Surgeon General to Vaxxed MSNBCers: Wear Masks at Home!

30 Jul 2021

BUCK: I am pretty stunned at how quickly the crazy has spread in the last week or two. But then again, we’ve sort of been seeing it all along. Now it’s just out in the open. We’re gonna take you through some of the nuttiest, some of the craziest things that are being said by people that you’re supposed to listen to.

According to the Democrat-lockdowner, Biden-voting apparatus out there, you’re supposed to do what you’re told by folks like the Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, who says parents are gonna have to mask at home. If you want to be safe, you’re gonna have mask up at home even if you’re a vaccinated parent, by the way, because your kids aren’t vaccinated.

MURTHY: For example, if you happen to have a lot of interaction with folks who are unvaccinated. Let’s say you’re a parent like me who has young children at home who are not vaccinated. That’s just a circumstance we’re being extra cautious, uhhh, and wearing that mask, even if you’re fully vaccinated, wearing it outside when you’re at an indoor public location is an extra step to protecting those at home.

BUCK: Clay, this is nuts. This isn’t like a political dispute where they have an opinion; we have an opinion. Maybe they’re right; maybe we’re right. They’re actually just nuts now.

CLAY: This is crazy. I mean, if you are living at home with your kids, and you are wearing a mask inside of your house, I legitimately question whether you are a sane person. I mean, think about pre-covid. If you had ever walked into someone’s house and the parents had been sitting there in masks, first of all, you would think you were in some sort of dystopian horror film.

If you walked in, the parents are sitting there in masks and you were like, “Hey, what’s going on here?” and the parents said, “We’re afraid of getting our kids sick inside of the house; so we’re wearing masks,” you would say, “I feel like I need to report these people to Child Services because what they are doing is so transparently crazy that I worry about the kids.”

And that would be a totally reasonable perspective. And it’s still a totally reasonable perspective here today, too, because this is madness! I mean, this is the guy who is in charge of giving advice on (laughing) medical-related issues and everybody in the entire world, Joe Biden picked this guy — or, more accurately, Joe Biden’s chief of staff and the people who actually run the administration picked this guy.

BUCK: Yes.

CLAY: But still, this is crazy.

BUCK: I’m sending an angry letter to the handlers around Biden that decided this was the right, ’cause they’re the ones that are actually making these decisions as we all know. I’ll also say there are other voices out there that are telling you, “Oh, you think it’s crazy now? It’s gonna get even crazier.” Here’s the former surgeon general under Trump telling you get ready for hospital closures.

JEROME ADAMS: Here’s why it’s important: Our hospitals are starting to fill up yet again, and that puts us at risk of not being able to get elective surgeries done. That puts you at risk, if you have a loved one who’s going into labor, of not being able to have a bed in the hospital. If you get into a car accident, of not having an ICU bed. Hospital capacity is starting to be threatened again.

Closures are coming your way, whether you want to believe it or not. I’m begging your viewers to understand that we can live with this virus. We have tools to live with this virus. But we all need to come together and cooperate. And, quite frankly, we need more cooperation, less politicization and more communication from the federal government.

BUCK: No, I choose noncompliance, actually. I choose cooperation at this point wherever I can, because eve done all the things. We’ve been promised that this is the end, the vaccinated period we went through here. You’ve either gotten it or you haven’t gotten it; people have made their choices. That’s it. Game over, Clay. But to say things like the hospitals are gonna be overcapacity. We’ve never. All the people at every stage of their who have said, “Hospitals are gonna be overrun,” that has not occurred once. They keep threatening.

CLAY: That was the entire thesis for 15 days to slow the spread, which was 18 months ago now, was that hospitals were going to be get run over. It hasn’t happened anywhere in the United States, and it’s certainly not gonna happen.


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