Thanks to All Our People in Houston!

BUCK: I just want to say a big thanks, to take a moment. We were down in Houston. First of all, as New Yorker, I love Houston. It’s a real city-city but with Texans, which is fantastic. Great food, great people, and we were so pleased to have our friends at KTRH hosting us and Michael Berry did a phenomenal job pulling together the event on Friday. Our friend Jesse Kelly, special guest star, Jesse Kelly. You know, we wanted to add some height into the program. Eddie Martiny, the president for the market down there in Houston, welcomed us down.

Clay, it was so good. I just want to take a moment for both of us to see our people, and we want to do a lot more of that. We saw our people in Houston. We want to come see them in L.A., in Portland, in Florida, in name a state. We want to come and see our folks.

CLAY: Yeah, we want to set up an event. Certainly, if you’re number one in your market like we are in Houston, like we are in San Diego, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Raleigh, North Carolina, Memphis, Birmingham, Louisville, Milwaukee. There may be more now since then, but those were the ones most recently that we moved to number one in. I thought it was amazing, okay. It was a fabulous event. I don’t know what the total number of people that got in there. I think 1200 or 1300 was their capacity.

BUCK: Total capacity. The bartenders looked like you know they were on the Titanic as it was sinking ’cause they were so nervous trying to get drinks to everybody.

CLAY: Yes. So it was phenomenal to meet so many of you, shake hands, get pictures. I thought the most entertaining part — and there was a lot of entertaining parts — was when Buck said he was from New York City, and everybody booed. That was amazing.

BUCK: Our WOR audience does not need to hear such things, Mr. Travis.

CLAY: Your face when you said you were from New York City and our audience in Houston all booed was phenomenal. That didn’t surprise me at all, as a guy who’s grown up in the South, that that would be booed, but that was absolutely amazing. Just an incredible time. I know you had a good time at the rodeo, talk about it a little bit later in the show. But it’s important for us, I believe, to get out and just see all of you who are listening to the program and who are talking about the program with your friends and are helping us to grow.

And we love that opportunity because really when you do a radio show — and this sounds crazy because there’s so many people listening — but it’s a very isolating thing, right? I look at you. You look back at me. Ali, our producer, jumps in and out of the shot every now and then. Dub is in here with me in Nashville, a few people are in the studio with you in New York City. But there are millions of people listening.

And the number of people that actually see the behind the scenes of the show on a day-to-day basis is relatively small. So getting out there to see all of you, to hear your feedback, your suggestions, all the things that you like about the show and the encouragement, and Jesse had a tweet thread where I thought it was good. A lot of people I feel are so alone. They feel alone, right? Especially if you’re behind enemy lines and you’re in California or you’re in New York.

For the last couple of years many of you have felt as if your thoughts were not shared by anyone else. Lockdowns were awful. Why are your kids having to wear masks? What in the world are we doing defunding the police? What’s happening at the border? Why is the murder rate surging? What in the world’s going on in Afghanistan and now Ukraine and all of these places?

And when you have these big events you realize how many other people, no matter where you live… You mentioned Portland a second ago. We got a big audience up in Portland. There’s lots of people in Portland listening to us right now that loved their city and feel like it’s gone completely bananas in terms of allowing that place to be taken care of by Antifa, by and large.

BUCK: We had a listener fly in from Portland to Houston just for the event. That was why that was on my mind, and obviously you did the Fort Myers event, Clay. I want to do something in New York. We might do it, you know, in Staten Island or somewhere.

CLAY: (laughing)

BUCK: We’ll gather together a lot of our listeners safely and securely. But obviously in Nashville, Tennessee. So we want, San Diego, hey, not hard to get me to want to go out to San Diego.

CLAY: I want to go to Salt Lake. I’d like to go to Phoenix. I mean, if you’re listening in our markets and want to put on events, Buck and I are relatively young, we got good energy; so we would like to be able to come out and see some of you guys and that was the test case scenario for Fort Myers and for Houston. Both of them went fantastically well.

BUCK: And there was also a sense from seeing everybody — and this is I think where we can get into part of the mission today, and that is that our mission is to spread the truth, create a community of like-minded conservatives, patriots, and help save the country, quite honestly. The number of people who came up to me and said, “What you and Clay are doing and Michael Berry and Jesse Kelly…” ’cause I always also view it as a team. I know you do too, Clay.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: I don’t do this competitiveness with other conservatives. I want conservative media… We’re such a small part of the overall media, I view us all as playing on the same team. You know, we’re the Avengers. Sometimes, maybe the Hulk and Ironman don’t agree on something, but we’re actually all trying to defeat the alien invaders, in this case, the commies who are trying to ruin America. So, that’s the way I try to view it every day.

And I think that’s one of the things we do well here on the show is we’re about the cause, we’re about the mission. And seeing so many folks who feel that is what we’re trying to do and continuing on the fight. It was great. It was meaningful. And I’ll tell you, did I or did I not do some mutton busting myself? We’ll talk about that later on in the show. I learned a lot of about Houston this weekend, Clay. I got a pair of boots.


BUCK: I’d also note when I was standing outside of what I believe was… Is it the Astrodome in Houston? It’s now where the rodeo was, the Houston Livestock & Rodeo, which is where I spent all day Saturday. And thanks to Jon Rudy and Renee Perry, who were hosting us there, showing us around. They’re on the Calf Scramble Committee.

For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s like a mentorship program for youth, getting them off iPads, giving them an opportunity to learn about agricultural responsibility. This was the 80th anniversary of it. We got to be down, Clay, on the floor of the rodeo with the scramblers.

CLAY: Pretty cool.

BUCK: I actually got to touch a little calf as it ran past me. It was was all, you know, “Baa,” as it was running past me.

CLAY: (laughing) You didn’t ride a horse, though.

BUCK: My hand was quite smelly afterwards. Like the city guy I am, I was like, “Ew! My hand is smelly.” But the calf was very cute. They wrestle the calves to the ground. I was like, “Well, I could do this probably with a sheep, but the calves are actually pretty sturdy.” They said that I might crush the sheep and so I wasn’t allowed to. There’s apparently age and weight limits for the mutton-busting component of it.

CLAY: (laughing)

BUCK: But I really… I gotta say, I loved it. We had a great event in Houston, but I just love Houston as a city. I’d never been down there before.

CLAY: It’s a great place.

BUCK: The rodeo was amazing. I got a pair of boots. I got a pair of boots, my friend, courtesy of Republic Boots down in Houston, which is an amazing store, by the way. They are ostrich, I will have you know. But that ostrich, I was told, was mean, and it was askin’ for it. So I’ve got ostrich boots.

CLAY: Are you, by the way, more comfortable now in the idea of wearing boots because you’re joining the boot brigade now? Have you been breakin’ these things in?

BUCK: Well, I feel like now I can probably wear my cowboy boots and get away with saying “y’all.” Like, it all goes together, which is a great, the whole country should adopt.

CLAY: It is.

BUCK: Otherwise, you know what you do? You know, in New York and the Northeast, we go, “you guys.”

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: “You guys.” That’s not… “Y’all” is way better than “you guys.” So I’m with them on that. Anyway, I love my new boots from Republic Boot Co., and I love Houston. It was a great city. It was so cool to see all of our people down there. And the rodeo, I asked Jesse Kelly… This is fun. I’m like, “Jesse,” ’cause the bull riding, we’re right down there “on the dirt,” as they say. This is the lingo, Clay. We’re down there on the dirt, and the bulls were throwing these guys around and doing the bull riding thing. I asked Jesse, “What would it take?” He’s like, $10 million. (laughing)

CLAY: To get on the bull.

BUCK: He said no way to get him to really get up on that bull and try to get to eight seconds. He’s like, “Lifetime of not working. That’s what it would take for me,” ’cause he’s like, “Breaking my back isn’t worth it.”

CLAY: Yeah, no kidding. Those guys are insanely brave. Yellowstone. Jimmy on Yellowstone obviously could reference that.