The CDC Admits We Were Right About Covid

15 Aug 2022

BUCK: We’re heading into election season. We’re also heading into, for what most of this country will be, cold and flu season. Remember we used to talk about that, you’d see ads for different, you know, Tylenol Cold and Flu —

CLAY: Oh, yeah.

BUCK: — and Advil, Cold and Flu, NyQuil, all this stuff, ’cause we know that the winter season, indoors more people get more respiratory viruses. The flu hits year in, year out. We know this. We’ve seen this our entire lives. And so that means we’re heading into the next round here of covidism, Fauciism, whatever you want to call it. Latest news on — and there’s so much, by the way.

I know on Friday Clay was talking to you when I was out about how some of the CDC has changed it so that you don’t have to treat the unvaccinated and vaccinated differently as a matter of policy.

CLAY: Which is massive, Buck, I knew you would love this be with I know you missed when the news came out, but we’ve spent basically the whole time that we’ve been on the show together with you telling you that the pandemic of the unvaccinated statistically was a lie, telling you that you were probably going to survive the Biden administration’s winter of death. And then suddenly they just basically said, “Oh, yeah, there’s no real distinction anymore. These covid shots don’t really provide much protection versus natural immunity or just kind of letting it ride.”

BUCK: It’s about individual decision-making, which is what it should have been all along. The most absurd overreaching, authoritarianism in our lifetimes, in our lifetimes from our own government, was on this issue of covid vaccines.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: Nothing else comes close. People talk about post-9/11, the Patriot Act. Please. They fired soldiers from their careers because they wouldn’t get a shot that didn’t matter, that they didn’t need, that didn’t stop the spread. I think we all need to hear this right now. Because that’s what’s gone on. And this is exactly as we’ve said they would eventually the approach they’d eventually take which is just weir just gonna let this kind of fade, we’re never gonna have accountability, we’re never gonna face up to what we did to people.

I remember a year ago — and, Clay, we’ll play in the next segment to what you’re saying about masks, we’ll have some fun on the mask situation here. But a year ago on vaccines, not only were they talking about the winter of death, the pandemic of the unvaccinated, all this stuff, but you’ll recall there were experts going around, “If you don’t get this shot, you are risking creating super bugs.” Remember that?

CLAY: Oh, yeah.

BUCK: Based on nothing. Based on just, you know, which casting at their side was the good guys, the other side was the bad guys. If you won’t get shots one, two, and then three soon thereafter, you were effectively a petri dish for the super covid that was gonna come. Turns out everyone got covid anyway, didn’t stop the spread at all. ‘Cause people say, “Well, for 60 days there’s a bigger antibody response.” Guess what? Month three, doesn’t matter, you get covid ’cause we’ve all been exposed to it. This is what we’ve seen all along.

So now in the U.K., Clay — this is where it is — they’ve just approved, the first country to have a — speaking of Moderna, on the one hand Moderna’s throwing out 30 million vaccines because — which we paid for because nobody wants them because they’re stupid, ’cause it’s not gonna actually save you from covid. This is what everyone’s realizing, you know.

You and I who are the big covid deniers, there was a hit piece on me in the New York Times, for God’s sakes. It’s an abject, complete disaster, what the libs did about covid. It’s indefensible. You and I had parents get shoots and we encouraged them to get boosted because they’re at higher risk because of their age. My parents, right now, if I told them, hey, guys, go get a booster, they’d laugh in my face.

CLAY: My parents said the same thing.

BUCK: ‘Cause they’re like, you know, everyone’s gotten covid.

CLAY: You, yeah.

BUCK: Everyone’s gotten covid.

CLAY: My parents just got it. And we’re fine. We’re 78-year-olds had gotten their shots, but they’re like we’re not going to get anywhere more shots and I think look at a lot of people out there who are 70 plus, right, that are saying like we gotta get back to normal life now, let people make decisions for themselves, but the fact that we allowed these companies to make tens of billions of dollars selling us, Buck, a fundamental lie because what they told us was you get this shot you’ll neither get more spread covid. That was the implicit sales pitch that they made.

If they were eligible for lawsuits, every plaintiff’s lawyer in America would be lining on the course steps because they fraudulently induced tens of millions of Americans to get the covid shot by telling them something that is 100 percent untrue. You wouldn’t get or spread covid — there’s a lot of people listening to us right now, Buck, who bought that sales pitch, who listened, who did what they thought was the right choice, and then they got covid. Everybody gets covid, no matter what, no matter how many times you got the shot. The fifth one ain’t gonna save you.

BUCK: So here’s where we are with the U.K., all right, just so everyone knows the situation. Moderna has this vaccine that is basically a split in fact so it’s a double doze but after dosage. They just approved this in the if you can’t, first country in the world where they’re gonna have an Omicron specific dose and an original covid dose just for extra protection.

Now, I’m just wondering, has anybody over at Moderna thought about how many people already have natural immunity to the original covid, how many people already have natural immunity to Omicron? And, oh, Clay, here’s the other problem. Does anyone think that we’re gonna be facing old school Omicron going into this fall? It’s gonna be a different virus.

CLAY: That’s right.

BUCK: It’s like these people with, for all their lab coats and their fancy degrees, are total morons except they made so much money.

CLAY: They’re not morons.

BUCK: They got away with it.

CLAY: It’s about the money. It’s about the money. You gotta follow the — and this is why I’m saying — look. If I — if you and I were — were applicants, instead of just trying to sit here and talk to people every day for three hours, I would be hammering home that when Republicans take back the House and the Senate, certainly when they take back the House, we’re passing a bill and we’re sending it to Joe Biden that takes away all of the profits that Pfizer and Moderna and Johnson & Johnson made off of these covid shots, which our government gave them tens of billions, if not hundreds of billions of dollars now, that don’t work. And we’re gonna take back their profits, we’re gonna — or — two options for them.

Either we are going to rescind your ability not to be sued over this and you can take us to court and we can fight out all those documents, everything else. or — and that would open the door to the plaintiffs, and there would be hundreds of billions of dollars in liability, Pfizer and Moderna might bankrupt over what I believe is clear fraud based on their sales pitch for this document or for this. Or you voluntarily disgorge all of your profits to United States government and we are redistributing those profits to everyone who was fired for refusing to take your shot this happen pesky I would be arguing

BUCK: I think we’re gonna head into now a winter period — we’re not gonna see these results before the election which is a shame because I just want every person to remember what it was like — think back to one year ago, think back to 12 months on the timeline in reverse here, what the Democrats were saying about you for not wanting — even if you wanted to get the shot yourself, a lot of already I’m sure got the shot, a lot of people did. But when they were mandating this, when they were saying get the shot or you get fired, get the shot or you can’t go to your brother’s wedding, get the shot or you can’t go to your daughter’s graduation, get the shot or else was the whole pitch that they — not the pitch, the demand that they made for everybody.

And we should all be single-issue voters going in — Democrats deserve complete political annihilation just for the way they politicized covid, just for the double mask, triple mask, N95 mask, get four shots, get five shots. It’s a mess. But I also think what we’re gonna see is that you’re gonna have blue states, Clay — California, New York, et cetera — gonna be getting all vaxxed up again, not to the same degree, but a lot of people in those places are gonna be saying, “Oh, I have to get the new fancy Omicron, slash, original covid, whatever shot, they’re gonna get it.” And a lot of people in the rest of the country are not gonna get it, you know what’s gonna happen? We’re gonna see the same thing that’s happened before. They’re gonna get covid too just like everybody else, and they’re not gonna stop until they finally realize that they’ve been had.

CLAY: They wanted us not to be honest with you. There was a lot of pressure back in the summer last year, Buck, when you and I were having Alex Berenson on and we were talking about this was in the days when everybody was cheerleading, remember, it was the hot vax summer, everybody wanted to say 2021, covid’s gone forever. How dare you ask questions about the fact that there are a lot of breakthrough cases. There’s a tiny minority of cases. That’s not a big issue.

Remember all those things that they told you? Remember how they attacked Buck and I for even having the audacity to say, hey, let’s just talk about some of this data. I’m not that comfortable with the numbers that are coming out of Israel and coming out of England. We were right on all of it. We were a hundred percent right.

BUCK: Here’s one of my favorites, Clay. February of the 2021, PolitiFact coming after yours truly, the biggest fact-checking site on the internet, got a good photo of me, I gotta say, the swoop, the hair looking good in this one so at least I got that going for me, which is nice. The science — this was my tweet — the science says open the schools, stop wearing masks outside, and everyone at low risk should start living normal lives.

CLAY: Yep.

BUCK: That’s in February of 2021, okay? So this is quite a ways back. And they write, “False. A popular Facebook blog,” blah, blah, blah, and they flag this, and they say they take it apart point by point. Open the schools, Clay. They hit me with a false information for opening the schools. They hit me with false information for wearing masks outside. They wrote, “Because coronavirus is relatively new, the research on outdoor masks is limited. But so far science has shown that masks prevent virus the transmission.” I mean, they’re hitting me on outdoor mask wearing as a fact check.

CLAY: Yeah.

BUCK: These people are such horrific morons, and they’re so dishonest, and they’re so grotesque. And I’m not letting this stuff go. And I know for a lot of our audience, we had people that lost their jobs in this audience.

CLAY: Oh, yeah.

BUCK: We have people that got screamed at by lunatics ’cause they didn’t mask up their 5-year-old outdoors like we were supposed to. I’m not letting this go.

CLAY: No. And when we come back, by the way, it’s been one year since I spoke out at my school board where the FBI’s out here raiding Donald Trump. Remember they also investigated parents who came in at their school boards about masking and CRT and everything else as domestic terrorists. And one of those school board meetings that received national attention, Joe Biden even commented directly, was Williamson County, Tennessee, where I spoke. I haven’t listened this since I did it. I only got a minute or two to speak or whatever it is. We’re gonna play you that audio. I think just like with you, Buck, when it came to PolitiFact, I think everything I say you’re gonna listen to and say, yeah, year later he was a hundred percent right.


CLAY: Buck was talking about getting fact checked for his statements that were truthful. You guys know. I’ve got three kids. They’re all back in school, almost. One of them’s going back to ninth grade this year. I’ve got a sixth grader and I’ve got a second greater. So last year two elementary school students they were trying to reimplement masks in my school district. I was one of those domestic terrorist parents who went and spoke on behalf of their kids. This is last year. Anti-mask mandate in schools. Listen to this.


CLAY: For all these people walking around in masks, engaging in cosmetic theater thinking that they are making a difference against covid, they aren’t. Here’s the truth. Our kids under 25-year-olds, one in a million chance that they are gonna die of covid. They are more likely to be struck by lightning. They are more likely to be struck by lightning. They are more likely to die of the seasonal flu. Have any of you ever mandated masks with the seasonal flu? Well, shame on you, because every kid in Williamson County schools has been under more danger from the seasonal flu every year than they are from covid. I would tell every parent here, don’t let your kids wear masks. (Applause)

BUCK: That’s the most pissed off I’ve ever heard you, by the way, which I love.

CLAY: I’m still angry that they made any kid — first of all, they shut down schools, all that. But the mask people, the fact — I want the mask people to have to all acknowledge how wrong they were, particularly for kids. Because the fact — look, Buck. Philadelphia kids are going back to school and they’re making ’em all wear masks for two weeks to start school. There are still a lot of places masking kids under 5. You’re always gonna be walking around in a mask. You know what?

I’m thankful — you and I are gonna be in Salt Lake City this weekend — I’m thankful, Buck, that they haven’t been able to bring back masks on airplanes and at least the CDC new guidance makes it theoretically harder and harder for them to bring ’em back. But they’re making TSA agents wear ’em, which hasn’t gotten a lot of attention. If you go through an airport at any time recent history, you’ve started to see they’ve had to wear ’em. It’s all illogical. It’s all immoral. It’s absurd.

BUCK: I mean, I sit there, I go back — just the fun thing about Twitter, I go back in time, I’ve got a written record of this. And literally June of 2020, not June of 2020, June of 2020: “Mask wearing for the healthy outdoors in summer is absurd,” as many of us have been saying for weeks, that was in response to a CNBC piece that had all these people in the parks with masks on.

Like — I mean, I’ve — you and I have been on this train from the beginning. November of 2020: “Of course we’re going back to the your mask protects you, my mask protects you bullcrap. Just remember people who have been insisting that wearing a mask protects of you, and if you question ’em you’re a monster we’re WRONG,” in all caps. So we go back two years now, man, and we’re still having to have this fight with you? They’re out of their minds. This is a delusion. This is the result of Chinese Communist Party-style struggle sessions led by Dr. Fauci, who’s still going around with his little hipster outfit — you ever notice, by the way, Fauci dresses like a guy who’s, like, 35. He really does. Because he is a fame you-know-what. I can’t even say. He is obsessed with the Vanity Fair —

CLAY: We can say he’s a fame whore.

BUCK: I can say whore?

CLAY: We can say whore.

BUCK: I like how Clay never holds back on the words. I worry that the potty mouth will get me in trouble.

CLAY: When I started doing radio, I went and looked up all the FCC restrictions to see exactly what words could be used.

BUCK: Fauci’s the biggest fame whore on the planet, which is why he wears his little skinny ties and his little hipster shoes and the whole thing ’cause it’s all about his brand. He was wrong on everything. In case you’re wondering what I think of the guy.

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