The Battle Over Forced Vaccination of Children Begins

9 Nov 2021

CLAY: We begin with a battle that we told you was coming but it appears to have begun officially in earnest. San Francisco, as we have told you, is now mandating the covid vaccine for 5- to 11-year-olds. That means if your 5-year-old wants to get some Chicken McNuggets, you have to show a vaccine card to be able to enter a McDonald’s to get them Chicken McNuggets.

Now, as we talked about, New York City — at least under Bill de Blasio, before he is removed and replaced by Eric Adams — is saying that in New York City may well need to follow the lead out of San Francisco and continue to mandate this madness. Here is, as Buck would say, “the worst mayor in the entire country,” Bill de Blasio, talking about mandating the vaccine for 5- to 11-year-old children.

REPORTER: At what point will you ask them to also start checking for vax cards for 5- to 11-year-olds?

DE BLASIO: That’s a very good question, and honestly one we need to focus on now. We want to get to the day where we actually could vaccinate the youngest New Yorkers and get that rolling. We know it’ll take a while. I mean, right now, to use the example of the 12- to 17-year-olds — very good news — we’re almost at 79% of them. That’s fantastic, but it did take a while. So it’s a great question, Elizabeth. It’s one I don’t think we’re gonna settle immediately because it will naturally take a number of weeks for that age-group to get vaccinated. But it’s a question we need to answer for the weeks ahead and we’ll come back on that.

CLAY: Buck, I’m a dad. I’ve got three boys. The idea that there would be anywhere that would mandate that my 7-year-old or my 11-year-old get vaccinated for covid — which, by the way, I think they probably have already had, and I’m gonna run through some data here in a little bit from the Wall Street Journal, a great article that was on their editorial page here in the last day or so.

There’s no way in hell that I am getting my 7-year-old and my 11-year-old, my first grader and my fifth grader, vaccinated. And if you thought the mask battle was significant, you ain’t seen nothing until parents are being told that their kids have to get a vaccine that they don’t need, which we have no idea about the long-range consequences of.

BUCK: They’re gonna do this in the schools in a lot of states as we’ve been saying all along. It depends on what state you’re in. I do think, depending on what caseload we have throughout the wintertime, though, you may also see a move from within the federal government to try to use Department of Education funds to bully even non-blue lunatic states into instituting some kind of a vaccine program for children.

The data on this is very, very clear. It’s actually irrefutable to say that children are at effectively zero risk. You have to say “effectively” because if you say zero, they’ll say, “Well, there have been a hundred or something, we think, who have died of covid.” And then we have to point out, well, there are a lot of kids who have died, unfortunately, from a whole range of issues and we don’t refuse to take them — as you said many times — to school or to put them in a bathtub or to let them go swimming in a pool. Life has risks. What we’ve seen is a couple things simultaneously because of covid. One is the elimination of a fair reading of risk as a matter of policy.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: So they no longer actually will look at this and be rational as well. “If it saves just one life…” They’ll do this with gun control sometimes.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: If it saves just one life, any onerous restriction — and they never even prove that it saves one life, by the way, just the thought. That’s the incrementalism that they use there, and the other thing… You see this with the mask mandates, ’cause right now as we were talking — Clay and I talk a lot, on air, off air. California right now is more than double what Florida’s caseload is.

California has mask mandates. California has vaccine mandates. San Francisco has the mandate coming in for kids. Now all of a sudden, “Oh, it’s complicated, Clay. There are a lot of factors.” Whenever the data doesn’t go the way they want, it’s a multifactor situation instead of, “We can draw a firm conclusion from this.” This is why you never get anywhere with the Fauciites. This is how they evade accountability for all their crap decision-making.

CLAY: This is a story that is in the Wall Street Journal. And, by the way, the two most important pages in American life right now, I think, in terms of media life are the Wall Street Journal editorial pages. In an era when everybody else has gone woke and curled up in the fetal position and refused to look at actual data and science, they have continued to fight real battles on behalf of facts and presenting it to a large audience even if — and that’s what we try to do here as well — it upsets some people.

This is an article from two different doctors inside the Wall Street Journal ’cause I do think it’s important to share actual facts. And also, we’re gonna have both of these people or one of these people on, Dr. Makary (who we’ve had on before), professor at John Hopkins School of Medicine; the other one is… I’m not sure how pronounce her name, but Dr. Saphier, assistant professor… “Sapphire”?

BUCK: “Sapphire,” yeah.

CLAY: Like the jewel?

BUCK: Like the stone.

CLAY: She’s an assistant professor at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. So here is the data. I just want to read it to you from the Wall Street Journal. Right now, there are 28 million children, Buck, between the ages of 5 and 11. Since covid arrived in the United States, 94 kids have died with covid out of those 28 million. And that is far less than would have died from being murdered, than would have had died in car accidents, that would have died from drowning, that would have died from the seasonal flu.

So kind of put that into context for you. And what they found is that there basically is no need for the covid vaccine at all because of this low risk. And in fact, in the 80-page Pfizer report — buried in there, Buck — is this quote: When they studied it, if a child had already had covid — and, Buck, there’s a strong chance that we’re over 60% of kids in that 5 to 11 age range have already had covid.

When they analyzed this vaccine, no kid who had already had covid was found to have the virus. So this study is consistent with the study from Israel that found natural immunity was 27 times as effective as vaccinated immunity in preventing symptomatic covid. “No cases of covid-19 were observed,” this is a quote from the Pfizer report “in either the vaccine group or the placebo group in participants with evidence of prior [covid] infection.” So 60% of kids — a lot of fear out there, but over half of kids — have already had covid, and in the 5 to 11 age range, only 94 — 94 in the entire country — have died with covid.

BUCK: Clay, there’s a combination of things going on here. One of them is, I think — and this hasn’t gotten as much attention, so I’ll start with this. I think that this is, in the back of the minds of a lot of the true Fauciites, the ultimate bend-the-knee moment for a lot of them. Once you’ve gotten your kids vaxxed because the state is mandating it for them to go to school, how are you gonna really fight back on any of this stuff, right?

Once you’re gonna subject your 5-year-old to the shot, at that point isn’t it just it’s routine, right? It’s all over. You’re gonna do whatever they tell you because on that issue you caved. So what else really is there? That’s part of it. There are these hyper-anxious parents. I know a lot of them here in New York City, hyper-anxious parents where they just… Jill Biden. Do we have it? Jill Biden is going around as part of this whole process telling everybody that their children… This is the first lady, not an actual doctor-doctor. She’s like a doctor of sociology. Do you have that one?

JILL BIDEN: Please make the decision to protect your children with the same vaccine that has already saved millions of lives, because nothing is more important than our children’s health. It’s up to us to keep them safe, and with this vaccine we can.

BUCK: It’s not true.

CLAY: It’s just a lie, Buck.

BUCK: This is the first lady. She’s a doctor of education, by the way, just to be clear. She’s not a doctor-doctor, as we all know. And I like to not call her doctor ’cause the libs freak out about it. But Jill Biden here, the first lady, she’s sighing that it saved millions of lives. It hasn’t saved millions of children’s lives, which is who we’re talking about getting the shot here.

CLAY: I’m not even sure it saved millions of lives. Certainly, it hasn’t saved millions of lives in the United States.

BUCK: In America, no way. No way, based on the numbers. But this goes to… They’re going after the parents for whom they believe whatever they’re told. They can’t think about it. Then there’s the final group.

CLAY: They’re sheep.

BUCK: The sheep. Then there’s the final group of adults, and you see this in some of these viral videos, Clay, teachers in the classroom who are saying, “You better pull your mask up over your nose ’cause I don’t want to get sick even though I’m vaccinated,” to the children. But they’re too cowardly to say, “I’m scared to be around unvaccinated kids.” So they’d prefer to pretend it’s for the child’s benefit. Those are the factors that I see in play.

CLAY: Well, I see so many of these viral videos of parents and kids reacting with joy that the covid vaccine still has become in existence, and I’m filled with such… I feel so bad for the kids, Buck, because the parents should be smarter. But as a parent I feel so bad that there are some parents out there that have terrified their kids to such an extent of covid that they have some of these kids erupting in tears and they post these videos on social media.

“Look how happy my 5-year-old was to find out they can finally get a covid vaccine!” I feel so bad for those children because imagine what hell their life has been to have thoroughly irrational parents for the last 18 months terrifying them that they’re going to die. One of the first things I did, Buck… My kids are young, but last spring when their schools shut down, I set down all three of my boys at the table and I said, “I’m gonna talk to you like adults.

“Here is what the data reflects in terms of who’s in danger from covid.” This is early on when most people were still not even looking at the data. I said, “Kids are not in danger, right? You guys are going to be fine. Just try to avoid driving your mother insane at the house ’cause we’re all gonna be around the house ’cause everything is shut down. But you guys are going to be fine. You don’t need to be worried about it.

“You don’t need to have trouble sleeping. You don’t need to be terrified of the covid bogeyman coming out from underneath your bed. We’re gonna stay away from grandma and grandpa in that time and listen to the experts on ’15 days to slow the spread,'” and that’s what we did. And my kids are completely healthy and normal, and I worry so much — and, by the way, if you’re terrified and you think it makes sense to go get your kids vaccinated, that’s your right as a parent.

But I really do worry about the emotional issues for so many kids out there that their parents terrified them of covid and what it’s going to be like for them in the years ahead in their life and how much anxiety they’re gonna have that was needlessly put upon them and how much failure to experience life they are going to embody because of the way that their parents raised them.

BUCK: I just gotta tell you, Clay, I went to a doctor’s office here in New York yesterday to have my ears checked and I’m sitting there. It was kind of a hot, a warm doctor’s office. I’m sitting there with a mask on my face and I started to lose it. (laughing)

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: Your anxiety level rises. Why were all these fights on airplanes all the time? It’s because of masking. They don’t want to say this, but it’s because people are uncomfortable and frustrated and we’re putting people through this and acting as though it’s not a problem, it’s no big deal, it’s your patriotic duty. Remember a year ago they were saying, “Double mask.” Right about, oh, I guess it was December-January they started saying, “Double mask if you take it seriously.”

And really what we’ve seen with the vaccines for children is it’s the equivalent of triple masking, right? Is it theoretically the case that triple masking would keep you safer? I can’t tell you it’s not. Is it insane to do that? Yes it is. Vaccinating children who are 4 years old for a disease that has killed less than a hundred of them in that age-group in the entire nation of 340 million people is crazy. But if parents want to do that, I suppose that’s their choice. But, Clay, it’s gonna be a mandate, as you know, in schools in a lot of places in New York, in California, a whole range of places.


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