The Woman King Rewrites History of Slavery in Africa

23 Sep 2022

There’s a movie out called The Woman King with Oscar winner Viola Davis about a tribe of female warriors in West Africa in the 1700s, 1800s.

It’s fascinating. Also, a book recommendation: The Amazons of Black Sparta.

As for the film, people have figured out that there’s a problem here. They’re holding up this tribe best known for enriching itself by enslaving and murdering fellow Africans as the heroes. And there’s a backlash and #BoycottwWomanKing because leftists want the black woman to be the heroine against the evil white guy colonizer, but they dare show the historical fact of Africans enslaving Africans.

This is just history, folks, but woke history and what we described as presentism has taken over the left.

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