The Sexton Plan to Fight Crime: Stop Letting Criminals Go

23 Jun 2022

BUCK: I want to thank WIOD Miami, our wonderful iHeart affiliate, for hosting me here. I am down in the great state of Florida. Very nice here. I gotta say, you can feel the freedom just kind of wafting around. You’re like, “Oh, I feel so free here,” although New York, my home state — and, of course, I love all my WOR family. My home state has just gotten a little injection of freedom today courtesy of the Supreme Court decision.

But this will not be a surprise to you. The libs, they are very upset by this. They are not happy at all at the situation of the 6-3 decision that says you need a good cause, that you have to show a need beyond just being a person who wants to defend himself to conceal carry a weapon, just to review for everybody, proper cause law or proper cause as the part of the “may issue” regime for concealed carry pistol permits unconstitutional in the state, the six states — and the six states where that is currently the case, although not anymore.

So, we’ll discuss that. But there are a lot of libs who are very upset about this. Biden has said… It’s amazing to think that Biden was a lawyer, although he was the absolute bottom of his class from the Syracuse University law school in 1650 or whenever he went there. But his legal analysis, you would never think that he actually went to any law school nor had he practiced law. I really say this objectively.

It’s such a cheap thing to denigrate the intelligence of someone you disagree with but I really do believe and it’s important because he’s the commander-in-chief. I just think Biden’s a dumb person. Now, you could say, “Oh, but he’s president, how is that possible?” First of all, Democrats are the ones who say Trump is dumb, Bush is dumb, Bush — the other one, H. W. — was dumb. Every Republican. Reagan was dumb. They say they’re all dumb. We’re actually fair. I’ve said this to you before.

I like to establish that I call balls and strikes on these things. Barack Obama, bad ideas for policy, a lot about him that — and I don’t think he was the greatest genius in the history of the planet like Democrats do. Not dumb. Not a dumb guy. Not fair to say that he’s a dumb guy. Joe Biden’s dumb, and when you hear him talking about — and that was known among Democrats too.

Even my Democrat associates for years had said, “Everyone just knows. He’s mister, you know, grin and shake the hand and just sort of say the thing and kiss the baby’s head and his Irish charm.” He’s as Irish — literally as Irish as I am. I don’t know what this is all about. Everyone walks around saying Biden has all this Irish charm. Well, maybe they do. Luck of the Irish. But Biden says he’s deeply disappointed in this Second Amendment decision. And just says it goes against common sense. Explain to me why. Explain the legal objection to this if you would, right?

That’s what I want to hear. Where did the 6-3 majority err? Notice when we don’t like a Supreme Court decision, it’s, here’s where, as a matter of law, they got it wrong. When they, the Democrats on the left, don’t like a decision it’s, “Oh, my God. I’m so upset, like, there’s gonna be even more of the guns and the gun people, and they’re gonna just be wearing their trucker hats and NASCAR T-shirts and going to the gun ranges”, and they get very upset about this.

There’s a lot of liberal tears that are gonna be piling up. There are gonna be rivers of lib tears flowing over this decision. And, you know, if they could at least come up with an argument against it, I would listen to it. But they don’t. Here is, for example, the mayor of Chicago — and this will be our transition into actual gun violence problems and how Democrats make it all worse. The mayor of Chicago saying, well, she doesn’t like this decision. Goes against common sense. Play it.

BUCK: Tone-deaf? Think about this. It’s as though the mayor of Chicago, the third largest city in America, doesn’t know what the job of the Supreme Court is. It’s not to take the political measurements of the time. It’s not to figure out what the elites want at any given moment or even to use their own judgment as justices for what the best policy is. It is a matter of law and constitutionality. Tone-deaf? Notice she even invokes the Republican sellout senators, the sellout senators who decided to go along at this stage and give Biden a win that won’t keep anyone safer but will just create additional ways to harass law-abiding gun owners.

What was the point of that again, exactly? Why did these Republicans — and if you live in a very red state, you know, if you live in Kentucky, Mitch McConnell territory; if you live — I can’t even name all the states — live in Missouri, live in Utah, you live in, why are you voting for these individuals? Or at least please hold them to account. Now, they’re hoping you’ll forget about this ’cause only I think two of them are up for reelection of the Republican sellouts in this cycle. They’re hoping that you won’t remember what happened with this gun bill.

But notice Lightfoot says, “We’re moving in that…” Oh, you mean that that was just a step in the direction of further gun restriction and confiscation? This is going against the plan, the Supreme Court decision, don’t you see? Now, they make a big deal in the descent by Sotomayor and Breyer and Kagan about how many people died of — now, they say gun violence. A lot of it is actually suicide, which I think is always of course very serious, always need to be in a separate category from gun violence against other human beings, in terms of the criminal justice approach to these matters, right?

But they like to put those together because they want the numbers to be even higher, to have more impact. But if we want to bring down gun violence, I have an idea, an idea for Democrats, like Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago. I don’t mean this in general terms. I have a fascinating, you could say brilliant approach. I have this novel notion, I’ve come up with this mind-blowing strategy for how we, the American people, from cities to towns to rural counties, can be safer where there are Democrats running the police force and Democrats running the prosecutor’s offices.

Prosecute crimes and enforce the law. I know it’s crazy, and you can say I’m just getting way too out there on the edge here. But in my opinion, it would probably help us out if we stopped letting criminals go. And I could even drill this down into… I know you’re sitting there saying, wow, Buck, you’re a wild man with this stuff. I know. I know. Punish criminals. Stop agitating the law-abiding because you disagree with their politics and you don’t think that they should own guns under any circumstances and actually go after criminals. Because what they’re doing is the opposite.

Magazine limitations on rifles is meant to annoy tens of millions of Americans who have never broken any law and just want to have their Second Amendment rights without infringement. But prohibited possessor laws in major cities, people with multiple felony convictions who get caught with a loaded firearm on the street, do you think they might be a danger to the public? I think so. But these DAs, these progressive prosecutors, these Democrats, they find every way they can to not charge them, minimally charge them, let them walk.

Oh, yes, friends, that’s the game they’re playing right now. “Why is that?” they’d say? See, they don’t want you, the law-abiding, to be armed, but they also don’t want to really punish the criminal element when they’re armed. Now, there are obviously some gun prosecutions going on in all these jurisdictions. But they’re dismissing in Philadelphia half of prohibited possessor prosecutions, dismissing the case outright. Half of them? Does that sound right to anybody out there? Yeah. We know what’s going on.

In Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, the mayor, who’s just presided over a disaster of crime and criminality there — and we all know it. She’s terrible at her job. I’ve even had Democrats… I speak to a Democrat alderman in that city who said it’s outrageous. They just formalized and made permanent their no-pursuit policy. No foot pursuit by cops except under very specific circumstances. Now, they’ll point to, “Well, if it’s a serious felony, the cop can…”

All right. But the policy is no foot pursuit. So, if you’re a police officer and you see that one video, you know, put up on the internet, one video, even 15 seconds of it, seized out of context can result not just in the end of your career but in the destruction of your life, your incarceration, the ruination of your reputation and your family. What do we all think’s gonna happen when cops have to make that…? And, by the way, I’m not blaming the cops in this case.

I’m saying they’re gonna have to just look at the realities of being a police officer in Chicago. You chase when maybe you shouldn’t have chased, even if the person committed a crime, and then there’s a use-of-force exchange. Maybe you get sued. Maybe you lose your job. Maybe you go to prison. This was all done because of two individuals who were shot fleeing police, both of whom had guns, one of whom was firing the gun off into traffic, as if that’s not a threat of lethal incident right then and there.

Oh, but the lib media made a huge deal out of this; so now they made that policy. In New York, just to get everybody really attuned to how crazy this is, you can’t go to the store on my corner — as I’ve said to you so many times — and buy, really, anything that could be resold easily without lock and key, without an attendant coming over. And they just want to slow down, they want to make it more annoying to steal.

That obviously doesn’t even stop somebody from stealing. You can just have attendant come, fill the bag or have the clerk come, fill the bags up that you want to steal, and just walk out. And the police aren’t gonna do anything about it. This is true in every major city really now in the country with maybe a handful of exceptions — New York, Houston, Los Angeles, maybe Houston’s a little better. You could tell me that. But Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, you steal; you’re not gonna get in much trouble if any trouble.

And if you want proof of it, here is the story at the New York Post: “A shoplifter with 122 busts under his belt [arrests] was released on his own recognizance Wednesday [yesterday] thanks to controversial bail reform laws” passed in New York. My friends, I think it’s fair to say that with you have been arrested 120 times, you’re a criminal and there needs to be punishment, and sure we could talk about rehabilitation, we could have all those discussions, but you need to be taken off the streets because you are creating an atmosphere of disorder and also preying upon your fellow human beings in a way that is unacceptable.

And for anyone who says, “Oh, but we can’t have cops. What are they gonna do! They’re gonna arrest somebody for shoplifting, gonna wrestle them to the ground? You really want them to use the force of the state?” And of course, there’s so much of this that comes down to their claims of disproportionate impact against minorities, minority men in particular, and therefore the enforcement of these laws that are universally applicable is somehow racist. It’s not true, but that’s what they will say.

And all the while I just have to remind everybody, we’ve gone through a time where Democrats were fine with sending cops in to wrestle people to the ground to arrest them and humiliate them for failure to wear a mask on an airplane. We have gone through a time where Democrats were willing to arrest priests and rabbis who wanted to have worship services but, oh, the state said no. Of course, it’s a blatant violation of the First Amendment.

Best Buy was open but your church was closed. Don’t forget that. These people that say, oh, we don’t want to use the force of the state. It’s just stuff. This is the AOC line. It’s just things. You shouldn’t use state violence to protect property. Oh, but they were willing to use state violence unjustly, I might add, for the stupidity of making people double mask or get the vaccine or, you name it.

Oh, they are all too fond of using the force of the state when you’ve done nothing wrong. But there are other people out there who can get arrested 122 times and they don’t want the state to come down on them too harsh. Too harsh a manner. Not acceptable to the libs today. And that’s why we have the disorder and that’s why we have the misery in all these cities.


BUCK: I don’t like to be mean. Welcome back to Clay and Buck. This is Buck, and that was the governor of New York. Is she able to even read the Constitution on her own? Does she have the reading comprehension required? I do wonder, because that is the single dumbest argument that I think anyone ever makes around these issues, which is, “Well, they had only had muskets then, so when it comes to a free press, that doesn’t include the interwebs, ’cause the interwebs is not like a quill pen and ink and all the stuff that we used to protect.

“You can’t protect speech on the interwebs. It’s just for parchment paper!” The dumbest arguments imaginable, made by the governor of New York, my friends. When I tell you these people are dumb, I don’t say it for effect. I am observing reality, and so they can be as upset as they want. Wow, are they gonna be upset I think if that decision from the Supreme Court comes down tomorrow on abortion, as is expected. Gonna be a long weekend for a lot of libs.

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