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Vermont Covid Stats Could Tell Us Where We’re Going

21 Sep 2021

CLAY: I wanted to hit on this because one of the conversation points we’ve been having is, “What would happen if everybody got vaccinated?” Let’s just pretend that there was a hundred percent vaccination rate in the country. Well, Israel and England have a higher vaccination rate than us; so that gives us some idea. But Vermont — and I’m quoting from @ianmSC who does, if you don’t follow him, phenomenal graphics.

He just does outstanding graphical analysis of these situations, and Vermont has a massively high vaccination rate. Some of you listening to us, I’m sure, are in Vermont right now. Vermont has 88% of adults and 99% of everyone over 65 at least partially vaccinated. So Vermont is basically the most vaccinated state in the United States.

It’s 88% of adults, 99% of everyone over 65 at least partially vaccinated. And right now, Vermont is setting new records in terms of the overall number of daily cases in Vermont. So, Buck, I tweeted out this graphic. You can go check it out yourself. We don’t know how much higher this number is going to go.

But right now they have broken through the levels that existed during the fall and spring surges that many different places experienced. And remember, Fauci said — and this is on the graph chart, too. On June the 3rd he said, “With 50% of adults vaccinated, I feel fairly certain you’re not gonna see the kind of surges we’ve seen in the past.”

We’re talking about 88% of adults vaccinated in Vermont, 99% of people over the age of 65 who are obviously in the most risk. So this is the question we’ve been asking. We talked about this with Alex Berenson on Friday. What do you believe…? What the government is telling you or what the data is showing us? Because the two stories don’t add up. What the government is saying and what the data is showing, Buck, are fundamentally at loggerheads.

BUCK: You also keep hearing that the talking point for the people that want to make it seem like this is not another instance of a pretty massive government failure is, “Oh, but it’s the Delta variant. It’s more transmissible!” To this, I want to say, “If the Delta variant is getting around the vaccine protection at a substantial level, that is still vaccine failure.”

I don’t care how effective it was before the Delta variant. I care how effective it is now with the Delta variant, right? But people keep trying to find a way… Look, it’s like they think Fauci is Santa Claus and they really expect someone to show up and eat the cookies and drink the milk in the middle of the night before the presents show up.

They’re never going to give this up no matter how much evidence you present to them that what we were told was not true. That much is, I think, is beyond clear at this point — and I think it brings us back to the conversation that we continue to have about boosters. I believe very strongly that boosters are still going to be, first, suggested for everyone, and then mandated.

I think, Clay, they’ve made a tactical decision — the FDA and others have made a tactical decision — let’s get the kids vaccinated first. So let’s kind of get everybody on the shots train, so to speak, right? Let’s get everybody to get at least a shot, and then we’ll start talking about getting them more shots. It also ties in what you said yesterday about how, what do they do if we start to see a big case spike? What do we believe at this point? I want to know. I wish Fauci would caught call in, and we would be nice.

We have invited him on because I would want to ask him, “Are we preparing for a really rough winter of covid cases again? If so, are we gonna continue with this line that it’s only the unvaccinated that are causing problems/at risk?” Because they can only hide this data for so long. The data out of Florida — where I think you can trust it actually more.

Because a lot of the people in the health system there aren’t as ideologically invested, perhaps, or at least at the top of the health bureaucracies in a certain narrative coming out. How is it possible that 50% of people — more than 50, as we know — 60% of people in the Miami monoclonal antibody clinic are vaccinated people.

Is that just some anomaly we’re supposed to believe, or is that representative of what we’re seeing happen across the country where the percentage of vaccinated and how that is represented in hospitalizations and deaths from covid is getting bigger and bigger and bigger with each passing week.

Which, if you believe vaccine failure is the problem we are dealing with here — not that the vaccines never work, but that they don’t work for very long, hence boosters — that’s exactly what you would expect. So if that’s not happening, what is happening, right? I mean, this is where we need some answers.

CLAY: Yeah. And, again, we’re just looking at the data in Vermont. It’s impossible to argue that Vermont’s increase in covid cases is only coming from the 12% of people in Vermont who have not received a vaccine. Right?

BUCK: I think you’re right, but I think there are people that are claiming —

CLAY: There are people who would argue that, yes. But that is where I think the fundamental fallacy yet again of the Biden administration is going to be exposed, because if you look at Israel and if you look at England, there is no data point by which you can argue that this is a failure of the unvaccinated and that’s the only reason why cases are going up.

And you heard Senator Johnson say that if you looked at the most recent English data, a huge percentage — I think he said over 70% most recently — of people who are dying with covid are vaccinated. So that is going to be here. Those numbers continue to arrive on our shore, and so far we seem to have tracked Israel and England fairly significantly, which is why the booster argument was made by Dr. Fauci in the first place, Buck.

Because he’s referenced many different times the Israeli data, and they are afraid of what that Israeli data is going to reflect and show. And they’re trying to get ahead of it while they still can. And that is, I think, really going to be difficult for the fall and winter in terms of what the narrative will be at that point. But, in the meantime, it’s gonna be a mess, as we start to break all this down.

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