Texas Abortion Law Sparks Epic Political Battle

3 Sep 2021

BUCK: Let’s get into Texas here, because the Democrats have been pushing in the last couple of days — and I have to give credit to the Texas legislature and Governor Abbott for signing this. This is a very, very clever way to start to get the ball rolling toward state restriction of abortion, which is the central moral fight. Look, if you’re not pro-life, I don’t think you’re a conservative. I don’t think it’s possible.

You’re pro-life or you’re not really a conservative, because if you’re not willing to conserve innocent life in the world, what are you conserving? So, this is central. This is about the moral character of the nation, and this is about setting things right. You can never set it right. But at least setting us in the right direction after the evil turn of Roe v. Wade in the last 50 years.

So, Texas has this law now that we’ve discussed with you a little bit earlier in the week. Just a quick review of it. Don’t mess with Texas. They have deputized individuals to effectively bring suit against abortion providers. Not the women who get abortions. They are not touched by this law. Abortion providers can be sued for up to $10,000, and because this does not involve the state directly, there’s some standing issues.

And it’s more difficult for the usual abortion lobby machinery to kick into effect. And create this continued regime of absolutism on the issue of abortion. Which is a terrible moral stain on the country and something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Democrats view it as a sacrament. They view it as something that is central to, not just their party, but to their moral and philosophical identity.

You really cannot be a Democrat today and be in good standing with the Democrat Party and the left unless you are pro-abortion. There is no way. I mean, they make some exceptions in a purple state here or there for somebody. But they would assume that when push comes to shove, that person would vote in line with Pelosi and the rest. And I just want to say this too.

There’s a lot of hypocrisy, a lot of just falseness around Joe Biden. That’s not a surprise. His whole presidency is built around really him as a fraud, presented as one thing while he pushes for another as a public official. But among the most annoying and the most dishonest things that he and Nancy Pelosi like to do, is hide behind this rhetorical shield of — in the case of Nancy Pelosi — (impression), “I’m a devout Catholic, a devoted Catholic. I’m totally so Catholic.

“I’m like the pope but with more Chanel scarves.” Joe Biden will do the same thing. (impression) “Oh, I’m a Catholic! (mutters) I… I love, love of church! I just push policies in direct contradiction of essential church teaching, but I’m all about it,” right? They’re both Catholics, and they will use that as a means of political currency, and also a political shield. But they are ardently pro-abortion, both of them, and I think it’s disgusting, and I think that they should be denied communion.

I know a lot of you listening… I’m a Catholic. I know a lot of you listening are not Catholics so this is a little bit of an inside-the-Catholic Church issue, but they should be denied communion, and they’re not. I don’t know why not. But that’s something I’ll have to think of. But they’re ready to wage a real fight against it. I mean, first off, Pelosi, oh, my gosh, she’s the ultimate lib from California. Limousine liberal Pelosi. She’s going to do everything she can. She’s already saying they’re putting a Roe v. Wade codification on the floor of the House as soon as possible. Play five.

PELOSI: Well, the Supreme Court making the decision that it did not only disrespected women, it disrespected the Supreme Court and its former decision, its precedent that it establishes Roe v. Wade. When we go back to Washington, we will be putting Roe v. Wade codification on the floor of the House to make sure that women everywhere have access, uhh, to that reproductive health that they need.

BUCK: Think about the words that are used here: “Access to the reproductive health.” Abortion access. Say it! If it’s no big deal, if you’re fine with it, why not just speak the words? Why all the euphemisms? Why all the tricks of language? If they’re going to celebrate — as they do — abortion in this country, why not just come out and do it? Why always play the game?

We know why, we know the answer, because this relies on people turning the blind eye to it, and I’ve said it before. It’s a frustration that on this issue, sometimes — even people on the right, even conservative media — this is known. I’ll tell you this: It’s known to get people, “Oh, it’s too intense. I don’t want to talk about it. You know, the ratings… Let’s talk about the Durham report instead. Let’s take on our watches and look at when the Durham Report is going to happen, you know?”

Okay. Still waiting on that one. Just know that there are other ways — I’ll just tell you — to get ratings. But I just think this is too important. I just believe this is too central, not just to our identity as conservatives, but to our soul as a nation. And I don’t think that’s overstated even a little bit. And yet, on the other side, there is a ferocity that they will come after this issue with.

They will do everything they can. Remember the way that they were willing to just destroy Brett Kavanaugh based on lie, and think they were virtuous in the process? Right? Whether it was Christine Blasey Ford or the second accuser that came out — or the third one, Swetnick, who was just clearly bonkers — that didn’t matter. They thought that lying about an innocent man was the honorable thing to do in the Democrat’s minds.

Because they don’t have honor, and they want to protect Roe at all costs. Now with Kavanaugh in the court, they are worried about Roe. They are worried about this. Because remember, it’s not just what the future would mean, which would be states determining — like they do in many things — whether this is a procedure that is a medical procedure or whether it’s terminating human life without cause, whether it’s killing the unborn.

State by state, we would have laws on this issue. New York could do what it wants to do. But Texas and other states could do what they want to do as well. But, no. You see, it’s the same mentality where it’s not enough for just person to double mask and have to live with all the Fauciism they want everyone else to as well. They want to make us all complicit in that insanity.

The left wants us all to be complicit in the regime of infanticide. They want to make everyone a part of it, just by paying your taxes to the state you’re in, just by living in the United States of America — and with all the funding that goes to Planned Parenthood, by the way — they make us all complicit. They never want to look back at what they’ve done over the last 50 years.

And what science shows us, by the way. You want to talk about science? I mean, it was always clear, but now it’s glaringly obvious that there’s a human life in here that is not the woman carrying it. And yet, this is an issue that Democrats will throw everything they have at, ad they will say things that are just… I mean, here is Nicolle Wallace, who used to be a Republican!

I’m just going to put that out there. But whoever pays her the most. Whoever. You see so many of these Bush Republicans who will go out there now and whatever gets them on TV and gets the biggest paycheck, they’ll say it. What are their principles? It would be fascinating to have a conversation with them.

I don’t want to name them all, because I don’t want to give them the pub of being talked about on this show — although, I know I’m about to play a clip of one of them. But here’s the kind of language that was used. Here’s Nicolle Wallace. I’ll let her say it for herself. Play seven.

WALLACE: (sputtering) Uh, again in this — in this moment, umm, male governors in Florida and Arizona and Texas don’t want the body to be covered by a four-inch piece of cloth, against mask mandates. They’re going to reach deep into the uterus of a woman and tell all of them to carry — 85% of abortions take place after the six-week, ummm, mark that — that the Texas law bans.

BUCK: You heard what she said, and this was on cable news, right? “Reach deep…” I’m not even going to repeat it, but this is the kind of language they’ll use. These people are sick. There’s something wrong with them. There’s a problem here, friends. We have to file this one. I know. It’s probably… We’re going to have… The nastiness you will see from the left is going to be something that a lot of people will shirk from this, shirk from this debate, from this challenge.

I think it’s too important. I think it’s too essential. Sometimes something is about more than ratings. Sometimes it’s about more than clicks. And on the right to life, this is one of those issues. You’re either in this fight — you’re either a conservative who believes in this — or I don’t know. You’re either a libertarian or something else. But I don’t see how there could be anything but clarity on this for all of us.

And the left certainly sees it as such. They are going to go scorched earth, up to and including fundamental change. They will be pushing for fundamental change in our system of government itself. The institutions they pretend to care so much about, they’re willing to dramatically transform, undermine, even abolish them.


BUCK: Jen Psaki has been asked already in light of the Texas abortion restriction — which, God bless Texas. Jen Psaki is reminding everybody that there is this Biden commission on — oh, that’s right, courting packing. Why not?

PSAKI: The president’s view on the expansion of courts has not changed. Uhh, he also wants this group, this commission, to take a close look at a range of issues, not just court expansion — which is an important question for them examine — to examine — but term limits and a range of questions that are, uhhh, the commission is looking at. I will also note, though, Jeff, that in the president’s statement today, he also made very clear — in — in pretty strong terms — uhh, his viewpoints on the, uh — the ruling of the Supreme Court in this case.

BUCK: Court packing back on the menu. At least they’re going to pretend that they’ll do it. Will they go through it? Could they go through it? Well, they would have to eliminate the filibuster, right? They want to eliminate the filibuster as well. They’ve talked about it for HR1, which is the change all election laws at the federal level for every state until the Democrats never lose another election.

And there’s plenty of rampant cheating and we’ll never find it because it’s all mail-in ballots with no with no checks and balances and no ID. That’s what the HR1 is. It’s the Make It Easy for Democrats to Cheat and Win Act. They thought about maybe pushing hard to get rid of the filibuster on that one. Didn’t have it. Could they get rid of the filibuster in the Senate over the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade?

Welllll, maybe. Probably not. But maybe. AOC has already said that clearly — of course, she’s in the House; she can say whatever she wants, so it doesn’t matter. But clearly the filibuster should be eliminated over the threat to Roe. I’m going to tell you this right now, because much of the conservative media doesn’t really spend time on this issue.

This upsets and enrages and makes Democrats crazier than I think any other issue. You know, they’re very willing to embrace absurd thinking and Critical Race Theory, and there’s a race obsession among Democrats, that will make them illogical and very, very nasty to people, who say, “Hold on. Maybe we shouldn’t be teaching CRT to our kids.” That’s all there. But when abortion is threatened, Democrats will pull out all the stops. They’ll do anything. They’ll do anything that they can in order to keep it as it is.


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