The Democrat Party Loses Its Mind Over Roe Reversal

27 Jun 2022

CLAY: We’re talking about the danger that is faced by Supreme Court justices, also the overwhelming amount of success that they have had on the conservative wing of the court, probably the most consequential in terms of Supreme Court rulings maybe in many of our lives — I think that’s fair to say — maybe in most of our lives. And as a result, the left wing has become very angry, and I just want to play two of these cuts. The person that the coming in for the most attack is Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

If you haven’t heard both of these things, the first one is Lori Lightfoot. She is the awful mayor of Chicago. By the way, Citadel announced that they were leaving Chicago. Big private equity hedge fund that has been based in Chicago for 30 years, they are relocating to Miami. The reason given was the failure of the city of Chicago to protect its people, which is the most basic responsibility of any mayor. Well, Lori Lightfoot was at a rally over the weekend, stepped on the stage, and had this to say. We had to bleep her out. I think you’ll be able to hear the audio, but it is not an encouraging word being delivered towards Clarence Thomas. Listen.

CLAY: So that is Lori Lightfoot. I want to play that one for everybody. Buck, I can’t remember… You may be able to recall this. I don’t remember an elected official at an office level like mayor the Chicago, which you may remember is the third biggest city in the United States, expletive-ing a sitting Supreme Court justice like she did at a public rally. Can you remember Democrat or Republican, anything like that where someone…? Again, you may think Lori Lightfoot is an imbecile — and I do, and I bet a lot of you do, certainly if you live in Chicago you do.

BUCK: Me too.

CLAY: But I can’t recall that ever occurring. Can you remember anything like this?

BUCK: Clay, the libs are coming complete unhinged over this. Lightfoot, so many of them, they’re just completely melting down. And there many, many layers to this. Part of it is they’ve been lied to for so long about this that they really just can’t compute, or they can’t manage to reason through, the very clear reality of what has actually happened here, and when people are saying it’s an activist Supreme Court… For example, Alan Dershowitz. We have a cut of him speaking. We can maybe get that later, or not. Sometimes, he’s right. Sometimes, he’s really wrong.

I debated him on guns on CNN, and I’ll never forget this. I was like, “You know nothing.” It was shocking. Alan Dershowitz on the issue of guns is wildly ignorant. He doesn’t know anything. He doesn’t know the stats, he doesn’t know the law, he doesn’t know anything, but he’s used to just kind of holding court and everyone listens. He says this is an activist Supreme Court. I didn’t even go to law school, but I can read pretty well, and I understand how the jurisprudence that led up to this has been formed over many, many years.

And I would just say, if this was an activist Supreme Court, they wouldn’t have said, “There’s no constitutional right.” They wouldn’t have just said, rather, “There’s no constitutional right to abortion,” which is obvious and everyone knows it and every good lawyer admits it. They would have said, “Under equal protection, that’s a life in the womb. You have to protect it from a mandatory federal level.” A truly sweeping decision would have been the Supreme Court saying, “A life in the womb is a life worthy of protection from the state at the federal level,” never mind at the state level.

They didn’t do that. So people are being lied to right now. “This is a radical, extreme, crazy court!” No, this is a court that says, “Words have meaning. The words in the Constitution do not actually amount to a federal right to abortion.” If you can read English, you can understand that, and now they have to actually make their case state by state as to why it should be happening, and it is kind of troubling. There are a number of companies — I’m trying to think of them.

A number of companies, Dick’s Sporting Goods I think is one of them — which, who knew? I didn’t realize they’re woke. A bunch of… Google, clearly, and Disney says they’re gonna give women $4,000 for travel expenses to go get an abortion. Some people are noting, what are the maternity leave policies at these places? Four thousand dollars to go travel somewhere? Are these companies much more comfortable paying for women to get abortions instead of women actually becoming mothers who are their employees? What message are they sending?

CLAY: It is a great question. If you think about it from a purely diabolical perspective, paying someone to travel to a different state and have an abortion ensures that they continue working for you and don’t need to take maternity leave, right? Purely from a corporate perspective, it seems quite craven, because they’re arguing that this is a benefit they are providing. But arguably the group that benefits the most is the company because the woman doesn’t, then, have a baby and comes directly back to work.

And to your point, Buck, how do you reconcile that with what might otherwise be the maternity leave policies that are being put in place by these institutions? And the craziness, by the way… I don’t know where The View is broadcasting from, but I wanted to hit this too because Lori Lightfoot going after Clarence Thomas… It’s probably not gonna surprise you, Buck, or anybody out there listening since The View is the dumbest outlet for media in the entire country that Whoopi Goldberg had really significant thoughts on Clarence Thomas, and they were not particularly intelligent. But I just want you to hear. Whoopi Goldberg is upset that Clarence Thomas has a white wife. And she wants everybody to know that somebody’s gonna be coming after their marriage. Listen.

BUCK: There’s so much wrong there that where do you even start?

CLAY: The cheering! The cheering from her audience.

BUCK: It’s the dumbest… Honestly, it’s not just the dumbest audience in television. I often think The View audience is the dumbest collection of human beings that you could find almost anywhere in the country. It’s amazing that they pull them together with such regularity. They never grow, no matter how stupid The View hosts may grow on any issue. And, by the way, did you hear? Since we’re talking The View — I don’t want to spend too much time on this — here is Ana Navarro, who’s off… I don’t think she’s permanent. She’s not a permanent host, or is she? I can’t keep up. Is she now? I don’t know. She’s on The View a lot as a host. This was really jaw-dropping for a lot of people to hear.

BUCK: Clay, here is a TV host with a substantial following who is making the case on TV — she has a brother who is special needs — that essentially special needs people are too much of a burden on their own families so there needs to be more access to abortion. It was honestly one of the most grotesque things I’ve heard on television in a very long time. But this is the mentality. Special needs family members are an inconvenience; therefore, we must have abortion.

This is the argument she is making on television. Everyone needs to understand that’s exactly what she’s saying. She’s not saying, by the way, they should they get more resources. Should people get more help? Absolutely now is the time and the pro-life movement has already mobilized in this regard for adoptions, for crisis pregnancies. Help people within help families, provide more assistance. It’s on the communities to step up. But make abortion more acceptable because there are Down Syndrome babies? The word “evil” creeps into the conversation very quickly.

CLAY: It’s eugenics. Let’s be honest about what she’s effectively arguing there. The amount of crazy that this has unleashed and will continue to unleash, I think the only way Democrats tamp down their crazy is by a legitimate ass kicking, the Red Wave in 2022 followed by another Red Wave in 2024. I think that’s the only element of moral clarity that they will understand is reconciling their positions with destruction.

BUCK: This is a recurring theme here but, I mean, the Democrat Party at its base, at its core, has lost its mind, folks, okay? They make arguments that are completely deluded and disconnected from reality, and we must make those arguments. We could sit here and talk about gender ideology, we could talk about all these different things where they are demanding the affirmation of what is obviously untrue. And even some Democrats…

Even Bill Maher now, each week, is like, “Hey, Democrats stop being crazy. You’re gonna lose power, which is the thing that matters to you the most.” It’s not like we’re the only people even on the right. Obviously a lot of folks are obviously making this argument. Even some Democrats are realizing, “Oh, my gosh. The party has gone crazy,” and they have. They’ve gone too far, they are too radical, they think AOC is smart, they have completely lost their minds.

CLAY: No doubt. And only with the crystallization of defeat will many of those Democrats feel capable of speaking and trying to take back control of their party.

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