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USA Today Smears “Right-Wing Extremist” Clay, Former BYU Hoops Player Weighs In

7 Sep 2022

We can’t even keep up with all the attacks that we get on a day-to-day basis out there in the media.

The newspaper they have to give away for free, USA Today, has an piece defending this Duke volleyball player.

They’re attacking anyone who is daring to raise questions about the fact that there isn’t a single bit of corroborating evidence of her allegations that BYU shouted racial slurs at her.

They say “right-wing extremist Clay Travis” dares to question whether a racial slur was uttered. Isn’t that the job of media, to dig through the claims and allegations in an effort to find the truth?

A former BYU women’s basketball player — and a woman of color, by the way — called us up to defend the BYU community, which has been called racist.

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