Waukesha Driver Was Out on Bail for Running Over His Ex

22 Nov 2021

BUCK: We’ve got an update for you on the alleged mass murderer here, I’m already seeing people in the media write about this as though it’s a tragedy like a tornado went through Waukesha. It was a mass murder by vehicle incident, five dead, dozens grievously wounded, and unless something you know, unless something crazy happens, but they got the guy in custody and know who it is; so I think we know the situation with regard to that. We don’t know the motivation quite yet.

But here’s an interesting bit of news that just broke in the last 30 minutes or so and is now getting much more attention. Darrell Brooks, 39, he’s the driver of that red Ford SUV that was plowing through and murdering people on Sunday in Waukesha, Wisconsin, at the Christmas parade. He was out on bail, which I had mentioned earlier in the show, was out on bail from November 19th, he’d been out for two days, but the news update, only had to post a thousand dollars cash bond, the news update is that the charges that put him in that position, why was he out on bail? What was the crime he was accused of?

Running over the mother of one of his children, according to Daily Mail here, he is said to have hunted her down in a hotel, followed in the street in his car, demanded that she get in, punched her with a closed fist, and then ran her over with his vehicle. Now, Clay, they want us to believe that this individual, Mr. Darrell Brooks, who is a violent long-standing criminal, was just trying to escape something and so ran through all these people. And the very crime that he was out on bail for 48 hours from involved the usage of his car as a weapon against a defenseless person. That’s where we are right now.

CLAY: Well, and the question that is going to become more and more paramount, if you look at so many of these crimes that are being committed right now in the United States as we are having an unbelievable massive, without precedent increase, for instance, in murders all over this country, why in the world if you try and run somebody over in a car can you post a thousand dollars bail and be back out on the street? It’s one thing if you’re getting arrested because you have a broken taillight and you haven’t paid your traffic fines, nonviolent offenses, I can understand the idea of having low rates of bail and allowing people back out into the streets. But this is an incredible failure by our justice system that we are allowing people who are accused of incredibly violent crime right back out onto the street with almost no dollars required, Buck. It’s happened all over the country.

BUCK: It’s not an accident, right?

CLAY: Well, yes.

BUCK: This has been an active decision made by the Democrat Party with its criminal justice reform mantra and George Soros backing far-left prosecutors in places like San from a and Chicago. We’ve got more on that coming up in a few minutes. You have to call theft mobs running around now.

CLAY: No doubt.


CLAY: Little bit of an update here. Shameful. The Milwaukee district attorney’s office admitted Monday they set an inappropriately low bond earlier this month for the man Darrell Brooks who’s accused of killing everyone in Wisconsin, five, killed five and injured dozens.

They said that he had been charged on November 5th with resisting or obstructing an officer, reckless endangering safety, disorderly conduct, bail jumping, and battery, and yet he had only gotten a $100,000 bail that was later reduced to $7500.

The DA’s office said that they had failed, the state’s bail recommendation was inappropriately low and they are now doing an investigation to determine how this man was allowed back out onto the streets. The office currently conducting an internal review to make the recent bail recommendation to determine the appropriate next steps.

Well, that’s great, five people are dead, dozens are wounded, this guy, Buck Sexton, had no business out on the streets. Failure, failure, failure by the Milwaukee district attorney’s office.

BUCK: This is a thinking that has all over the infected major district attorney’s office across the country — New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago.

Recently in Chicago, Clay, they had a couple of guy — handful of guys who arrested broad daylight shooting, almost a hundred rounds exchanged, people hit, but the — but Kim Foxx, who, if you recall, of Jussie Smollett fame, didn’t want any charges against him, didn’t bring any charges against the gang members shooting each other in broad daylight.

I have a feeling they probably didn’t have permits for those handguns under Chicago law but nonetheless, no charges interesting brought. This is madness. But there has grown among the left this sense that it is fashionable to go easy on violent criminals because it’s society’s fault. It’s unfair. There’s a disproportionate impact on criminal justice on some communities. Therefore, we alleviate that by not restoring the law as much. Well, hold on a second. What does that mean?

CLAY: It’s a great question.


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