Twitter Throttled Buck, But We’re Still Right on Masks

12 Nov 2021

BUCK: We were joking around. I’m now throttled. I’m being punished by Twitter because I made a joke about how wearing a cloth mask…

CLAY: I read that joke, by the way. It’s the most tame thing compared to what we say, the anti-mask commentary that we have on this show, ’cause we’re straighter and more direct that we believe that masks are a sham. There’s no evidence to support that it is in any way helpful, period, right? We say that every day for months. You send out a tweet, and the Blue Check Brigade is furious at you. It’s funny how certain things pop.

BUCK: Oh, well, it’s because it hits home, because everyone who’s being honest knows it’s true. What I wrote on Twitter, for those of you who aren’t on Twitter, “It’s stunning there are still so many people walking around with cloth masks on as though it will protect anyone from covid. We’re in an era of iPhones and SpaceX, but millions still obey mask superstition like medieval peasants terrified of the number 13.” Okay. (laughing) I’m having a little fun at their expense but it’s totally true. It’s absurd. Now Twitter has officially locked that ’cause it went viral.

CLAY: That’s crazy. You can’t… For people out there who aren’t on Twitter, explain what they’ve done to you sharing that opinion.

BUCK: They’ve effectively locked it off. They don’t want more people to see it. They’re not deleting it, because they can’t prove that it’s false, but they say it’s “misleading,” so they’re limiting its reach by not allowing people to share, essentially like forward the email on. But so now what everyone’s doing is screenshot it on their phone and sharing it as though it were a photo and not a tweet.

So now there are blue checks who are pushing this around just as kind of an extended solitary finger in the direction of Twitter. But this just goes to show you. Clay, how can we still be even having this discussion? It couldn’t be any more straightforward. Forget about the theoretical masking benefit that people talk about in laboratory studies where they’ll do the droplets.

CLAY: And with N95s, as opposed to the random cloth masks that people are putting on.

BUCK: Yeah, Folks, okay. If a gasmask works, we could maybe even decide that — which, by the way, these things don’t work like gas masks, not even close. But if you take it off, it stops working, and everyone is taking on and off their masks all the time. Constantly. All the time. So even if theoretically a cloth mask would give you some benefit, it ceases to give you…

You only have to get infected once then you have covid, right? It ceases to be a benefit for me. Think it through. The people telling you that this matters and is useful are crazy. It’s not true. It doesn’t work the way they tell you it does. And yet, Clay, it’s because it is a superstition. My line about medieval peasants? The peasants are grabbing the pitchforks and the torches, and they’re upset at me.

CLAY: No, it’s true, and it’s a form of it, and I hope — and we’ve talked about this quite a bit on the show — that in the years ahead when we are no longer involved in the day-to-day covid madness… And, by the way, I’ll point out — I don’t know if you saw this, Buck — the New York Times morning email that they sent out, you know what the headline was? “How do we stop…?” It’s basically, “How do we…?”

BUCK: “How do we land the plane” but not to attribute it to you?

CLAY: Yeah, I saw it this morning and I thought, “Well, you know what…?” In the way that we have a lot of sneaky listeners out there that don’t want to acknowledge that they listen to the show — they might be liberal, they might have friends that they don’t want to know they’re listening to the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show.

This morning email the New York Times sent out, the first thing I woke up to, “How does this end?” and the whole article is about: Is it time to start moving back to normalcy? That’s the whole thing. How do we end it? How do we land the plane? The point I’m making here is a lot of what we’ve been saying for months and even years now is going to end up being the common conventional wisdom.

Now, it’s going to take a long time, and every single day there’s one more person, right? You’re out there listening right now, and you’re fed up with the whole way that America is being run, share the show with your friends because there’s a lot of people who don’t know we exist that will listen and they’ll be like, “I’m told I’m supposed to hate these guys.

“They’re the most honest, fact-based people anywhere in radio,” and over time we win by rationality triumphing which is why we spend so much time sharing actual facts. And among those facts: Masks don’t work, social distancing doesn’t work, mask mandates are not gonna work. All of these things are true.

Now, there are people that are upset that they are true because they challenge the narrative and the conventional wisdom of the left right now. But eventually, facts win. I really believe that. And over time, people who advocated for all these lockdowns are gonna look like people who said, “I’m in favor of the Vietnam War.” They’re almost not gonna exist anymore.

BUCK: We’re gonna go through different areas today where the libs are wrong. If you’re looking for an overarching theme: Wrong on the economy, wrong on crime, wrong on Rittenhouse, wrong on masks. Oh, my! We’re gonna get into all of it.


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