Testimony: Hillary Okayed the Trump-Russia Hoax

20 May 2022

CLAY: News breaking, by the way, Buck, and this is fairly significant. In the last hour, Robby Mook — who is former manager involved in high-level Hillary Clinton campaign-related events — testified in this Sussmann trial, and I’m reading directly from Brooke Singman, who is with Fox News Digital, does good work there.

Seems like kind of a significant detail, Buck, to tie directly to Hillary Clinton over this Russia collusion mess. Where did it start? How did we get here? The Hillary Clinton campaign itself testifying that Hillary was giving the okay to leak this information.

BUCK: Hillary Clinton ran the most consequential political dirty trick, weaponized the intelligence community with the full actual collusion of the journalistic apparatus against her political opponent and got away with it, in essence, until now and even got a special counsel. And I tell everybody this. They weren’t able to get Trump because there was nothing to get, there was nothing there. But they managed to use this as a weapon on its own.

The process was the punishment of the special counsel, of the Mueller probe, of having people in that White House, having to get attorneys. Some of them were young staffers without a big bankroll. They had to get attorneys ’cause they were worried, and the whole point of the Mueller probe was to just fine people for the most mundane process crime you possibly could and then have the Washington Post blast, “Oh, someone lied under oath!”

I mean, they got people for lying about not doing anything, but people were terrified, and they either misremembered or they just tried to shade the truth. And Mueller just hammered them, nailed them. Notice in this case with a D.C. based jury, the ultimate fail-safe of the deep state is the jury pool of Washington, D.C., which is 90%, unfortunately — and you’ve lived there; I’ve lived there twice — full of MSNBC-watching, woke, left-wing lunatics.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: D.C. is full of that.

CLAY: We used to call it forum shopping. Lawyers still do. If you were going to pick the best possible jury to have for this case from a Democrat perspective, you’ve got it in Washington, D.C. So we can share some of the details that are coming out under oath. I think the most significant part of this is just getting all of these officials under oath and getting them to tell their stories publicly. I mean, this is to me a pretty significant revelation that Hillary Clinton’s own campaign is now directly tying her to spreading the lie of Russia collusion and Russian involvement.

BUCK: We’ve known this. This has been clear, and Trump has been saying it himself for years. But this is beyond any doubt admission firsthand from the highest source you could have other… Short of Hillary Clinton herself saying, “Yeah, I gave the order,” this is her top lieutenant effectively saying, “Yeah, she gave the order for the disinformation operation against Trump,” and honestly, the Department of Justice owes Donald Trump an apology over this.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: The intelligence community, which I used to be a part of, owes Donald Trump an apology over this. It’s never gonna happen, but they owe him one.

CLAY: No doubt.

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