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The Latest Lunacy on Illegal Migrants Living It Up at the Watson Hotel

2 Feb 2023

How would you like a free extended stay in a 4-star New York City hotel with all meals provided and the right to complain if they’re not something your tummy is in the mood to eat? Well, sorry, this offer is available only to non-citizens in America illegally and is provided by the City of New York under presumptive 2024 Democrat presidential candidate, Mayor Eric Adams.

Remember, when you hear “gotaways” at Joe Biden’s open border, it’s not the women and children and kindly old people you see on TV. They turn themselves over. It’s the gangs, drug smugglers, and other criminals — and even terrorists — who slip into our country.

The floodgates are open. Biden has already welcomed over five million foreign citizens with no legal right to be here into America and spread them out across the nation since he’s been in office.

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