are pointless. If they’re effective, what do you care if somebody next to you is vaccinated or unvaccinated?

Unfortunately, guys, we are following the “no” line now, because these vaccines, unfortunately, are not as effective and safe as we all hoped. But it goes to the exact same decision line: Then the mandates are pointless. I mean, if you can get infected, if you can spread covid, if you can get seriously ill and die from covid, what’s the point in mandating them?

Exact same point that Aaron Rodgers was making. It’s insane to force this on anybody and guys it’s really insane to force this on children. Five to 11 year olds, they have virtually no risk of serious complications from covid unless they have other comorbidities. They do run risk of myocarditis. There is no medical necessity for children, and yet our CDC, the FDA — The Covid Gods, I call them — and President Biden, they’re pushing these vaccines on children. That’s a travesty.

BUCK: We’re speaking to Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. Senator, to what you’re just talking about here with the pushing of vaccines on kids, are you concerned that in your home state of Wisconsin there may be some effort to put school mandates in place? We’ve already seen that in California. And also, if you could give us your thoughts on the Fifth Circuit coming out, putting a stay, while they review further the national vaccine mandate. What do you think about all that?

SEN. JOHNSON: Well, obviously I’m concerned. Every time you get some sort of approval — and again, except for the comorbidities, we still only have vaccines that are under the emergency use authorization. Guys, anybody that tells you that they know the long-term safety profile of these vaccines is just bald-faced lying to you. Nobody knows, and that’s, of course, the problem.

So one of my doctors group commented on the Pfizer application for 5- to 11-year-olds. He said that they proved that their vaccine takes the mortality risk in 5 to 11 year olds “down to virtually zero, from down to virtually zero,” which again shows the absurdity of what they’re trying to do. And you have to ask yourself why. Why would you be pushing an experimental vaccine?

I don’t know what effect it’s gonna have on long-term reproductive health. There are so many concerns that I’ve been hearing from my doctors group about the spiked protein being a toxin to the body creating coagulation and blood clots and the lipid nanoparticles settling in, for example, the ovaries or other types of organs.

We do not know the long-term impact of these things. So that would say to you that you should exercise some caution here. But The Covid Gods, President Biden are throwing caution to the wind. And, yes, I’m absolutely concerned about mandating this to children. I am concerned about the loss of freedom. Too many Americans have willingly given up freedom for a very false sense of security. That’s gotta end.

CLAY: We’re talking to Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. Senator, last time you were on with us, you were talking about looking at the data, and I applaud you — and we try to do that on this show well — for talking about data as it pertains to covid. And you were discussing the numbers that are coming out of Europe. We are seeing a massive increase in the number of covid infections in Europe despite a high rate of vaccinations.

As you mentioned, many of these vaccines appear, based on the data, to be failing. Where are we headed in the winter, and at what point do you think the Biden administration might say, “Hey, we’ve gone too far”? Just now in the last hour the spokesperson refused to take travel, travel restrictions inside of the United States off the table if people are not getting the vaccine. Where does this end? How do we fight back?

SEN. JOHNSON: So, unfortunately, our CDC and FDA, they’re not being honest and transparent with Americans. So we have to look to Europe. So here’s the facts from U.K., for example. It’s publishing data. In the last seven and a half months in Europe, deaths from Delta variant which is about 80% of covid cases; 63% of those deaths are fully vaccinated. Over the last four weeks, 78% of deaths in the U.K. are from the Delta variant with the fully vaccinated.

So those are just the facts. In America, we get updated every Friday. This Friday, we now surpassed 18,000 deaths, worldwide deaths rewarded on the VAERS system, over 850,000 adverse events. Guys, I gotta tell you: What we need is early treatment. We’ve always needed that. We should have pushed this — And there are drugs, multidrug protocols that are working.

That’s what Aaron Rodgers is availing himself of. Ivermectin. This is a drug that was termed a wonder drug by who? A Nobel Prize winner. The same VAERS system, this actually VAERS system, FDA adverse event reporting system. Almost 26 years of data on average ivermectin has 15 deaths a year. One five. Hydroxychloroquine, 64 deaths per year.

The normal flu vaccine archiving 78 deaths per year and the VAERS system. We’re up to over 18,000 on the covid vaccine, and the CDC and President Biden, they’re just going, “Nothing to see here! Adverse events are rare and mild;” 5600, by the way, of those deaths have occurred on days zero, one, or two.

I know the VAERS system doesn’t prove causation, but that number right there concerns me a lot and it should concern the Walenskys and the Faucis and the Janet Woodcocks of the world and the President Biden of the world, but it’s not. And you have to ask yourself, “Why? Why aren’t they concerned about their own safety surveillance systems?”

BUCK: Senator Johnson, can I ask you to answer…? You’ve raised that question of why. Why do you think they’re pushing these things despite all the data you’ve just shared with us? Why do you think they refuse to listen to reason?

SEN. JOHNSON: The only conclusion I can draw is social control. Look what they’re doing in California and New York? Now you need a vaccine passport to get into restaurants. Just think ahead. How else can they control your life? I suppose you can live without going to restaurants. Can you live if you can’t go into grocery store? Wat else are they going to do?

And, by the way, “fully vaccinated” now is going to keep changing. Now it’s gonna have to be the next booster and the fourth booster and the fifth booster. There are serious physicists that are concerned about an accumulation of the spike protein, which is toxic to the body, not being able to be flushed from your system if you’re getting all these boosters time after time after time. Again, caution is in order here, but they’re throwing caution to the wind.

CLAY: Senator Johnson from Wisconsin, last question for you, Senator. Obviously, we’ve talked a lot about the border and covid with you. It appears the Senate is now going to be the last stand for what’s going to happen as it pertains to the Bernie Sanders-Biden budget. What do you expect Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to do now that the House has passed or will pass soon their version of the budget? And what’s the timeframe so long as you have been told in terms of a resolution there?

SEN. JOHNSON: Well, I hope they dig their heels in. They’ve drawn some pretty good red lines. I appreciate the fact they’ve drawn them. My concern is Democrats will just use budget gimmickry. They’ve already did that when the score is $3.5 trillion. They don’t acknowledge that these entitlements will never end, so they score them for just a couple years. They’ll keep playing that budget gimmickry they may kick out a few things. But I hope Democrats… Roadblocks or gridlock. Democrat gridlock. I hope that prevails. Pray for it. I’m afraid it won’t.

BUCK: Senator Johnson, appreciate you being with us. Thanks so much.

SEN. JOHNSON: Take care. Stay well.


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