What Buck Shoots in Vegas Stays in Vegas

27 Oct 2021

CLAY: I appreciate all of you hanging out with us. I am in Houston. Buck had a Red Eye flight back from Las Vegas. Buck, I saw it looked like you had some heavy artillery you were firing away with yesterday in the Las Vegas desert.

BUCK: I was at The Range 702 in Las Vegas with some friends there, had a great run. We got… Oh, man, Clay. We pulled out some stuff. The gold-plated .50 cal handgun, the Desert Eagle? I want to say, if you want to have your Scarface moment that was certainly worthwhile, full auto MP5 and Uzi, which I fired many times.

Back in my government days, we used to train on those things. And we also got something called the Quadzilla, which is four full auto M4s where you fire all four at once by pulling the trigger. Now, this is very specific in an indoor range. You could see the video of it on Instagram but for me the one that was really…

I’ve fired a lot of stuff in my life going back to when I was a little kid. I remember I started firing .22 rifles with my dad out at the range when I was probably about 10 or 11. There’s photos of me at the range holding up a little target of 10 or 11 years old. I could probably share that one at some time. That will be a fun one to put up on ClayandBuck.com, actually, at some point.

CLAY: There you go. Check out the website.

BUCK: Clay, the Barrett .50 cal indoors, I gotta tell you, it feels a little bit like a nuclear explosion going off next to your face. But the Barrett .50 cal is quite an experience. So, yeah, it’s The 702 Range. We had a lot of fun in Las Vegas.

CLAY: You know what’s interesting? I spent Saturday… Luke Brian does a big charity event for pediatric heart-related conditions. It’s credit to him, country music singer. On his farm, they have a bunch of gun range shooting, right, like skeet shooting. They also have high-end gun firing, everything else. My wife has gotten into it. And after Saturday she wasn’t like I gotta get trained in firearms. Like she doesn’t have a concealed carry. You pitched it to her when we went out to dinner.

BUCK: In Tennessee!

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: I put you in touch… I’m not the guy who could train her. I know the best guys who could do some of that training. If Mrs. Travis does a little bit of shooting, she’s gonna actually consider maybe doing some competitive shooting ’cause I think she’ll be very good at it and that kind of focus and attention is great. She’s a competitor in general.

CLAY: Yeah. So, she’s fired up about it. And I was thinking about it when I was seeing some of the videos that you shared which I would encourage people to check out in Vegas. I am down in Houston, as we’ve said. I was at the World Series last night. I think, by the way, we’re gonna be joined by our buddy Jesse Kelly in the next hour.

You just heard from Michael Berry who’s gonna be a guest host for us when we’re out some during the holiday season. But I met so many awesome Clay and Buck listeners inside Minute Maid Park last night. I wore my “Let’s go, Brandon” T-shirt, Buck. They loved it. Our listeners, not surprisingly, loved that shirt.

But, all over Houston, we have got a massive number of people listening to us fighting the good fight every day and we appreciate you guys, and it was great to meet a bunch of you. And, as we talked about in the last segment, we need to do an event in Houston, both Buck and I, sooner rather than later.

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