Tone-Deaf Dems Have Fired Up the Trump Train for 2024

CLAY: Reports are out there that MSNBC star (chuckles) Joe Scarborough may be offered $20 million to go to CNN. He currently appears on a morning show that is not very highly watched on MSNBC, and he’s got a lot of really bad takes, Buck, including…

BUCK: (laughing) Yes.

CLAY: We talked about it earlier. I’m not sure sure I’ve seen anything galvanize Republicans more around Trump since November 2020 than the reaction to the FBI raid on his private residence at Mar-a-Lago. Meanwhile, Joe Scarborough sees this same reaction and says, “Trump is destroying the Republican Party.”

That’s what he said yesterday or today, whenever it was. He’s an idiot. Listen.

SCARBOROUGH: If Democrats ten years ago could have put together a plot to destroy the modern Republican Party and find a guy who could win in 2016 but then lose the House and lose the Senate and then lose the White House — and then, two years later, pick carpetbaggers who are crazy kooks who really aren’t gonna do well in the general election — nobody can be that smart. I mean, Trump is doing more than destroy the Republican Party than Teddy Kennedy ever dreamed of doing.

CLAY: I don’t know how tone-deaf they are, honestly, with how poorly Democrats play outside of New York and L.A. I really don’t think they have any clue.

BUCK: Republicans should take some advice here insofar as whatever Joe Scarborough tells them they should do, do the opposite of that thing. Whenever he says, “This is going to play really well in the heartland,” do the opposite of what Joe Scarborough is telling you to do. And he leaves out in this analysis. It reminds me when they used to do, “Who’s committing all the terrorism in America?” They would have the chart, and you go that chart doesn’t seem… Oh, they’re cutting 9/11 out of it.

CLAY: Yeah, right.

BUCK: And then all of a sudden, they look at the other terrorism that occurs. Libs love to do that, by the way. It’s a constant graphing trick that they do, graphics trick that they put up. It reminds me of this where you leave out Trump came into office beating Hillary Clinton and the entire Democrat machine and handing Republicans the House and the Senate as part of the Trump wave! That needs to be a part of the discourse too. It can’t just be, “Yeah, there’s a once-in-a-century pandemic and Republicans have a bad year at the end of Trump’s first term because Democrats terrified and mentally destroyed everybody.”

CLAY: And it wasn’t even a bad year! You know, 75 million votes, winning almost the House, gaining seats. If things hadn’t gone awry in Georgia, which is the one thing I think you could point to and say —

BUCK: That’s the inexcusable loss.

CLAY: Yeah. That’s the one where you can point to and say: Trump cost two seats in Georgia. But outside of that, I don’t buy into anything that Scarborough’s saying here.