Why Clay Refuses to Let Woke Idiots Take Away Sports

13 Sep 2021

BUCK: Jonathan in Tennessee. What do you got for us, Jonathan?

CALLER: Clay, hey, this is gonna be kind of like Kristi Noem’s interview. Hey, it’s conservative-on-conservative fire. But look, Clay, this is not because I’m from Memphis, but why are you praising the Titans — or talking about the Titans, not saying you’re praising them — when they have gone full-on woke? They’ve gone full-on woke! I have denounced the NFL, the NBA. I won’t say the MLB all the way, but how do you get…? I mean, for real, how can you talk about the Titans when they have their own national anthem?

CLAY: Well, they didn’t play the black national anthem, which we’ll talk about in the third hour. I think we got a clip from Bill Maher. I believe that if you like something, you don’t allow them to take it from you without fighting. Right? I understand some people are like, “I’m just going to turn off the television.”

First of all, I run a sports media company; so I’m going to talk about sports as part of my career. But even more so, I think if you allowed the woke idiots to win without opposition, then you are giving away a big part of our country.

So I’m not going to give up my interest and like for sports because I think some of the leaders of those sports are making ridiculous decisions. I understand some people disagree, but that’s my perspective. I want to fight, and I want to win and bring sports back to everybody.

BUCK: Jonathan, hey, appreciate it, man. Thank you for calling in.


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