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The Danger of the Alex Jones Verdict

5 Aug 2022

BUCK: The First Amendment still matters to me a lot too, which is why I’m… I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about this or covering the trial right now going on of Alex Jones. And I’ll say this. If I had watched it more closely, if I had more time, I think I would have spent more on it this week. But there’s a lot of things happening and I just haven’t been diving into it.

Look, there’s stuff that he said about Sandy Hook we all know is atrocious, it’s wrong, and it’s grotesque. But I do remember that Alex Jones was the first person that they really made an example of on the internet years and years ago, before they were admitting that they were banning conservatives, they banned Alex Jones — or I should say before they were banning people like me or anyone else you know for saying, “Masks don’t work” or having any questions about the vaccines, Alex Jones was the first person I can remember to be de-personed, in essence, from the internet by Big Tech.

So, I am that lesson. And it was because he was a… They were saying he was a crazy person, and he’s taken a couple shots at me in the past. Whatever. Part of the business for some people, they say things about some people. And he said I was, I think, a CIA plant meant to take over the media, which I wish! Man, that would be amazing. CIA was backing it, taking over the media. “Buck Sexton is part of the CIA’s!

“He’s gonna just take it all over, the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati.” But he’s gone through this trial. Just got a $4 million judgment against him. And, you know, there is this… I think we’ve lost sight in this country, we have both a legal and an ethical principle that free speech, even speech that is heinous, even speech that is wrong is protected. I know there are exceptions with defamation. I know there are some places where that is not an absolute.

But are they making an example of Alex Jones right now because no one’s going to stand up and in any way defend the things that he said? Are they doing this, though, at some level because this will be a precedent that is used to shut down people who are, you know, vaccine-critic criminals, so to speak? Look at lives that you’ve cost by being a questioner of the vaccine. I do worry about this. And I think that it’s something we all have to keep an eye on, that it always starts with the least defensible. It always starts with the people that you say, “Oh, why did you say that?” or, “Why are you doing that?” And the left never leaves it there.

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