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The Rumors of Trump’s Demise Were Greatly Exaggerated

25 Jan 2023

Ever since he first announced in 2015, leftist Democrats and establishment Republicans have been digging Donald Trump’s political grave. Time and again, they’ve had to put off the funeral. Well, they overplayed their hand by raiding Mar-A-Lago — which was under Secret Service protection — only to find Joe Biden has documents stashed all over the place.

The flow showing no signs of stopping and the White House can’t even say if Biden has surrendered all the documents he was hoarding in places that put American security at risk.

The Russia hoax was gonna end Trump’s presidency, too, but there was no evidence and we recently had this delicious turn of events:

By the way, remember how January 6 was going to end Trump’s chances of a comeback once and for all? Not so fast on that either.

Everyone said Trump was toast after the midterms, but he’s bounced back in polls.

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