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Watch Kids React to Hearing They Don’t Have to Wear Masks

11 Feb 2022

CLAY: For everybody out there who has argued, “Oh, the kids don’t really mind wearing masks,” first of all, that’s not true for my own kids. If you ask your kids and you’re not trying to make them tell you, “Oh, I love wearing it!” You see all the blue checks out there saying, “Well, my 4-year-old loves the mask,” all these things.

Well, Las Vegas rescinded its mask mandate, which means you can go out into the casinos, restaurants, hotels. They finally ended it. I think it had been in effect since July of last year, if I’m not mistaken, ’cause they flipped the mask mandate on right as I arrived in Las Vegas last year, if I remember correctly. But I want you to listen to this Las Vegas elementary school as the teacher comes out and says you kids no longer have to wear masks. Listen to the celebration. You could see the video @ClayTravis on Twitter, you can see it at ClayAndBuck.com. Listen to this…

TEACHER: Starting tomorrow we don’t have to wear masks anymore.

CHILDREN: (wild squealing with joy)

BUCK: It’s better with the visuals for everybody.

CLAY: Yeah. It’s still… So, I feel children… I know there’s a lot of you out there smiling right now, but also angry like me, Buck — and like you — because there is so much talk about the right and wrong side of history. I sometimes think we spend almost all of our time on social media on issues talking about right and wrong side of history.

Make no mistake: Every single person out there who argued particularly that kids needed to be in masks for the last two years is on the wrong side of history. They will look like imbeciles in the decades ahead for the choices they made of what they did to kids, and when you hear that reaction —

BUCK: Jen Psaki was saying two months ago, “Oh, my kid doesn’t mind being in a mask!”

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: “Being in a mask is fine. Kids don’t mind being masked.” We’re human beings. Who wants to breathe through a soggy, damp cloth on their face all day? This was the most obvious lie imaginable. But the blue checks and the Democrats and the Fauciites, they all…? Clay, they acted like kids like wearing masks? I mean, yeah, if you tell a kid, “Wear your mask or you’re gonna die,” they’ll probably wear it pretty handily. But it was child abuse. They were abusing children.

CLAY: Amen, and just because kids are willing to do it when they’re told by adults, that’s — if you’ve forgotten — what kids have to do, right? They have to do what adults tell them to do. I just loved hearing that reaction as Las Vegas eliminated masks in schools.

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