Shameless Lawfare! Garland Appoints Special Counsel to Persecute Trump

18 Nov 2022

These people are ruthless. Trump survived the Mueller investigation and two impeachments, and now, just days after he announced his 2024 campaign, they’re at it again.

Democrats will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who gets in their way. This is a message not only to Trump but anyone else who dares to challenge their hold on power: They will destroy you financially, they will go after your friends and family and they will try to put you in jail.

Two investigations! They’ve been waiting for this moment and they are going full throttle.

Remember how the media built up Mueller as the greatest FBI man since Eliot Ness? Get ready for the same thing about this Special Counsel, Jack Smith.

It’s astonishing, but not surprising. They just won’t stop.

This only helps Trump, who had lost some supporters who thought it was time to move on. How can we let them get away with this? Is there anything they won’t do?

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