Somebody Make Fauci Explain What’s Happening in Israel

26 Jan 2022

FAUCI: So, what I think we’re gonna be able to see is not eradication or elimination, but a level of control that’s low enough that it really gets integrated into the regular type of viral infections that we tend to deal with — parainfluenza, flu, respiratory syncytial virus. If we can get covid down at that level where it doesn’t really challenge and us threaten us from a public health standpoint, that would be an acceptable, quote, “living with the virus.” But not at the level we are right now because we still have 150,000 hospitalizations, 2,000 deaths, and about 700 infections. That’s too high a level to accept to be living with. If we get it way, way, way lower than that, then I think it would be acceptable to go along and not be disrupted in society.

BUCK: Welcome back to the Clay and Buck show. I know. I’m sorry you had to hear that, but I think it’s important you know what an idiot Dr. Fauci is. We have to keep reiterating this every day and notice that he’s still going with this, “We get the level, we control, we need to control…” They can’t control a gosh darn thing when it comes to this virus. This is a Charlie Foxtrot situation across the board. This is a total mess. But he’s still acting like…

I mean, Clay, he’s talking about it like all these things we’re doing, just keep doing. They say things like we know how to control the virus. No, they don’t. If they want to talk about trying to in some way limit your risk of hospitalization and death for specific individuals, that’s still a conversation we can have about getting it. But if we’re talking about control of the spread, which is what he’s discussing, they have absolutely no means of controlling the spread! That is what we have all seen for the last 90 days, and he still talks about this. Friends, this doesn’t go away until Fauci goes away. It doesn’t stop until the masks stop. This is the world we’re living in now.

CLAY: Look, Buck, I’m looking right now — and I just retweeted it for people who want to see this graphic for themselves — Israel. We talked yesterday — and I would encourage everybody to go listen to the podcast third hour, if you didn’t hear it yesterday, Alex Berenson. I’m gonna talk about him a little bit in a couple of minutes because there was a good discussion on Tucker where he said a lot of the same things he did with us. But look at Israel, okay?

Israel right now, over 90% of the adult population has gotten two vaccine doses, 80% have gotten three doses — that is, the two shot plus the booster — and over 500,000 people there have gotten a fourth dose. That is four covid shots! You need to see this graphic, Buck. Right now, Israel is averaging over a hundred thousand cases a day — and what is the Israel population? Aren’t there like six million people who live in Israel, something like that?

BUCK: About, yeah.

CLAY: So we’re talking about when they have a hundred thousand cases right now in Israel, we’re talking about that being an unbelievable number relative to the United States. That would be like… I’m trying to do live math, which is always a challenge, but I think five or six million cases a day in the United States would be the equivalent of the hundred thousand a day that we are seeing in Israel right now.

BUCK: I’m seeing your tweet now. This is amazing because obviously it’s about to go viral, as it should. This is from Michael Sanger, who is an attorney and an author, but he’s sharing the data out of Israel right now, and here’s what it says: “New covid cases per capita break a new world record in Israel, where over 90% of the adult population has received two vaccine doses, 80% have received three vaccine doses, over a half a million” out of only six million “have received four vaccine doses,” and they’re setting an all-time high and a per capita global case record. Someone ask Fauci. I want to hear that evil tyrant Smurf try to explain this.

CLAY: And keep in mind, Israel is a highly educated and a relatively healthy, right, country as a whole. They have less fat people than we do. They have, I think, a higher average age of death. So we’re not talking… The fact that they’re setting all-time highs there is in a really wealthy country with healthy people. Why would this not be the same thing that’s going to happen in the United States, except our overall population is less healthy, more obese than theirs. I want to know what’s going on there.


CLAY: Now, Buck, you and I had what I thought was an incredible interview with Alex Berenson yesterday. Alex Berenson, after our interview, then went on Tucker Carlson and basically said the exact same thing that he said on our radio show, which is — as we just discussed with all of you — the Israeli data is incredibly alarming for the vaccine argument at all. In other words, despite vaccination, despite double boosting for many people in Israel, cases are skyrocketing there and setting world highs.

Now, they do a better job of testing than we might be doing here. Remember, if you test at home and you test positive, nobody ever really knows that you tested positive in terms of the overall government data. So we are wildly undercounting the number of people who have had positive Omicron cases. But CNN says — I want you to know — that that discussion that we had with Alex Berenson yesterday and that Tucker Carlson had on Fox News last night, it’s killing people. And there are basically arguing that this is a conversation that should not be allowed to be taking place, that we shouldn’t be able to share honest data with you. Here’s CNN’s Brianna Keilar — Keilar, however you pronounce her name — saying we’re killing people. Listen to this.

KEILAR: None of that coverage or coverage at Fox Entertainment — (snickers) of course — is aimed at the real and most urgent issue which is people not getting the protection of the vaccine. Also, strange these anti-vaxxers are just fine with getting covid treatments, amazing miracles of science. Once they get covid and they are staring down the odds, but they don’t want the vaccine — also a miracle of science — and, again, the daily-double question is why is Rupert Murdoch, who was one of the first to get vaccinated, allowing this anti-science BS on the air? Because it is killing people! But, you know, ratings, and that is the ultimate moral crime.

BUCK: So she’s not a smart person and no person who is intelligent listens to what this CNN anchor has to say. I mean, just start with that — and CNN has become a pathetic place in so many ways. But notice here a few things: The demonization of monoclonal antibodies. Once again, only the vaccine is allowed to be accepted. You notice they don’t even really talk about, what is it, the Pfizer pill that we’re expecting is gonna be in broader usage sometime soon.

They don’t want to talk about treatment. They only want to talk about the vaccine, and here we are. You’re talking about the Israeli data. I would be so curious. I wish some of the journos would just have some courage — the ones that have access to Fauci — and see what’s going on in Israel. I would love to hear his explanation. It would probably be (impression), “Oh, there’s a new, new, new variant” or something that would just happen to fit right in there and not actually deal with the fact.

Clay, I just looked this up ’cause I was curious. Israel right now is above — and this is in Haaretz, which is a well-known liberal paper, leftist paper in Israel. They’re actually above their Delta peak right now, for serious cases — not just for cases, for serious cases — for hospitalizations. How the heck is that going on under the circumstances of a country that’s not only essentially entirely vaccinated, almost entirely boosted as well! Remember, the whole concept of herd immunity is you get to a certain level where… Remember Fauci was explaining this? (impression) “You know, in the community, the level, it won’t bounce around as much,” and it was like 60% or 70%.

CLAY: He said 50%. He said once we get to 50%, we would no longer see any spikes in infection.

BUCK: We wouldn’t see spikes and surges. We’re at 80% of Israel is boosted — not even just vaccinated, boosted! — and they’re seeing all-time high cases, and they’re seeing serious spikes in hospitalization, which are those cases where people are obviously quite ill. So you’re just wondering — you’re sitting here — what is their explanation for this? You have the miracle of this incredibly effective vaccine that people in Israel have gotten four times now and are still getting really sick. If someone made me get the measles vaccine four times and I still got measles, I would have some big questions to ask.

CLAY: Yes! (laughing) Of course you would — and the other thing we should add in is, Israel had been almost a perfect predictor for what is going to happen in the United States, because they have better medical data, because they do a better job of tracking the influence. And so these are questions that if we had a truly unbiased journalistic system in America that truly spoke truth to power, then the number one question Dr. Fauci would be getting right now is, “Israel overwhelmingly vaccinated, overwhelmingly boostered.

“And also, now a significant number of people boostered on top of the booster. There are lots of people in Israel that have gotten 40 shots in a year. They just set a world high for covid cases. Why in any way is that a success story, and why is the same thing not going to happen in America? That’s the number one question that we asked of him. There’s not a single journalist asking that question.

BUCK: Clay put it out on Twitter, but you can find it online right now. If you’ve seen, the case number in Israel is skyrocketing. It’s something that you have to look and say, “That can’t be right.” I’ve checked on the data. That is the data. It is right. So if you see that graph where all the sudden it just takes off like a rocket ship in a country that actually has good data; is keeping tabs on two doses, three doses, four doses, ages. In this country, we can’t get anything close to the real-time data that they do in Israel, and you have to wonder why that is.

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