This Clip Is the Reason Ron DeSantis Took on Woke Disney and Won

Clay played this shocking clip of Disney’s anti-American, hateful propaganda and drew a direct line to their tanking bottom line. There’s a silent majority that agrees with him that 2nd graders like his don’t need to be stuffed full of outrageous content.

Plus, you remember recently they had to shutdown the iconic Splash Mountain because someone decided it was racist. Really? This is what you spend your money on, Disney?

No wonder they dumped their woke CEO and turned back to Bob Iger to right the ship and expunge wokeness.

Walt Disney is rolling over in his grave. This company is losing money, Disney+ subscriptions are cratering, and so the leftists who run the company and mock capitalism are hiking prices. Long gone are the days of Clay’s childhood when you could get a spot at the Magic Kingdom camping grounds for $15, by the way.

In Florida, they used to say you couldn’t take on Disney and win. But you can’t shy away from the big battles and stand for this garbage in the culture or be silent as they’re pushing radicalism on little kids. Governor Ron DeSantis resisted those who say we should be ashamed of our history and he won. Now, the free market is sending that same message.

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