USC and UCLA Leave Pac-12 for Big Ten

30 Jun 2022

CLAY: They do a funny segment on Fox News where it’s Dana talks about sports, and I feel like Buck talks about sports could be a segment. Have you seen them do that on Fox News on America Reports?


CLAY: Bill Hemmer.

BUCK: I will throw a flag on this one because I like to play the sports. I know the sports from the playing of the sports. I just don’t watch the leagues where the people are playing for money.

CLAY: Okay, but you, even on your timeline — for those of you out there who are listening to us, a lot of people listening in California — reports are that UCLA and USC are leaving the PAC-12 to join the Big Ten. The Big Ten has got 14 members right now. I know they’re the Big Ten, but they got 14 numbers. It appears they’re moving to 16. They would join the Southeastern Conference where Oklahoma and Texas are soon to join.

And for those of you out there in Austin listening to us right now, one of the cities that we are number one in — one of many. We will be in Austin, Texas, for the Alabama against Texas game in Austin on September 10th. But, Buck, your timeline — which, obviously, has a lot of political-related leanings because you’re directly from the political world, even on your timeline — people are reacting to USC and UCLA.

BUCK: They’re reacting to this like North Korea just invaded Santa Barbara, California, and we need to, like, get all hands on deck here or something. Yeah, they’re freaking out.

CLAY: You were telling me during a break, this is wild even on your timeline. This is a big story, and I told you off air that a story like this would be breaking and then, boom! It pops.

BUCK: Can I ask you a question that may actually get you in a little trouble, but I know you don’t care so you’ll answer it. Are college football fans generally more devoted than professional league fans?

CLAY: Oh, by far.

BUCK: Really?

CLAY: By far. There is a connection to a college football team that is far deeper, in general, than the connection that exists in the NFL. So, if you’re living in New York City right now, Giants and Jets? Your dad came in the studio and talked about being a big Giants fan. For people right now who are listening to us who are big SC or UCLA fans — or if you’re an Ohio State or Michigan fan listening to us right now — you are far more devoted to those schools that are than you are to your favorite teams.

BUCK: I got that sense in Tuscaloosa, I gotta say. This is a whole other level.

CLAY: It’s a ride or die with the college football program.

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