USA Today Ousts Lib Journo for Saying Pregnant People Are Women

27 Jun 2022

BUCK: You know that the journos are woke. That’s obvious at this point. They are left wing in their thinking, in their biases, and it’s very important to them that they be extremely woke because otherwise they don’t think that their peers will respect them or they just know their peers will oust them, get them fired. Now, sometimes these cases come up, these instances happen, you say, “All right. I get it. Maybe that wasn’t a great tweet,” or, “I wouldn’t have phrased it that way and they were way too harsh and no forgiveness and they boot somebody out.” Clay and I will often take the perspective on this of, “Come on, can’t we all be adults here?” You know, even when Dave Weigel recently got into a bunch of trouble. Weigel, Weigel, I don’t know how to say his name properly —

CLAY: I thought it was a pretty funny joke. Not like it’s groundbreaking, but on Twitter did you laugh when you saw the joke?

BUCK: I can neither confirm or deny. But definitely —

CLAY: I chuckled. I chuckled at the joke. I was like, all right, and, by the way —

BUCK: He retweeted the joke, right? Like no one thought it wasn’t a joke and it wasn’t even his joke. He just retweeted it, which is really the digital media equivalent of laughing at somebody else’s joke, in a sense, right? I mean, it’s like effectively he wrote LOL and got in trouble for that.

CLAY: I’ll tell the joke, because people may not have heard it, and I’m paraphrasing, “Every girl is bi. You just have to figure out if it’s bisexual or bipolar.”

BUCK: I think that’s exactly the joke, by the way. I think you nailed it.

CLAY: Nailed it. All right.

BUCK: That was the joke.

CLAY: If you snickered at all at that joke, you effectively reacted as he did, that’s why I kind of laughed. It wasn’t like it’s the greatest joke that’s ever been told.

BUCK: And at the Washington Post, if you laugh at that joke — if you publicly laugh at that joke in some way — they want you to know that you’re definitely gonna get suspended for a month without pay —

CLAY: A month without pay, Buck.

BUCK: Of course.

CLAY: That is crazy to me like, token that you can be suspended for just for laughing basically at that joke.

BUCK: It’s outrageous, okay. Remember, he’s a big lib and I’m sure Weigel has cheered on a bunch of conservatives getting fired, whatever. But we can have standards even if they don’t or rather we can speak honestly even if they’re just gonna go along with the mob demanding every conservative get destroyed because we are fighting for a free society here and for a better country. But this one even goes further than that one, because now we’re getting to the point where the little commissars, meaning the diversity and inclusion committees at the biggest newsrooms in the country, are able to edit opinion work.

They’re able to edit editorials, meaning to change the wording to suit their political whims, all based on diversity and inclusion. This guy David Mastio has written about this in the New York Post. He was at Gannett, which is like a parent company owns a bunch of these things and USA Today for 25 years. Clay, this was amazing. He responded… Okay, this guy was at USA Today, the editorial board there, editorial page there, for 25 years, and his crime is that when USA Today wrote something about how, “People can get pregnant.” He wrote, “‘People who are pregnant’ are also known as ‘women.’”

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: That is what he did, okay? “‘People who are pregnant are also ‘women,’” as in, if you are pregnant with a child in your uterus, you are a human female, a woman.

CLAY: Biologically, 100% true, and I think we should mention there’s this continue focus on saying “pregnant people,” right? You can’t say pregnant women. You have to say “pregnant people,” right? Okay. This is a battle, the cultural battle that is occurring across the nation in many of these places.

BUCK: Now, he points out that at a lot of papers that are Gannett’s own papers — Indy Star, Enquirer, the Oklahoman — have gotten rid of any effort to even have a conservative. I grew up… I will admit this. I grew up reading the New York Times. I grew up reading as a New Yorker, William Safire and Maureen Dowd, and these were some of the… Now, I found my own columnists as I got a little bit older but that was the household paper. We got delivery of the Times.

But there were right leaning columnists, someone like a William Safire, right? It did exist. You could have this, you would find this. Even Ross Douthat now is kind of an inoffensive conservative over at the New York Times, inoffensive to the left, an erudite fellow but not particularly effective. And then this you have David Mastio telling us that they’re getting rid of this at all these newspapers. Clay, they brought him in because he said — and he had to face the diversity equity and inclusion committee at USA Today, and they fired him, effectively, for saying this.

This is from a Twitter thread.

Also known as biological females, women. That’s Susan Miller, a USA Today news editor

Did you see this, Clay?

CLAY: No, I didn’t see this part.

BUCK: “Casting toilet cleaners in a negative light.” That’s classism, they say.

Anyway, you get the point. I think he actually might have left after they demoted him, and now he’s writing about this. But, Clay, folks, this is straight-up Soviet commissar level stuff at one of the biggest newspaper entities in the country.

CLAY: They think that they are the good guys. And that is so much of what I have to deal with. It sounds pathetic and absurd, and many people out there right now are rolling their eyes over it, but this is what being in the sports media is like today. There is a big article up right now where there are woke journalists upset that the NFL did not follow the lead of the NBA and condemn the Supreme Court decisions in overturning Roe v. Wade and maybe the NFL is going to end up doing it before all is said and done.

But if you’re sitting around right now and you’re thinking to yourself, why in the world should I care what a sports league thinks about a Supreme Court opinion dealing with abortion, you’re not alone. This is the kind of question that I’ve been asking for a long time. And so what — that USA Today infiltration of diversity and inclusion to take over everything, every aspect of their newspaper, is why it’s a slow suicide from the media in general, Buck, because I’ll ask you this.

Who in the world subscribes to the USA Today? Whether you like or dislike the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal or the Washington Post, there are people out there — and I subscribe to both the Times and the Post and the Wall Street Journal ’cause I want to make sure that I read everything that I possibly can. But there are people out there who are strong advocates of those brands. Buck, do you know anyone who’s like, I love the USA Today. There’s nothing I love more than getting my USA Today to be able to read? It’s written for fourth graders. They used to give it by a for free at every hotel. I don’t even know where you can hardly get the USA Today.

BUCK: Can I…? I should point out that this David Mastio fellow is kind of a lunatic lib. Just so everyone understands, he’s not a conservative. So it’s interesting, I think.

CLAY: I think you’re right. When he wrote that Trump wasn’t fit to clean the toilets, I didn’t think, “Classic.” I thought, “This is not a dude who is a big Trump guy.”

BUCK: Oh, it goes more than that. He wrote, “As surely as the terrorists of 9/11 wanted to tear down American democracy in 2001, the terrorists of January 6th wanted to tear down our democracy as well — and unlike the September 11th attackers, they’re going to get another chance for trying to oust…” This was in defense of Liz Cheney in Republican leadership. So the guy’s a big lib.

CLAY: Yep.

BUCK: So I’m not sitting here crying a bunch of big tears for him. That’s not the point. The point is — and I actually think this illustrates it better than people might have even anticipated — even a woke lib is no longer allowed to say, “Only women can get pregnant.” They won’t even give you the slack on that issue. It’s too important to the apparatus to force people to affirm that lie, which it is. It is a lie.

CLAY: It’s a hundred percent a lie. And that’s why first hour I do think one of the themes of the next couple of years is going to Democrats getting their ass kicked in elections and suddenly Democrats, who may still hate Trump and everything else, but are willing to acknowledge that airs a biological difference between men and women and going to be allowed to speak out again because of the toxicity that this diversity and inclusion racket has created.

BUCK: I think a lot of those people who can recognize the difference between men and women are called Hispanics, which is great, meaning they’re gonna be coming to the Republican side, which is fantastic, and they are, I think, done on the diversity, woke politics of this. I think a lot of the folks that have had enough here have seen enough of the true woke leftism are… I mean, remember, Hispanics are overwhelmingly Catholic.

We’re seeing all these indicators they be coming — and, of course, come to the GOP, please. We cannot welcome you warmly enough. And inning that’s one part of this. But also, Clay, a country where you cannot say women are the only people who can get pregnant, therefore a pregnant person is known as a woman is kind of a miserable, awful place in a lot of ways, right? Because if you are not free to speak the truth, you’re not free to say anything.

CLAY: Amen. And there’s also a big difference between saying, “Hey, if you want to pick your gender and you’re an adult, I’m not gonna get wrapped up in what gender choices you’re making.” And asking me to affirm a falsehood as to your gender choice, right? There’s a difference between “I am a woman and I’m deciding to identify as a man,” and saying, “Hey, men can get pregnant.” No, no, no. That is a hundred percent a falsehood. A woman who identifies as a man can get pregnant, but women are the only people in the world who can have babies —

BUCK: If a man can have a baby, this is a true miracle of biology, and we need to know about this ASAP. Show up the man who can have a baby, and I will recant. I will recant.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: But I think, Clay, this is a safe bet. I think if we put a steak bet down against some libs on this one, we’d be going out to eat on their dime.

CLAY: Women are undefeated when it comes to motherhood. Undefeated, can’t beat ’em. They are the champions of pregnancy.

BUCK: Batting a thousand.

CLAY: Batting a thousand, throughout world history.


CLAY: Buck, do you remember the argument that we heard a lot when we were kids? Sometimes women would say, “If men were able to get pregnant, then,” right? They would make an argument after that. Your mom probably said it at some point. I imagine my mom said it. My wife said it. Well, Gina Darling, who evidently is a game show host online, has a couple hundred thousand Twitter follows. She was upset about the Roe v. Wade decision, and he tweeted:

So, they came after her; two days later, she followed up. So, everybody out there, just so you know, you can no longer say, if you are a left-winger, “If men were able to” anything, pregnant. It’s transphobic if you try this.

BUCK: You just did a quick scroll through any form of social media on Friday when the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade came down, all of a sudden — and many people noticed this and commented on it — all the Democrats on TV knew what a woman was again. It was a fascinating circumstance. For a while it was, “We don’t know what a a woman is! A woman is a person who identifies as a woman.” No. For Friday’s purposes, a woman was a biological female who, generally speaking at a certain age range, is capable of giving birth to a child. That’s what a woman was for the day, but now they’re gonna have to force themselves to forget that.

CLAY: Gonna be back to anybody can get pregnant, anybody can be a woman. Doesn’t matter whether you have no ovaries, doesn’t matter whether you are a biological female. This is the argument. What’s so funny about this, Buck, is they spent so much time arguing they’re the party of science, and they have completely given it all up.

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