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Stanford Doctor: Covid Lockdown Was a Propaganda Lie

27 Jun 2022

BUCK: The covid reality around us is still something that, depending on where you are in the country, can be just mind-blowing. I flew in. I was in Florida all last week, Clay’s in Florida this week, and the free state of Florida, it’s great. Not a lot of covid madness.

CLAY: Yep.

BUCK: You go around, it’s fine. I was in Miami for part of it, though. You get to Miami and it’s ehhh. You get some masks. You get some people walking around in masks. Okay. But you fly back on the plane to New York City and there’s certainly plenty of people wearing masks and even some double maskers because they take the virus really seriously. The only way to really end all of this is if Democrats feel like it’s too much of a political liability to keep this make-believe game going of, “This was all worth it!

“We should have done this.” The only way to hold them accountable for the horrific decision-making is to go out and basically repudiate every Democrat that went along with this at the ballot box possible. Dr. Jay Bhattacharya is one of the brave MDs out there who has been speaking out on this for a long time. He is actually still willing to get up and say, “Hold on a second. We’re not done. A lot of really powerful people lied about all this stuff.”

BUCK: So important, Clay. They lied to everybody.

CLAY: They lied, and Dr. Bhattacharya who you just heard from there along with Dr. Marty Makary, who we had on the show a great deal, they are releasing soon a 9/11-style report demonstrating and detecting and analyzing all of the flaws in our response to covid. And I think the timing on this is going to land like a bombshell in much of the country where suddenly…

You got this guy from Stanford. You got Dr. Makary from Johns Hopkins. What you’re gonna find out is, there was far from a scientific consensus and a lot of really, really smart, educated people — as you know, Buck — believed that we made the wrong decision. Number one criticism that we get, “Oh, you’re not a doctor, you’re not an epidemiologist,” and these guys are. And they’re gonna blow your mind away with a 9/11-style report on it soon.

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