There’s Something You Should Know About Dr. Fauci

20 Jan 2022

BUCK: Fauci. This is a guy who I wish had missed a lot of days of work by resigning or being fired, even better, a long time ago. This is the New York Post. I just think this is so perfect. I’ve told you all I think he’s a little lab coat tyrant, and he absolutely is. He’s also a megalomaniac, it’s clear. I think this is a guy who — and yes, he is also a notable alumni from my high school, which is a fun fact.

But this is a guy for whom his entire life has been building to this moment, and he has seized it with everything he has, and this is what he lives for: To be in the center of this. He is the, in his mind, four-star general of the war against covid, right? He’s the theater commander, so to speak, of this battle against covid. Now, of course, they’ve overrun our defenses. They’ve made a mockery of most of what we’ve done.

Fauci is essentially the architect of an epidemiological Maginot Line that he goes around now saying, “Oh, I did a great job. I’m the best. I’m amazing! If you question me, you question science,” which is remarkable. But I would add that you know how there was a time when Gretchen Whitmer who was really the queen of the lockdowns, you’ll recall, the governor of Michigan?

Prominently displayed so you could see it during her televised pressers, she had a Fauci pillow in the background. It might as well have said, “In Fauci We Trust” embroidered on it, but she had a little Fauci pillow, just to let everybody know what team she was playing for the whole time. Team Fauci. Well, if you think that it’s only people who are trying to score points who are in elected office, I got news for you. It’s Fauci himself.

Reporting from the New York Post that Fauci, in his home office — get this — has a painting, a big painting of his face on the wall and his own bobblehead doll on the table. (impression) “So in case anyone’s wondering, ‘Am I the greatest fighter of virus in the history of the human race?’ I would have to look at the data and do a complex assessment of meticulous nature to let you know, yes. I am the single greatest fighter of virus in history. I am Lord Fauci! Bow before my greatness.”

This is where we are. This is who is the primary voice. Oh, forget about what he said about covid in the past. Forget about all this stuff when it came to blocking transmission and masking and how effective it would be and lockdowns and just go through all how he wouldn’t stand up for opening schools in the fall of 2021 because he’s a coward. Forget about all that.

Sometimes I think an external voice can be really helpful in understanding what’s going on here. Sometimes you hear somebody outside the U.S. discussing a problem they have, and it illuminates. “Wow, we’ve got something just like that going on here!” For example, a young British political commentator named Sophie Corcoran talked on a British TV about this, ’cause Britain has just ended masking by government decree.

Let me say this now: The second they can’t arrest you in this country for refusing to mask or kicking you off a plane, you’re gonna have huge numbers of people stop masking altogether. It’s only force of government that makes people do this, okay? Most of us have realized this is idiocy. Not everybody. Thirty percent of the country’s insane and still watches MSNBC and CNN — actually much less than that because they have crappy ratings, but you know what I’m saying.

They believe those ideas. Britain has gotten rid of mask mandates by government as of, I think, next week. Done. Gone. Hmm. Interesting. I guess they want to have a big experiment in mass death or whatever the libs will say about it. But here’s this young British political commentator talking about the impact that lockdowns and masking had on her, and other young people like her. Listen.

SOPHIE CORCORAN: They literally ruined our lives (choking up) and nobody sp… nobody spoke about it at all, and the commentators… They had union reps come in and say, “This is what the school should have put in place,” and they didn’t care about what this did to us! (crying) And this is the first time I have spoken about it on TV, because I knew that I’d cry about it.

But I literally watched and felt like my entire life was falling apart (sniff) because of what this government did to young people — and nobody cared! Not one person has cared about children in this pandemic. They think, “Oh, that’s great!” Why aren’t we putting masks on them where people can go to football stadiums and they can go to theaters and yet we’re disrespecting kids? This pandemic’ll finish. The damage this has done for us is forever, and we’ll never get it back.

BUCK: She’s absolutely right. The lockdowners, the Fauciites made kids suffer more needlessly than anybody else during this pandemic. Young people, who had the least risk from the virus and were the least likely to transmit it to anybody else to begin with, they made them suffer the most. And they don’t care about what they’ve done to these kids. They think they’re the good guys. They think that the people who shut down schools did so because “they wanted to keep everybody safe.” They shut down schools because they’re lazy and they’re cowards! It was reckless to do this. It was not rooted in science. It was not rooted in the truth.

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