They’re Coming for Your Children, So What Will You Do?

7 Oct 2021

BUCK: We had said we would get to Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who was on Face the Nation talking about putting needles in kids’ arms here. This is what we’re really talking about. Let’s just all be very blunt and honest about the situation. Children, as we have discussed so many times — as Clay has said, at risk of — are at greater risk of drowning, greater risk of being killed in a car accident on the way to school.

CLAY: Seasonal flu or of being murdered.

BUCK: Being murdered. There’s all these things. And you don’t sit around terrified about the prospect of your child, you know, falling down the stairs, which is probably also more dangerous. The point here being, they don’t care. They don’t care. They want to go forward with all of this stuff and here is Dr. Gottlieb talking about how, “Oh, yeah, don’t worry! The vaccine for kids, that’s coming too.”

REPORTER: The CEO of Pfizer, uh, the company, uh, you serve on the board of, affirmed today that data on vaccinations for 5- to 11-year-olds will be going to the FDA in a matter of days. Is that confirming your schedule of vaccines by Halloween?

GOTTLIEB: Yeah, I think that’s still possible. FDA has said that the review is gonna be a matter of weeks, not months. I — I interpret that to mean potentially a four-week review, maybe a six-week review. So, I think on the low end it could take four weeks, and that could give you a vaccine by Halloween. If it slips a little, it could be mid-November.

BUCK: There’s so much here, Clay. And you have kids. And we want to invite people, by the way, who have children — Clay and I were talking about this in the commercial — to please call in. What are you gonna do if your school district…? ‘Cause they’re doing it in California. They’re mandating it in California.

We got our KEIB listeners we got our listeners in Sacramento and in San Diego. So, what are you gonna do? We want to know. But let’s just start with this, Clay: A four-week review period. We’re supposed to feel really good about that. How many months ago was it that we were told this vaccine was going to be durable, you’d be done and you’d be 90 to 95% protected when you got the shot?

CLAY: And you would never need a booster potentially.

BUCK: But four, five months ago? That was the extent of vaccine knowledge a few months ago. Now they’re saying, “Oh, don’t worry! We’re gonna review how it affects your 6-year-old for at least a few weeks, man, and we got it.” I’m sorry, I think people allowed to think, “What the heck is going on here?”

CLAY: Yeah, and also when are we gonna start to raise issues here that Scott Gottlieb sits on the board of Pfizer? Again, this is big. I want people to listen carefully to this. Conflicts matter. We know that bias in particular in medicine has been proven, even for doctors, to be influential when it comes to which medicines they request based on all of the drug reps. If you remember the drug rep business, they had mostly male doctors; they would send in 25-year-old smokin’ hot girls to tell them why to prescribe things. I mean, this was the business.

BUCK: I remember going on a few dates with a few former reps.

CLAY: I bet you dated some of those good-looking drug reps in New York. It’s a great job to get. If you’re a 25-26-year-old recent college graduate, you would go talk to all of the different doctors. The drug rep would say, “Hey, you need to be prescribing X drug instead of Y drug and let me give you the case for why that is,” and they found that those…

It wasn’t coincidence that they were making the choice to do that. They knew that it was an effective way to move their product, to sell it through doctors and increase the amount that they were prescribing it. The reason why I bring that up is, Buck, Scott Gottlieb who is being interviewed there, sits on the board of Pfizer.

Do you think that Pfizer might have a really compelling reason to want as many people as vaccinated as possible? Buck, I saw that we have created new billionaires. I saw the study coming out of the most wealthy people in the past few years.

BUCK: Moderna. The two Moderna founders are on the top, among the richest hundred or 200 people in the world now.

CLAY: That’s right. Their drug is being required out there. I would just say this in general: Be skeptical of multibillion-dollar corporations that have minted billionaires who have a monopoly or a license to require their product to be used by you.

BUCK: And no liability! They have no liability! The government has said, “You must get this shot, you have no choice, and if it messes you up…” This is a fact. I know everyone wants to jump on this. The J&J shot just caused a woman to die who was otherwise young and healthy in Washington State. That is a fact.

That is now agreed upon even by the Washington health bureau, whatever it’s called. And now we have a moment here, Clay, where we have to look at this and say, “Hold on a second. They’re gonna mandate this vaccine in schools for kids?” Obviously, Clay, they know that there’s not gonna be enough voluntary compliance to get a large percentage, to get all the kids vaccinated.

CLAY: And, by the way, if you’re a parent and you want your kid to be vaccinated? I don’t think it makes sense based on the risk profile for covid, but you have the right to make that choice.

BUCK: Just like you have the right to overmedicate your kids for ADHD or to do all kinds of things. There’s a lot of choices that parents get to make, right or wrong. They’re parents. They’re allowed to make them. I sit here and I see the trajectory. You see where this is going, and California has mandated it at the state level.

Does anyone think that Hochul, the new governor of New York State, for example, is gonna allow California to have the mantle of “the most protective of children from covid”? Of course not. It’s like an arms race of Fauciism all the time for these Democrats.

Who can be on the forefront of being the most extreme in what they’re willing to do? They’re gonna say your kid has to get the shot. By the way, think about what’s gonna happen, Clay, when people start to feel like their kids are having side effects, if they’re kids have nasty side effects to this.

CLAY: Your kids aren’t at risk from covid.


CLAY: We get a lot of parents who want to weigh in about the idea of mandatory vaccinations for the school age children 5 to 11, which is what Dr. Scott Gottlieb said he expects to potentially be permissible. Again, if you want to go get your kid vaccinated for covid, I think you should be able to do that. But the idea of what Gavin Newsom is doing in California, and what I believe many other governors are going to try to do as well and try to mandate all school children is a major red flag and a big “no” from me.

As a parent of a 6-year-old and an 11-year-old, my kids are not getting vaccinated for covid. I think they probably already had it, because both my wife and I have had covid. We haven’t gotten them antibody tested. But we know they’re at virtually no risk from covid and it makes no sense to put this vaccine in their body, in my opinion. But some of you my disagree; some of you may agree.

Let’s go to Danielle first up on the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show.

CALLER: Hello! I just wanted to say that my message is very simple: “We will not comply,” and that is precisely the opposite of being a domestic terrorist.

CLAY: Amen.

CALLER: We’re just not going to consent. We’re withdrawing consent, right? We’re just taking the consent away. That has nothing to do with violence.

CLAY: Danielle, where do you live? What state?

CALLER: I live in California. I’m in San Diego Unified School District.

BUCK: Danielle, can I ask you? My understanding is that first of all, Newsom said there will be a mandate for children to get vaccinated for next fall. The vaccine hasn’t even been approved for children yet. That’s for the 12-and-up age-group, I guess, but I’m sure they’ll expand that. Where do teachers fall under this? Are they finally now forced to get the shot or lose their jobs, or have they still been stalling?

CALLER: Well, it’s interesting. They actually are — under the mandate — allowed religious exemptions where our children basically are not.

CLAY: That’s interesting. Thank you for the call. I think it’s gonna be a major challenge. I told you, Buck, that my phone started ringing as soon as this mandate was announced.

BUCK: It’s a big plot by the Tennessee and Texas… I don’t know. It’s not the Tourism Board, the Come Live Here board, whoever’s in charge of that, whoever’s in charge of recruitment.

CLAY: It is the best pitch they could have.

BUCK: And, by the way, recruitment for moving into red state than Gavin Newsom or Kathy Hochul in New York State. Chris in Chicago, Illinois, has got some thoughts on this one. What’s up, Chris, speaking of blue states?

CALLER: Yeah, yeah. Gentlemen, it’s a pleasure and honor to speak to the two of you.

CLAY: You too.

CALLER: So I’ve got a 5-year-old son and a 3-year-old daughter. And for this year, my 5-year-old — who was and is now in kindergartener — we decided to homeschool him because of the mask mandate here and hope that, okay, well, maybe this dumb mask thing will dissipate and next year we can send them to public school or elsewhere.

Now, we’re starting to hear about this vaccine mandate and I’m sure it’s gonna be the new rage once New York and San Francisco do it. Chicago, I’m sure, will jump on board on that. It’s frustrating because, you know, we’re not following the science, number one. Number two, I’m a homeowner. I pay property taxes, and that money goes to the public schools.

Okay? And so why am I gonna have to be paying those property taxes and not be able to send my son to school because of their discriminatory policies? Okay? And not only that, my son, he has allergies. He has not had any vaccines for several years, in consultation with his doctor. And on top of that, you have the Archdiocese of Chicago which has mandated vaccines for all their employees. So even the archdiocesan schools aren’t an option either. So it’s just beyond ridiculous.

BUCK: Chris, we appreciate you weighing in on this and telling us. We haven’t heard from anybody in Chicago in a while on this issue so thanks for calling in and telling everybody what’s going on there.


BUCK: Scottsdale, Arizona. Natalia, what’s going on?

CALLER: I want to talk about the vaccine mandate, the shot for the kids. Unh-uh. These people are forgetting, like, for me, for instance, I gave birth to my children; they did not. So you don’t tell me what to do with my kids, and that goes to most of America. You don’t tell people what to do with their kids! We raise them. We feed them. We clothe them. We do everything and we know them better than they do. How dare… How dare they come and try to tell us what to do with our children! Sorry, Antichrist Fauci, I won’t listen to you.

BUCK: Someone who dislikes Fauci at the level that yours truly does. (laughing)

CLAY: By the way, I think Natalia speaks for a lot of Scottsdale area moms. Just gonna toss that out there. I think there’s a lot of moms in Scottsdale and all over the country. But I think a lot of the moms and dads who were the most adamantly opposed to the idea of mandatory vaccines are very well educated.

And that’s what I think the caricature of the anti-vax movement, which isn’t anti-vaccine. I’m not anti-vaccines when the vaccines are necessary. They keep, Buck, trying to say, “Well, George Washington vaccinated his army against smallpox.” Yeah, ’cause almost everybody who got smallpox died.

BUCK: We actually have Vivek Murthy today saying this, making that same pitch. If we have it, guys, let’s play it. I think it would be…

MURTHY: Vaccine requirements are not new. In 1777, President (sic) George Washington required soldiers to be inoculated against smallpox. In the 1800s, many public schools began to require vaccines for their students. During World War II, the U.S. military required their troops to be vaccinated against a number of diseases including typhoid, tetanus, and yellow fever. There have been a number of instances throughout history where we have made a decision as a society to abide by common rules that protect the common good.

BUCK: Yeah, yeah, the speed limit, yeah, helmets, we get it. Right, sure. One thing is that as you pointed out, 30% of all people infected with smallpox die. Smallpox highly infectious, 30% of people die. But beyond that — everyone should remember this one — the experts at the time? George Washington got a bacterial infection. You know what the experts at the time did? They drained his blood and almost certainly killed him. So that’s what the geniuses, the Faucis of Washington’s era demanded: Let’s drain this guy’s blood while he has a bacterial infection.

CLAY: Yeah, and look, if covid was killing 30% of people, I’d be saying, “Yeah, we gotta all get the vaccine. Everyone’s gotta get it.”

BUCK: Yeah, if it was killing everybody, if this was like the bubonic plague, I’d say we gotta do what we gotta do.

CLAY: Yes. It’s not doing that, and it’s not killing any kids. Again, I would just say to everybody out there, no school has ever mandated the flu shot, that I’m aware of. No school in my lifetime has ever said, “If you don’t get the flu shot, you’re not allowed to attend school.”

And the flu, the seasonal flu kills far more children every year than covid has. We also never have mandated masks for the seasonal flu. If you’re not going to treat the seasonal flu which is far more dangerous to young children than covid, then what have you been doing for the last generations as it pertains to the seasonal flu?

BUCK: We’ve all been mass murderers every wintertime and Christmas without knowing it just by breathing, Clay. That’s what we’re supposed to think. We’re all such bad people.


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